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Registration for CASEY is now open

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Construction continues on the new Zybodian city of Yggsport, the site of January's Cultural And Sporting Exhibition of Yggdrasil (CASEY), a sporting extravaganza which will bring together athletes from across Yggdrasil, as well as from associated regions, to Zybodia for a chance at honor and fame in an atmosphere of friendly competion and international cooperation.

Registration is now underway for all twelve events that will take place. To register, please respond to this thread with a list of events you wish to register athletes for, and the athletes participating. For each athlete, please provide a name and a short description, including physical attributes, play style, and personal history. For team sports, you may omit this information, or you may supply as much information as you wish. Please also include the banner your team will compete under (most likely your national flag).

List of events:

(All events will be gender-neutral. Please send your best athletes, regardless of gender. However, these first 10 events are limited to human athletes only, to provide a fair competition.)

  • Football (soccer) - 1 team of 11-25 players
  • Hockey - 1 team of 6-22 players
  • Baseball - 1 team of 9-20 players
  • Basketball - 1 team of 5-12 players
  • Beach Volleyball - 1-2 teams of 2 players each
  • Golf - up to 3 participants
  • Marathon - up to 3 participants
  • 100 Meter Dash - up to 3 participants
  • Decathlon - up to 3 participants (please list strong events.)
  • Ping-Pong - up to 3 participants

(These last two events are open to one representative of each country, regardless of species. They will require a more active role on your part than the other events, and will require more description now.

  • Rock, paper, scissors - When you sign up for this event, please PM me with your strategy for the competition. It can be as simple as "always throw rock" to a complex series of instructions, to a set sequence of throws to use each round.
  • Scavenger Hunt - This will be a modified version of the treasure hunts which used to take place across NationStates. (The Wysterian forum has some information about those hunts.) This hunt will require solving a series of clues, each leading to a different NS region. The first nation to telegram me with the answer to the final clue will be declared the winner. (Unlike the treasure hunts, it will not be necessary to move your nation from region to region to collect the prize.)

Registration will remain open until December 31. Late registrations will be accepted as space is available, but early registrations are greatly appreciated.

Edited by Zybodia

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Here is my registration. Feel free to use it as an example for your own.

I will compete in all events, except for the scavenger hunt. That might be a bit unfair, as I am writing it. :lol:

Football (soccer):

  • "Rock" Rynax - Goal
  • G. K. Tyran - Reserve Goal
  • D. M. Rozym
  • K. T. Phyloz
  • "Eagle" Ayzha
  • P. N. Pharn
  • M. D. Zynox
  • Y. K. Zaryk
  • Y. R. Gryph
  • T. X. Llanzyn
  • "Buddy" Myrph
  • R. R. Zymph
  • X. Z. Yates
  • G. R. Myloz
  • M. P. Wyrg
  • R. Y. Pharr
  • M. K. Phrym - Goal
  • U. D. Rynaz - Reserve Goal
  • "Block" Yrgan
  • "Tackle" Yrgan
  • M. X. Mynes
  • D. X. Rynam
  • P. R. Garyn
  • D. P. Maryne
  • M. N. Xylan
  • N. P. Wanyr
  • T. T. Dyrnam
  • G. P. Ryz
  • X. W. Zamyl
  • L. G. Wamor
  • N. T. Rynyz
  • W. K. Zyxon
  • X. L. Dynor
  • L. D. Naryn
Baseball: In the tournament held to determine who would represent Zybodia, the Wyrax-Nyphon family was the winner.
  • H. M. Wyrax - pitcher (father)
  • R. T. Nyphon - catcher (daughter)
  • P. W. Nyphon - first base (mother)
  • Y. X. Gryph - second base (son-in-law)
  • K. P. Wyrax - shortstop (son)
  • P. H. Nyphon - third base (daughter)
  • M. M. Rymph - left field (nephew)
  • K. X. Wyrax - center field (son)
  • "Hawk" Phyrg - right field (niece)
  • Z. R. Wyrax - utility (son)
  • N. H. Wyrax - manager (grandfather)
  • L. P. Xamyl
  • "Crash" Lynar
  • G. G. Lysor
  • Z. L. Xanyr
  • L. M. Noryz
  • K. R. Zarob
  • W. P. Tryph
  • R. M. Noryas
  • N. G. Warmod
  • "Wings" Rynol
  • P. M. Ronar
  • D. Y. Mynos
Beach Volleyball: M. T. Sykal/X. X. Nazym & R. T. Mylaz/K. P. Rynoz

M. T. Sykal and X. X. Nazym are veteran players who have been together for almost a decade. They use Mylaz's near-perfect sets to play craftily and don't overexert themselves. They have great endurance, and they play together with the familiarity of an old married couple.

R. T. Mylaz and K. P. Rynoz have almost no experience together. They are two of the strongest of the current group of young players in Zybodian beach volleyball, and they actually banded together specifically to qualify for this competition. They prefer to give a relentless attack, and they use their athleticism and reflexes to make amazing saves and to rocket the ball over the net. They excel in putting games away early, and have been known to fatigue considerable as a match grows long. The 2.05m tall Nazym's blocks are something to behold.

Golf: R. W. Norym, L. Z. Xynaph, L. N. Pharyl

Norym has a long booming shot that heads straight and long. Xynaph and Pharyl both can hook or slice at will. Xynaph has been playing competitive golf for years, and has the silver hair to prove it. The other two are unremarkable physically, although Norym has a habit of wearing a visor low over his eyes, masking them when he's competing.

Marathon: R. M. Lynam, R. Z. Xanyll, P. N. Wyrll - Lynam traditionally competes barefoot.

100 Meter Dash: "Zip" Gryxan, D. L. Myran, "Blast" Rynom

Myran and Rynom are longtime rivals, going back to their days in the military, though Rynom has won thirteen of their eighteen races in this even. Gryxan won the qualifying race despite having over 0.6 meters of hair. He has said he plans to cut it for this competition, but we have not seen the results yet.

