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Goddess Relief Office


Nation Record: NeoPacificus

sa1.png 1 Battle Star Ribbon
sa2.png 2 Battle Star Ribbon
sa3-4.png 4 Battle Star Ribbon
sa5-6.png 6 Battle Star Ribbon
sa7-8.png 8 Battle Star Ribbon
sa9-10.png 10 Battle Star Ribbon
sa11-12.png 12 Battle Star Ribbon
sa13-14.png 14 Battle Star Ribbon
sa15-16.png 16 Battle Star Ribbon
sa17-18.png 18 Battle Star Ribbon
sa19-20.png 20 Battle Star Ribbon


YDS Missions
E FEDeration Knights :star1:
Heavy Metal Heaven :star1:
Discordia :star1:
The United Reddit Nations :star1:
The Coalition of Mordan :star1:

Valhalla :star1:
Dreamers Region :star1:
Japan :star1:
The Rejected Realms :star1:
Nordic Model :star1:

Glorious Nations of Iwaku :star1:
Spaceica :star1:
California  :star1:
Yorkshire :star1:
Midgard :star1:

Anarchy :star1:
The Vast :star1:
Greece :star1:
10000 Islands :star1:
Philippines :star1:


Medals and Decorations:



xpin_small_cuteflagpoll14.png Cute Flag Contest 2014

badge01_03.png Warzone Exercise Badge x 01


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