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An Announcement: Impending change in the forum

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Announcement of Change in the Forum

FYI everyone, I plan to tweak and simplify the forum a little bit. From next week on, all WA members and Non-WA members will be combined into one group, Members. We are not going to differentiate between them anymore. All will have the same privileges.

Currently in the forum, there are two basic masks, WA members and Non-WA members.

  1. When you first register, you are a newbie and has a New Member.
  2. Afterwards, people get either the WA member mask, or Non-WA member mask.

The benefit of the above system is that I can allow only WA members to vote in the elections, polls, etc. This way, we increase our security because people cannot make two or three non-WA nations and swamp the vote.

The negative of this is that it is complicated, and hard to keep track of people with shifting WA membership. Some folks resign from WA, or cease to exist , and then when they return become non-WA... I had Trav-Coch keep track of them for me in the past. Kudos to him its a ton of work... :salute: Now that he is gone :rip:, I don't really have the energy to constantly update the masks every election. :coffee_n_pc:

So I'm going to do away with this complicatedness, and simplify stuff. When people register next time, they will immediately be placed on the Members mask, which enjoys all the privileges as WA members. If you CTE, you mask remains the same. When you get back, it's still the same.

All other masks remain, including Chancellor, Senator, Minister, and hidden YDS masks.

Changes will happen 4 days from this message.

Oh, and also, with effect immediately, I have shut down the Valhalla part of the forum. There is really no point when Val's population has dropped so low.


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The forum has a IP checking script. Accts with the same IPs can be easily found out. However, there's still no stopping people using proxies to hide their IPs--- which is the same case before the change or after the change.

(In other words, if people really want to cheat, there's really no stopping them... =p

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