Decathlon: R. K. Naryz, G. P. Phlyx, D. M. Gryph

Naryz is an older competitor whose explosiveness has faded through the years, but who will come on strong the second day based on form. Phlyx has incredible strength, and will excel at field events, noticably the shot put. Gryph has run world-class 1500 times, and always comes on strong for the final two events.

Ping-Pong: T. B. Nymoz, B. L. Zylag, "Chip" Synax

Ping pong is a relatively new sport in Zybodia, so these three are still relative unknowns. Zylag has shown a tendency to show off, and in his spare time often replaces his paddle with a spoon or something even more unlikely, to the delight of the crowds which gather to watch.

Rock, Paper, Scissors:

"Psych" Zykaz is 20, having recently completed her mandatory military service. She is known for her ability to manipulate her emotions at will, and she is reasonably good at doing the same to the people around her. Her presence is intimidating, and many an opponent has found themselves thrown off their game simply by facing her. She is thought to throw completely at random, and to affect emotions with similar disregard for the situation she finds herself in. She has firy red hair, which she has kept at military-regulated length, even after her service was over. She generally wears a dark purple sweatsuit to competitions, and the lack of design only serves to accentuate whatever emotion she is portraying with her face. A solid competitor, but most likely mentally unstable.

Our athletes will compete under the Zybodian national flag:


Edited by Zybodia

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Crosby-Huffman-Barret wil send athletes for, Baseball, Basketball, and Rock, Paper, Scissors.

The roster is as following,


Sir Popadapolis-Pitcher

Mister Pierce- Catcher

Miss Pierce- First base

Mister Hendrix- Second base

Mister J. Robinson- Shortstop

Mister F. Robinson- Third base

Mister Weddle- Left Field

Miss Brown- Center Field

Mister Reyes- Right Field


Mister Helms- Center

Mister Baranbe- Point guard

Miss Guillory- Shooting Guard

Mister Bartholow- Small Foward

Mister Etzel- Poward foward

~Rock, Paper, Scissors~

Sir Popadapolis

Our athletes will compete under the CHB Flag and The CHB Seal.

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Football (soccer):

* Rupert Zdzisław Ignacy - Goal

* Tima Bogdanov - backup Goal

* Vasiliy Pavlov

* Dima Gromov

* Yura Demidov

* Vladik Nikitin

* Vladimir Suvorov

* Boris Carmine

* Mateo Antonopoulos

* Vito Rossetto

* Leonardo Rossini

* Fabian Cipriani

* Brenden Brody

* Kevin Cassidy

* Armande Montague

* Decker Blauvelt


* Vincent-Michel Larocque- Goal

* Andre Thériot - backup Goal

* Zachary Rousseau

* Henri Bourg

* Christopher Anderson

* Hugh Dewitt

* Alexander Broderick

* Aleksandr Volkv

* Kristopher Diamantopoulos

* Sanders Karnoupakis

* Homer Laganas

* Damien Gaitanis

* Nico Bianco

* Gino Milano

* Giancarlo Piccolo

* Denis Nikolaev

* Eduard Golubev

* Timosha Loginov


* Vasiliy Smirnov - pitcher

* Valentin Morozov - catcher

* Vlad Bogdanov- first base

* Brian Casey - second base

* Barry Finnegan - shortstop

* Henry Segur - third base

* Waldemar Cuyler - left field

* Rudolph Diefendorf - center field

* Archie Knapp - right field

* Luther William - utility

* Macon Yager - manager


* Jean Willingham

* Danilo Vickerson

* Amado Juneau

* Lyle Thiessen

* Chester Sopata

* Yong Hue

* Lee Bessemer

* Woodrow Shamburger

* Vick Norwiski

* Josue Laviero

* Warner Kreutzer

* Filiberto Glordano

Beach Volleyball: Jerome Heeralall, Julieta Karkut /Lon Cowee & Jody Jesenovec

Golf: Gwendolyn Orloff, Nena Acquilla/Rex Gloston, Lou Trilt

Marathon: Jimmy Eakes, Angelo Vanduyn, Kraig Diiorio

100 Meter Dash: Alex Dorsay, Dione Augustin, Season Mbamalu

Decathlon:Keeley Takacs, Madelene Otteman, Kathrine Cluxton

Ping-Pong: Sena Pepka, Georgina Yeaney , Antone Waldrop

Rock, Paper, Scissors: Ozell Kozikowski

the Vinnlandic government expects all teams to trytheir best and hardes the Vinnlandic Sports Confederation (VSC) expects gold in Hockey and Marathon because of some of the most vigorous training it has put forth into both events aswell all the rest

The team will compete under the great vinnlandic Flag


Edited by Vinnlande (UVCKBS)

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The Coloterran Sporting Federation or (FEC), has arranged teams of native Coloterrans from both the men's and women's leagues for team sports. All other athletes have won a qualifying tournament.

Football (Soccer):

Estuardi Loisel (Goal)

Hisandro Odavera (Backup Goal)

Iram Melené

Bella Amadei

Piedro Badajoz

Sergio Guenza

Juanpaulo Delamuraz

Josepho Brusca

Clarisa Mandarai

Norman Belén-Rivero

Audino Flocar

Mike Hua

Michel Potasser

Tatiana Souzar

Emanuel Evera

Josepho Lavita

Ice Hockey:

Josepho Ljungberg (Goal)

Freddy Valesci (Backup Goal)

Corinne Delatorré

Mauricio Duque

Ursel Jascazpa

Maribel Cuellar

Larry O'Connor

Tomasio Fernand

Sven Landström

Thomas Dennerby

Jesel Bonpastor

Dimitrios Stephanopoulos

Ronny Domingi


Carlos Nuovavitta (pitcher)

Rodolpho Belliard (catcher)

Kazuya Sakamoto (first base)

Larry Sotero (second base)

Oscar Canavosio (shortstop)

Bethany Johnson (third base)

Bartolo Marte (left field)

Xiomara Liriano (center field)

Eudé Mo (right field)

Yuichiro Nagai (utility)

Giovanni Verapaz (manager)


Andrea Vergara

Juancarlos Lugano

Johnni Clermont

Roberto Arbizu

Estanislao Conteponti

Piedro Jireka

Isaac Biehl

Talia Azaria

Alvaro Alvar

Beach Volleyball:

Sabrina Estaponta/Giorgina Fieteru

Bernardi Delacampo/ Joanna Rizzo

Sabrina Estaponta and Giorgina Fieteru are cousins from the city of Aqua Puora. The two have participated in several tournaments since high school, claiming nine trophies in total. They are known for their endurance and cooperation.

