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Monetary Authority of Yggdrasil

Seeking Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs Needed for the Private Sector

The region is seeking enterprising members who wish to manage their own companies or corporations --both to earn Florins for themselves and create a robust regional economy.

We welcome all sorts of companies and enterprises. But specifically, we are also looking for individuals to apply for:

- A Privately-run magazine or newspaper;

- One or two "Art Service" to provide graphic work for forum users, such as flags or userbars or siggies;

- Gambling-related agencies;

- Information or Spy agencies;

- Bars, restaurants, pubs (role-play);

- Grammer correction or literary-coaching offices; and

- ANY other companies you can think of.

Need ideas to start a business? A few good examples:




To apply for a license to run a business, see this thread:


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I would like to say that if any business wishes to advertise, where better than our own regional newspaper, the Yggdrasil Observer? Just send the advertisement to Editor-in-Chief Epaiteia, and the ad will be placed in the next issue of the Observer. It's that simple.

Think how much business you could be missing out on if you don't advertise! Take advantage of this offer today!

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