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Texas Newsletter 3rd Quarter 2011

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Texas Newsletter


Current Population: 149 nations

WA Nations: 42 nations

Delegate: NewTexas (2567 days)

Endorsements: 33

Regional Happenings

Deaths [July 2011]: 18

Deaths [August 2011]: 21

Deaths [september 2011]: 20

Arrivals [July 2011]: 41

Arrivals [August 2011]: 33

Arrivals [september 2011]: 24

Bootings [July 2011]: 5

Bootings [August 2011]: 1

Bootings [september 2011]: 3

State of the Region Address

The Great Region of Texas officially issues Congratulations to each and every nation that was elected, that ran, that voted, that viewed these proceedings! These were some great elections as usual! None of the races were all that close, despite No Confidence running in all of them. They only received a single vote in each race. All the incumbents running retained their positions. As we mentioned earlier, the Texas Department of State has closed. It may reopen next Election. The Texas Representative Council race was pretty tame as well. The former Sec-O-State, A Mysterious Vagabond, is staying in the TRC even though he will not be in the Cabinet. We hope he enjoys a much needed rest after serving these last two long quarters. We hope he returns in the future. As usual, the President defeated No Confidence, resoundingly, we might add

Please join us in commending all of Texas for their participation in this quarter's Election! We had fewer speeches and fewer nominations than usual, but that is Ok. Nobody likes too much drama during Elections. Texans are still very much alive, yet older, and are a dynamic bunch even after all these years! Kudos!

Again, we had an Election without any questionable "moments" in the races this quarter, but that is a good thing. It was a nice clean race.

In this Election, we had several Texas Constitutional actions up for a vote. Three Articles were purely housekeeping in effect. One concerned ties, one removed an unused/unimplemented TRC power and one was about ejections. None of these were earth-shaking. However, there was an earth-shaking one, Amendment to Article XII, which covered the frequency of Elections. This Amendment changed the Quarterly elections to Triannual Elections. We are going from four Elections a year to three. The exact months have yet to be determined, but it would stand to reason that it would be four months from the last Election. The new Article on a National Anthem was trounced again. Texas is a rough crowd when it comes to music.

Big cheers to all the returning Texas Representative Council members and returning Cabinet members! Farewell to the departing ones, your service is appreciated and we look forward to seeing you once again in the future! Special thanks to all who ran and if you didn't win, we hope you run again in the future.

Overall, this has been great fun and a highlight for all Texans. We look forward to seeing how the new freely-elected Government of Texas will make Texas bigger, better and greater than ever! Cheers to the Great Region of Texas!

Long Live The Great Region of Texas!

Big Tex

President of Texas

Texas Cabinet

The President of Texas - The Incorporated NationStates of NewTexas

The Vice President of Texas - The Militant Mercantile Alliance of Greenspoint

The Secretary of Defense of Texas - The Unusual Underlings of Trecdom2

The Secretary of World Assembly Affairs of Texas - The Queendom of Cielos Negros

The Secretary of Health of Texas - The States rights confederacy of Maryginia

Texas Representative Council

The Itinerant Ranger Dude of A Mysterious Vagabond

The Duchy of Channelview

The Galactic Muppets of Darth Kermit

The People's State of Independent Planets

The No Man's Land of No TV and No Beer

The Confederate States of Ole Dixieland

The Holy Empire of Richard I

The Bold and Buxom Cat-house of Thessadorian Catgirls

Texas Constitutional Update

Texas Constitution: Article X Amendment - Passed

Texas Constitution: Article XI Amendment - Passed

Texas Constitution: Article XII Amendment - Passed

Texas Constitution: Article XII Amendment - Passed

Texas Constitution: Article XXVI New Article - Failed

General Assembly Resolutions

July 2011

The Technology Investment Act - Against

Abortion Ethics Act - Against

Repeal "Safety in Difficult Times" - For

On Genetically Modified Foods - For

Promotion of Intl Education - For

August 2011

Repeal "Living Wage Act" - For

Forced Marriages Ban Act - For

Medical Standards in Prisons - For

Bi-partisan Bioweapons Accord - Against

On Humanitarian Aid - Against

Repeal "Law of the Sea" -Against

September 2011

Consular Rights - Against

A Model World Assembly - Against

Repeal "On Humanitarian Aid" - For

Repeal "Consular Rights" - For

Access to Organs and Tissues - Against

Security Council Resolutions

July 2011

Condemn The Kraven Corporation - Against

Repeal "Condemn Swarmlandia" - Against

Commend The Outer Rim2563 - Against

Commend Ballotonia - For

Repeal "Liberate Eastern Europe" - For

August 2011

Condemn Punk Reloaded - Against

Repeal "Liberate Wonderful Paradise" - For

September 2011

Commend Naivetry - For

Condemn Thatcherton - Against

Repeal "Liberate Free Thought" - Against

Commend Glen-Rhodes - Against

Condemn Macedonia - Against

Random Quotes

“some are saying Summer Glau is cursed and if she appears on a show, it will get cancelled.” - Big Tex

“The wiggling madness...THE MADNESSS” - Vainamoinenia

“Gonna go find something Constructive/Destructive to do.” - Richard I

“The only green we have is swamp algae!” - Kermit

“Pushups punish portly people!” - A Mysterious Vagabond

“If you could toilet train a chicken, it would be a fine indoor animal.” - Zybodia

Edited by Richard

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