Delacampo and Rizzo have been a team for three years. They tend to wear the opposing team down by beginning on the defensive side, and slowly progressing on the offensive.


Kevin Paulsen, Iris Cavella, Juan Ansaldo

Juan Ansaldo is known for wearing mittens and an ushanka while playing. He claims it relaxes him and reminds him of his home in the Novenzi Mountains.


John Johnson, Elisabeth Galleva, Eduardi Placencia

John Johnson traditionally preforms a backflip after winning.

100-meter Dash:

Diego Laurevetta, Cristobal Lara

Cristobal Lara is the son of Bryan Lara, a famous actor.


Adriana Lugo, Armandi Quemera

Adriana Lugo specializes in the both the High and Long Jump, while Quemera does well in the Shot Put and Discus events.

Ping Pong:

Claudia Kieveila, Antonio Yracema

Claudia Kieveila, a native of Astellonia, won four provincial titles in Invernamil, and three national medals.

Antonio Yracema, from Aurelues, won the city title, and later the metropolitan championship. He has been known for accidentally losing his grip of the paddle, with the racket incidentally hitting an audience member. As a result, there has been eleven injuries in the last two years. Yracema currently duct-tapes his paddle to his hand, in order to eliminate the risk of injury of someone in the audience.

These teams and people will play under the Coloterran flag.


Edited by Coloterra

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Reposted from Texas (PAX HEARTLANDIA):


Sàbate F.C

1. Lance Mery

2. Neil Hippert

3. Javier Spano

4. Mathew Moczygemba

5. Hugh Ohalloran

6. Darren Taul

7. Clayton Kwak

8. Kurt Rodiguez

9. Cody Manganaro

10. Guy Kantor

11. Neil Salmi

12. Julio Mcqueeney

13. Kelly Brayboy

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Reposted from Texas (neue Schottland):

I'd like to enter a team in the hockey competition.

30-Michael Pruneau (GK)*

31-Brant MacQuoid (GK)

2-Randy Moore (D)*

4-Jordan Novak (D)*

17-Cole Kamp (D)

12-John Griffith (D)

7-Kevin Mayoux (F)

8-Julian Aranda (F)

11-Eli Pena (F)*

13-Sean McDougle (F)*

19-Jerrin Ashford (F)

23-Drew Rodgers (F)*

* denotes starters

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There is only one week left to sign up for CASEY. Registration closes 31 December, and competition begins the fourth of January. Right now we only have six nations entered, so there is still plenty of room for new entrants. This promises to be a lot of fun. You won't want to miss it.

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Football (soccer)

Akakios Vokes - GK

Elias Dedes - GK

Nikos Vyntra - SW

Yanni Dellas - WB L

Panos Nistis - WB R

Nomiki Ninis - D LC

Gus Manolas - D LC

Marios Floros - D RC

Silas Sarganis - D RC

Spyro Michailidis - M LC

Takis Salpigidis - M LC

Dimitris Petropoulos - M RC

Fotis Angelopoulos - M RC

Yorgos Christodoulopoulos - M C

Andreas Lambros - ST L

Angelos Machlas - ST R

Beach Volleyball

Team 1-

Sofia Ioannis

Chrysanthe Kyriaki

Team 2-

Akakios Yanni

Panos Dorotheos


Argyris Spiridon

Elene Spyridoula

Evangelos Yorgos


Louiza Evgenia

Ioanna Georgios

100 Meter Dash

Panagiotis Charalampos

Apostolis Demetrios

Stamatios Kyriakos


Nikolaos Tikis - Shot Put and Javelin

Silas Photios - 400m and 1500m

Theophylaktos Pantheras - 100m and 110m Hurdles.


Theodoros Lefteris

Korina Demi

Other stuff later after I've finished wrapping presents.

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Reposted from Wysteria (Ashvaghosha):

Here is the Ashvaghosha basketball team, the Primordial Buddhas of Tathagata University in Sunyata. The team colors are blue and gold.

C Vajradhara (nickname: the Adi-Buddha of Indestructible Blue Light)

SF Ajnata Kaundinya

PF Avabhasasri Krakasunda (nickname: the Destroyer of Cyclical Existence)

PG Vajrasattva (nickname: the Adi-Buddha of Diamond-Light)

SG Elapatra Vimalachandra

Elapatra and Avabhasasri are the two women on the team. Owing to the anarchistic spirit of Ashvaghosha, all basketball teams are small, ragtag groups, with no coaches and only five players, no reserves. Still, these players are unparalleled in their fierce drive, endurance, and piece of mind, aided by practiced breathing and meditation techniques and skilled in the arts of simulation and dissimulation, intimidation, and deception. In the thin air and high altitudes of the Anavatapta mountains, basketball is a sport fit for only the most disciplined bodies and minds.

Om mani padme hum!

And here is the Ashvaghosha ping-pong team.

K.J.N. Garbhasena

Megha Ananda Dipamkara

A.A.E. Jinarshabha

Megha is the only woman on the ping-pong team.

