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Armaments for trade

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The Council of Defense has brought to my attention that we have a surplus of military resources. Our warehouses have an abundance of the following.

-JX6 Light Jeeps

-MAR 27 Assault Rifles

-Juggernaut A.P.C.s

-Lone Wolf Combat/Recon Armor

If any nation is willing to trade or purchase said items of interest, please respond and we can work out a reasonable negotiation.

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Dear Astilga

The Federation of Gallanium is always willing to trade as we are interested in the designs for the Combat and Recon armours, anything we can offer you please feel free to ask.

I assure you that any negotiations that take place will be swift thus allowing us to come to a reasonable agreement.

To view our wares please look in the 'world trade forum' under 'Gallannium Tech'.

I look forward to conducting negotiations between our two peoples.

Best regards

Dr Leonard Church

Director of defence and weaponry

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