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Football (soccer) - The Rain Walkers

The Rain Walkers won the Numerian National Trophy this season at a canter, knocking out cup favorates the Numerian Metropolitan and also the highly respected team, Circle. Their prize for doing so was to represent Numero Capitan at the Cultural and Sporting Exhibition of Yggdrasil. However, due to lack of Numerian citizenship one of their stars, Yimreign Aladich, a central midfielder, is ineligible to represent the nation. National Press rumours that The Rain Walkers, based in Enoch on the north shores of Numero Capitan, are plotting to bring in Numerian international Josep Stiima on loan to cover for him. If that move is not secured then youngster Aaron Wilmotts will become the youngest player to represent Numero Capitan internationally in football at 17 years and 156 days (at the time of the first match)

The Rain Walkers are traditionally strong league finishers and generally place about upper middle table but due to their cup commitments their league form suffered and they placed at 11th this season (out of 20 teams). Nevertheless, goal wonder, Mustaffa Johnson was top scorer in the league but injuries kept out some of their key defenders over the course of the season (many of whom are now back to full fitness but havent had much match practice).

The Rain Makers traditionally play a 4-5-1 formation with two very attacking wingers. The manager, Bruno Fiipps, has been playing around with a 3-1-4-2 formation in preseason but that is reliant on his securing Josep Stiima on loan as the vital defensive midfielder in that formation.

Walkers are taking 19 players to Yggdrasil which could rise to 20 is Stiima is captured.


1- Jonathan Wilbraham- First team keeper who lost his place midway through the season after a run of poor form. Took two weeks off for personal reasons and then regained his place through some vital last minute saves against Circle in the cup quarter final.

14- Adam Risnyck (reserve)- Second choice keeper who has been criticised for his sometimes poor handling of set pieces and questionable kicking. However in the second half of the season he formed a decent system for dealing with set pieces with the big defenders in the team, Betts and Staa (who was drafted in as a CD). He has been more consistent in form than Wilbraham and his mental strength shows through in his ongoing development.


Full Backs

2- Jason Ossaforth- voted the fans player of the year with his tidy performances and is good at removing the danger in defence and then creating oppurtunities upfield with his good link up play with the wingers.

3- Richmond Betts- Quiet left back who always plays the ball safe if there is danger, has been criticised for a lack of vision but the manager has always defended him as the safest player on the team.

17- Nicky Ross (reserve)

27- Andy Staa (reserve)- has also slotted in comfortably in the Central Defence position

Centre Backs

6- Danny Rabin- first team defender who only managed to play the last 5 games of the season and has a point to prove. A true leader whose personality was missed in the league and his dominance played a key part in their cup final victory.

12- Robin De Huyt- previously a reserve but managed to force his way into the team whilst others were out with injuries and has cemented his place

15- James Ritz- young talented and sought after central defender who lost his place in the team to De Huyt whilst injured. Is back to full fitness but hasnt got any professional games under his belt. Is very keen to prove his worth once more.

22- Ryan Hails (reserve)- Previously pushing for a first team place instead of Rabin, Hails injured himself in a charity rugby match midway through last season and so Staa was drafted in as a makeshift replacement. He is still having to undergo extensive physio and will not be joining the Walkers in Yggdrasil


Central Midfielders

8- Franck Reizers- [CAPTAIN] Key midfield playmaker who possess the ability to split opposition defences of all standards with his perfect eye for passing. Assisted 40 Walkers goals last season in all competitions. His weakness is his poor tackling which he often leaves to the ineligible Aladich.

4- Yimreign Aladich- The pin in Walkers midfield who is ineligible for the competition. He always gets back to assist the defence and is wise and precise with his tackling. Has sometimes been criticised for not committing but defends himself by stating that he only tackles if he is sure not to foul.

16- Johnson Riggts- Sensible midfielder first-teamer who makes good movement for the rest of the team to play off. Considered the best allrounder in the team and has started every game this season.

21- Aaron Wilmotts- Young and ambitious central midfielder who is a good allrounder but is inconsistent and inexperienced which sometimes shows through in his play.

30- Robert Staa- Older brother of Andy who hasnt had the same impact as him in the team. Is one of the Walkers longest serving players but has been pushed out of the team by more exciting midfielders such as Reizers. Has a fierce temper.

Wingers- Walkers wingers swap sides over the course of the game and Fiipps makes a point to train them to be effective and comfortable on both wings (he himself was a winger and loves that style of play).

7- Jose Adams- Superfast winger who can unleash a wicked shot if he gets the space. Is also competing in the 100 metres for Numero Capitan. Links up well with Ossaforth

10- Jason Phipps- Good set-piece taker but relatively selfless in front of goal.

18- Jaap Myers- Steady winger whose crossing is a higher standard than most the team. But pint-sized Mustaffa Johnson has put Myers out of the job as they have proved ineffective together. Could serve well in a 3-1-4-2 with Cameron playing though.


9- Mustaffa Johnson- prolific goalscorer who just keep improving, aged 25 and super fit. However, sports critics have questioned his ability to play alongside another striker is Fiipps opts for a 3-1-4-2 formation.

11- Rice Cameron (Reserve)- Old and experienced striker who is adaptable to many situations, happier to provide than score himself but he has been shown to be useful at holding up play whilst the Walkers pacy and dangerous wingers are joining the action.

23- Tomas Spritz (Reserve)- Aged 21 he is unproven in front of goal. Was a tidy finisher in the reserves but Johnson's form has kept him out of any first team place. He lacks the ability to position himself well but playing behind Cameron, who serves as a target man, might bring out the best in him

Beach Volleyball

Numero Capitan usually split Beach Volleyball between Men's, Women's and Mixed and following a playoff have decided to send the Mixed team and the Women's team.


Mischa Hinchcliffe- Dangerous server who likes to play along the backline with her powerful strategy.

Anna Lesters- Pin-up player who has drawn more and more interest to the Numerian volleyball scene from both sexes. But her stunning looks are almost always overshadowed by her vicious game that noone likes to play against. Her quick reflexes and her eye for weakness are very highly regarded internationally.


Dirk Rogers- Well-built team player who once came under great criticism for his ugly style of play but has proved his point in the Numerian media and won many titles.

Tamsin De Gall- Rogers' determined new partner following his previous partner's retirement, she was well respected on the Womens volleyball circuit but time will tell if she can make the transition to Mixed and perform well with her new partner. She gave out a stunning performance in the playoffs though.

Marathon - up to 3 participants

Jodie Myers- Numerian marathon runner who has won the most internal marathons this year and has been encouraged to participate internationally.

Jonathan Pierres- Previously won a Bronze medal in AWP's last championships.

100 Meter Dash - Numero Capitan has not traditionally been a good track and field nation but commentators have been arguing the strength of their current batch of sprinters and many would be disappointed if the nation didnt walk away with at least one medal in this competition.

Jose Adams- Walkers winger who has had a career in sprinting as well. Never secured a first place in competitive competitions at this level though but a good runner.

Ryan Lichwood- Numerian champion and national record holder but his best years are behind him in the eyes of some and he has failed to secure anything better than silver in the last 6 months.

Robin St. Richmond- Young sprinter who is predicted to be Lichwood's successor and is also competent in 200 metres and 400 metres.

As for flags, we do not fly a general national flag at this time as two flags are debated between as the national flag. Instead the government opt to fly the regional flag to prevent accusations...


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Reposted from Texas (NewTexas):

Ladies & Gentlemen, Cowboys & Cowgirls, Dudes & Dudettes, Trees & Treeettes!

Big Tex proudly presents quite possibly some of the Greatest Teams ever assembled!

Here is our Soccer Team:

The NewTexas Footy Badgers Roster:

Manager: Colonel Harley Hongos

Goalkeeper: #69 Lev Yashin, Age: 34, Height: 6'2", Weight: 218lbs

Right-Back: #36 Eusebio, Age: 26, Height: 6'1", Weight: 216lbs

Right-Center Back: #37 Franz Beckenbauer, Age: 37, Height: 5'11", Weight: 195lbs

Left-Center Back: #47 Thierry Henry, Age: 22, Height: 5'9", Weight: 175lbs

Left-Back: #46 Shevchenko, Age: 24, Height: 5'10", Weight: 190lbs

Right Midfield: #38 Zinedine Zidane, Age: 35, Height: 6'2", Weight: 174lbs

Right-Center Midfield: #39 David Beckham, Age: 31, Height: 6'1", Weight: 205lbs

Left-Center Midfield: #49 Diego Maradona, Age: 24, Height: 5'10", Weight: 176lbs

Left-Midfield: #48 Zico, Age: 33, Height: 6'1", Weight: 211lbs

Striker: #99 Ronaldo, Age: 26, Height: 6'0", Weight: 190bs

Striker: #00 Pele, Age: 40, Height: 6'1", Weight: 216lbs


Be sure and check out our theme song here:


Our colors are crimson with navy trim and would love some uniforms! Here is our mascot Footy Badger himself:


Here is our Hockey Team

:cowboys The NewTexas All Stars !!! :cowboys

C Lord Stanley Coach

#33 Patrick Roy Goalie

#25 Terry Sawchuk Goalie

#4 Bobby Orr Defense

#2 Eddie Shore Defense

#7 Doug Harvey Defense

#5 Denis Potvin Defense

#22 Brad Park Defense

#99 Wayne Gretzky Center

#68 Mario Lemieux Center

#77 Phil Esposito Center

#10 Jean Beliveau Left Wing

#68 Jaromir Jagr Left Wing

#9 Bobby Hull Left Wing

#44 Todd Bertuzzi Right Wing

#15 Maurice Richard Right Wing

#5 Bob Probert Right Wing

#9 Gordie Howe Rover

Here is our Baseball Team

The NewTexas Colonels Roster:


1) Starters (4) - Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Hector "El Culebra" Peña, Roger Clemens, Haruko Haruhara

2) Relievers (2) - Wayne "The Train" Johnson, Willie "Winger" Williams

3) Closers (2) - "Lightening" Les Laypool, Tojo "The Yoyo" Yamamoto

Name of Stadium and Home Town: NewBowieTravis Field in New Austin, NewTexas

Team colors: Navy, White & Crimson, Uniforms: White(Home), Gray(Away)

Head Coach: Colonel Harley Hongos

Names of Players:

1) Catchers - Johnny Bench. Yogi Berra

2) 1st Basemen - Albert Pujols, Lance Berkman

3) 2nd Basemen - Chase Utley, Roberto Alomar

4) 3rd Basemen - Alex Rodriguez, Wade Boggs

5) Short Stops - Derek Jeter, Miguel Tejada

6) Leftfielders - Manny Ramirez, Carl Yastrzemski

7) Centerfielders - Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle

8) Rightfielders - Babe Ruth, Roberto Clemente

Here is our Golf Team

The NewTexas Hole-in-Oners Roster:

Tiger Woods

Ben Hogan

Jack Nicklaus

Here is our Scavenger Hunt Team

Big Tex


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Reposted from Texas Forum (neue Schottland):

If Todd Bertuzzi is on BigTex's squad, I sure hope everyone else is insured....

Props on the choice of Bobby Orr and Gordie Howe....definitely my hockey idols even though they weren't during "my time."

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With one day left to sign up, registrations are as follows. We have a good number of entrants, but if you would like to sign up for some events, there is always room for more.:

Current Registrations by Nation (out of 23 events):

04 Ashvaghosha (Wysteria)

18 Coloterra

03 Crosby-Huffman-Barret (Texas)

16 Epaiteia

01 neue Schottland (Texas)

07 NewTexas (Texas)

08 Numero Capitan (A World Power)


22 Vinnlande

22 Zybodia (Host)

Current Registrations by Event:

Football (7)




Numero Capitan




Hockey (5)


neue Schottland




Baseball (5)






Basketball (5)






Beach Volleyball (10)

Cowee/Jesenovec (Vinnlande)

Delacampo/Rizzo (Coloterra)

Estaponta/Fieteru (Coloterra)

Heeralall/Karkut (Vinnlande)

Hinchcliffe/Lesters (Numero Capitan)

Ioannis/Kyriaki (Epaiteia)

Mylaz/Rynoz (Zybodia)

Rogers/De Gall (Numero Capitan)

Sykal/Nazym (Zybodia)

Yanni/Dorotheos (Epaiteia)

Golf (15)

Juan Ansaldo (Coloterra)

Iris Cavella (Coloterra)

Ben Hogan (NewTexas)

Jack Nicklaus (NewTexas)

R. W. Norym (Zybodia)

Kevin Paulsen (Coloterra)

L. N. Pharyl (Zybodia)

Argyris Spiridon (Epaiteia)

Elene Spyridoula (Epaiteia)

Tiger Woods (NewTexas)

L. Z. Xynaph (Zybodia)

Evangelos Yorgos (Epaiteia)




Marathon (13)

Kraig Diiorio (Vinnlande)

Jimmy Eakes (Vinnlande)

Louiza Evgenia (Epaiteia)

Elisabeth Galleva (Coloterra)

Ioanna Georgios (Epaiteia)

John Johnson (Coloterra)

R. M. Lynam (Zybodia)

Jodie Myers (Numero Capitan)

Jonathan Pierres (Numero Capitan)

Eduardi Placencia (Coloterra)

Angelo Vanduyn (Vinnlande)

P. N. Wyrll (Zybodia)

R. Z. Xanyll (Zybodia)

100M Dash (14)

Jose Adams (Numero Capitan)

Dione Augustin (Vinnlande)

Panagiotis Charalampos (Epaiteia)

Apostolis Demetrios (Epaiteia)

Alex Dorsay (Vinnlande)

"Zip" Gryxan (Zybodia)

Stamatios Kyriakos (Epaiteia)

Cristobal Lara (Coloterra)

Diego Laurevetta (Coloterra)

Ryan Lichwood (Numero Capitan)

Season Mbamalu (Vinnlande)

D. L. Myran (Zybodia)

"Blast" Rynom (Zybodia)

Robin St. Richmond (Numero Capitan)

Decathlon (11)

Kathrine Cluxton (Vinnlande)

D. M. Gryph (Zybodia)

Adriana Lugo (Coloterra)

R. K. Naryz (Zybodia)

Madelene Otteman (Vinnlande)

Theophylaktos Pantheras (Epaiteia)

G. P. Phlyx (Zybodia)

Silas Photios (Epaiteia)

Armandi Quemera (Coloterra)

Keeley Takacs (Vinnlande)

Nikolaos Tikis (Epaiteia)

Ping-Pong (13)

Korina Demi (Epaiteia)

Megha Ananda Dipamkara (Ashvaghosha)

K.J.N. Garbhasena (Ashvaghosha)

A.A.E. Jinarshabha (Ashvaghosha)

Claudia Kieveila (Coloterra)

Theodoros Lefteris (Epaiteia)

T. B. Nymoz (Zybodia)

Sena Pepka (Vinnlande)

"Chip" Synax (Zybodia)

Antone Waldrop (Vinnlande)

Georgina Yeaney (Vinnlande)

Antonio Yracema (Coloterra)

B. L. Zylag (Zybodia)

Rock, Paper, Scissors (3)

Sir Popadapolis (Crosby-Huffman-Barret)

"Psych" Zykaz (Zybodia)


Scavenger Hunt (1)

Big Tex (NewTexas)

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Reposted from Wysterian Forum (Hunter A Bettik):

Erm...right, here are HUNTER A Bettik's squads. This should be interesting.

Football (soccer): Unseln Tornadoes


Strikers: Sam McGee, Billy White, Larry Calderon

Mids: Greg Ilsen, Doug Larsson, Pablo Santorino, Ulf Neufeld

Backs: Eric Stone, Alan Brick, Mike Steele

Keeper: George Trapp


Strikers: Kellen Maine, Olaf Torsvold, Friedrich Bucher

Mids: C Karik, Andrew Harper, Hoyt Bluefeld, Carl Irons

Backs: Gary Barnett, Dan Jansen, Klaus Richter

Keeper: Horace Edgerton

Coach: Alan Wallbank

Hockey: Teirua Blazers


Forwards: Lars Ulfig, Gert Hansson, Boris Tartov

Defensemen: Matt Young, Wes Blausteiger

Goalie: Pierre LaPlante


Forwards: Olaf Rimkoff, Roger Smyth, Len Watson, Tom Olander, Jan Hudson

Defensemen: Ian Wolcott, Lance Thibodeaux, Andrew Greenleaf

Goalie: Hiram Lee, Quincy Meier

Baseball: Andarus Titans

Fielders (Bats/Throws)

C: Rudy Deringer (L/R)

1B: James Underhill (L/L)

2B: Larry Redding (R/R)

3B: Percy Hill (S/R)

SS: Sam Snow (R/R)

LF: Bill Owens (R/R)

CF: B Arrik (S/R)

RF: Vance McGuire (L/L)

Bench: Tim Murray (IF), Randall Binn ©, Ken Graham (OF), Tony Patelli (OF)


SP: Zane Wolfe (LHP), Garrett Frost (RHP), Melvin Marshall (LHP)

RP: Owen Peterson (LHP), Phil Long (RHP), Bob Harris (RHP)

SU: Nathan Briggs (RHP)

CL: Marcus Jacobsen (RHP)

Basketball: Sortari Sharks


PG: Darius McMillen

SG: Patrick Ridgeway

SF: Gianluca Perlozzi

PF: DJ McGee

C: A Tarcik


G: Travis Layton, Arnold Payne

F: Thomas Iliff, Ford Lincoln

C: Colby Jackson

Beach Volleyball:

Ken and Brian Cranston

Ike Brenner and Steve Vinter


C. Frederick Farmington

J. William Upton

Yancey Moreland


A Sallak

B Sizak

A Sratak

100 Meter Dash:

DeAngelo Williamson

Clancy Preston

Reginald Sanders


A Ranak (strong at field events)

C Barak (strong runner and jumper)

Linus Caldwell (excellent stamina)

Table Tennis: (A Bettikan specialty--my complement of athletes fully expects to win)

Jared King

Kwan Xiang

Mike Newton


Ben Simonds--has mastered the "Chaos Method" of RPS, AKA he doesn't even know what he's throwing until his fingers show something, therefore eliminating tells and opponent mind games. He eschews scouting reports or tactics, relying only on unpredictability. OOC: For Ben's throws, pick something random. Anything at all.

I'd enter the scavenger hunt too, but I don't know when it is so I can't commit to it.

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Reposted from Texas Forum (The Bohemian Rhapsody):

I would be remiss if I did not enter a team into this fine competition, so I will add The Bohemian Rhapsody Crusaders, the defending LSSL champion soccer team.

Current Starting Lineup: Bohemian Rhapsody Crusaders

LW: Thomas Erlich, Age 27, 6'2", 200 lbs.

RW: Kendrick Smythe (Assistant Captain), Age 30, 6'0", 186 lbs.

Left Attacking Mid: Ricky Sanchez, Age 21, 5'11", 180 lbs.

Right Attacking Mid: Owen Lake, Age 22, 6'3", 194 lbs.

Center Mid: Paul Payne, Age 19, 6'1", 195 lbs.

Left Defensive Mid: Allan Browning (Captain), Age 35, 6'1", 185 lbs.

Right Defensive Mid: Sedrick Hughes, Age 24, 5'11", 186 lbs.

Left Defense: Phil Traylor, Age 23, 6'1", 195 lbs.

Center Defense: Phil Neville, Age 21, 6'2", 208 lbs.

Right Defense: Wes Noonan, Age 24, 6'4", 200 lbs.

Goalkeeper: Shawn Quickstreet, Age 29, 6'5", 207 lbs.

Key Reserves:

Wings-Thomas Howard, Ryan Thorne, Samuel Hoffman

Mids: Larry Ivers, Harold Young, Xavier Blick, Hilliard James, Vlad Mironov

Defense: Gary Olds, Matt Olson, Cal Sardan, Barry South, James Black

Keeper: Manny Denton

Ping Pong:

Kraig Klayton

Henry Houston

Lance Long


Federi Finneran--[Description removed to insure secrecy - Zybodia]

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Reposted from Wysteria (Iyari):

Here are Iyari's rosters:

Soccer: FC Kjeldor, coached by Kingston Nugent

Alignment: 3-5-2

GK: Dax Shepherd

SW: Raymond Cannavale

LCB: Doug Addams

RCB: Tristan Knight

DM: Leland James

LCM: Rohan Ivar

RCM: Mack Gore

LW: J.J. Cotto

RW: Anderson Kovel

CF: Nicky Nunzio

SK: Quentin Cahill


GK: Corey Webb, Schroeder Hawkins

CB: Dwight Cantrell, Marcus Alexander, Joe Storaro

DM: Kip King

CM: Bobby Feagles, Elway Madison, Hunter Drake

LW: Israel Saunders

RW: Vaughn Jones

CF: Antoine Carr, Jerry Maldini

SK: Andrea Favalli

Hockey:As Iyari has no professional hockey league, collegiate national champions the University of Tarraco Paladins will represent the Grand Duchy.


Forwards: Mike Lister, Dean Phillips, Soren Maldonado

Defensemen: Greg Valentine, James Neidhart

Goalie: Richard May


Forwards: Kevin Moriarty, Donovan Victor, T.J. Wilkins, Duke Wilson, Kenny Hammond

Defensemen: Cobb Higgins, George Serra, Geoff Arceneaux, Joey Giles

Goalie: Thomas Senler, Harry Pakosta

Baseball: Tarraco Metropolitans

Usual starting lineup:

SS: Roman McMichael

2B: Jerry Milligan

CF: Gerald Abraham

RF: Elijah St. Clair

3B: Antonio Mariotti

1B: Jamie Bischoff

LF: Ivan Patrese

C: Aaron Robertson

Bench: OF Bobby Towner, OF Quentin Pelham, C Saul Venner, IF Tony Gladstone, IF Alex DeFeo

SP: Graham Patino ®, Gareth Cavendish ®, Hardwick Basham (L), Oliver Stevens ®

RP: Nestor Walker (L), Felix Taylor ®, Elliot Silva (L), Troy Sheehan ®

SU: Kerry Chancellor (L)

CL: Sion Francis ®

Basketball: Kitar North Stars


PG: Xavier Swain

SG: Gary Cento (IBA leading scorer)

SF: Derrick DeLapp

PF: Damian Cook

C: Logan Schraeder


G: Paul Maguire, Hugo Saunders, Kris Larsen

F: Arthur Aguilar, Raymond Wright, Mike Frank

C: Peter Hartmann

Beach Volleyball:

Mark Orotin & Christian Maas

Mike Baston & Ricardo Viera


Andy Harland, Stephen Zwick


Gabriel Edwards, Anderson Bryant, Todd Bennett


Garcia Albright, Adam Schaefer, Billy Regal


R.J. Wilkerson, Mario Tucker, Stefan Coors

Table Tennis:

Dominic Sommers, Araujo Collins, Robbie Rennie


Cassandra Lee, 3 time national RPS champion.

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Reposted from Wysteria (Ruperts):

Apologies for the delay, here are Ruperts' rosters:

Soccer: Ravenna United

Alignment: 4-4-2

GK: Enrico Vento

LCB: Leandro Riccardelli

RCB: Pietro Zonda

LDB: Carlo Follini

RDB: Alessandro Salvato

LCM: Lorenzo Roma

RCM: Nicola Ventura

LW: Paolo Carnevale

RW: Roberto Ciampi

CF: Lucio Baccini

SK: Michael Gandolfini


GK: Morris Anton, Luigi Tettamanzi

CB: Carlo Gasparri, Marcelo Tonelli

DB: Raphael Donatelli, Juan Todisco

CM: Francisco Ricciardi, Antonio DeCesaris

LW: Mauricio Garibaldi

RW: Roberto Locarno

CF: Giancarlo Maldini, Sergio Sciuto

SK: Alessandro Baez

Hockey: Since Ruperts has no professional hockey league, we will be represented by the Pavonia University Monarchs.


Forwards: Livio Dal Dosso, Tim Sewell, Antonio Pearce

Defensemen: Roberto Laga, Paolo Moretti

Goalie: Luke Scioscia


Forwards: Pietro Rossini, Damion Angle, Sergio Catalero, Alessio Glori, Michael Monaco

Defensemen: Gregorio Luchesi, Patrick Nyman, Vittorio Angelis, Luca Sudati

Goalie: Roberto Castro, Marcus Aleianii

Baseball: Seborga Raptors

Batting Order:

LF: Sorin Florea

2B: Ivan De La Cruz

1B: Marcelo Castelli

CF: Jarrod Calderoli

RF: Alex Baptiste

3B: Francesco Benincasa

SS: Fabio Romani

C: Claudio Gozzi

Bench: OF Fernando Scacchi, OF Alessandro Lanza, C Michele Brambila, IF Livio Rossini, IF Gianfranco Andretti

SP: Antonio Simontacchi ®, Atilla Dente (L), Marcelo Fabian ®, Alberto Alboreto®

RP: Andrea Santangelo ®, Gabriele Muto ®, Marco Mazzieri (L), Fabio Ceriani ®

SU: Tony Gizzi ®

CL: Marc DiNardo ®

Basketball: Pavonia Azzurri


PG: Luigi Cannavarro

SG: Silvio Pozzo

SF: Angelo Schiavo

PF: Gino Capello

C: Giovanni Anastasi


G: Mario Bombardieri, Roberto Riva, Giovanni Giampaolo

F: Gianluca Mazzola, Martin Pino, Fabio Monti

C: Francesco Cali, Giuseppe Brucato

Beach Volleyball:

Luigi Beretta and Massimo Del Grosso

Gennaro Bertolucci and Paolo Candela


Giovanni Albanese, Pietro Mestini, Tommaso Melotti


Gianni Bianchi, Salvatore Lorenzi, Renzo Armano


Enzo Cotta, Pasquale Imperiale, Umberto Villa


Michael Gasparri, Giacomo Rossi, Adriano Marella

Table Tennis:

Massimiliano Lombardi, Stefano Apicella, Giampaolo Marchetta


Lorenzo Antenucci

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Reposted from Wysteria (Drakkel):

OOC: Drakkel is RP'd as a mixture of Asian cultures, so baseball and table tennis are the main sports Drakkellians expect their teams to excel in.


Drakkel is honored to send the following athletes to represent our nation. Names are written in common Wysterian fashion to avoid confusion (first name, last name).

Soccer: Nagaoka Bears

Alignment: 4-4-2

GK: Kazuhiro Fujita

LCB: Wei Chu Chang

RCB: Feng Min Kao

LDB: Koji Watanabe

RDB: Shinsuke Arai

LCM: Min Jae Hong

RCM: Shinya Sakuraba

LW: Yao Hsun Yang

RW: Wai Ho Lee

CF: Po Liang Lin

SK: Chan Ming Yang


GK: Yu Lin Chen, In Guk Park

CB: Michihiro Tanaka, Nu Zhang

DB: Guo Gang Yun, Kwang Rae Cho

CM: Yuji Iwamasa, Myong Gil Ri

LW: Fu Lien Wu

RW: Akira Aoyama

CF: Shinsuke Ishibitsu, Chang Min Tsai

SK: Yuk Yu Lok

Baseball: Anyang Cobras

Batting Order:

SS: Naoyuki Uehara

3B: Cheng Tsung Hu

LF: Wei Nan Lo

CF: Jae Gul Park

1B: Byung Kyu Park

2B: Takashi Wada

RF: Tai Lin Hsieh

C: Bunpei Shiratori

Bench: OF Shohei Aoki, OF Seung Hwan Choi, C Yong Pak, IF Akinori Kagawa, IF Yosuke Matsui

SP: Satoru Oh ®, Wei Chu Ling ®, Keichi Nagai ®, Satoshi Kimura (L)

RP: Hidetoshi Abe ®, Yung Chi Bai (L), Shuhei Oshima (L), Wei Hua Chen ®

SU: Masato Taniguchi ®

CL: Cung Nguyen ®

Basketball: Tsuruma Antlers


PG: Chang Min Sun

SG: Saburo Nakayama

SF: Takuya Ihara

PF: Yong Jol Kim

C: Tae Hyon Cho


G: Shoichi Matsunaga, Taka Funaki, Masahiro Oguro, Sung Wei Tseng

F: Chien Ming Hsu, Yuichiro Maeda

C: Hong Bo Yi


Yun Nam Kim, Yasutaro Sugiyama, I Chung Yeh


Minh Chau Le, Dae Sung Han, En Yu Pan


Chu Chen Kao, Yoshitaka Fujita, Hiroki Shimizu

Table Tennis:

Chun Yi Lin, Wen Hsiung Yang, Fu Lien Hsu


Yun Nam Pak

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