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Gallanniums Director

Gallannium Tech

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We will be exploring new technologies and making them compatible with all nations, with a wide range of Tech still in Development We will be updating you on progress, tests and eventually implementation any assistance on development will be appreciated as our Tech teams are small in numbers. :thumbup:

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Development of Isoilinear computer chip prototypes are nearing completion any Nation that is willing to test the isolinear chip to its full potential is more than welcome to.

When completed the chip 'should' be able to store up to 2.1 Exabytes which is equivalent to 1million Terabytes (1000 Petabytes) or 1,000,000,000 Gigabytes.

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Items we are now able to provide;

Isolinear computer chips

Wide range of Meats

wide range of refreshments and beverages.

Cheeses and Chutneys

Small armaments

Some Technologies are still in the development process thus not being available ye but we will let you know if they are close to completion, any nation that requires a shipment please feel free to negotiate with our representatives.

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Updated stock list

Small armaments -



Hand guns


Large armaments -

Small Tanks

Heavy artilery

Cheeses -

Galannium blue

Exom Cheddar

Some Sodas

Technology -

Isolinear Computer Chips

Mining Vehicles

Current Developments -

Leo Suit Technology

Shuttle Technology

Earth Re-entry technology

Mining Technology

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Nations of Yggdrasil

We have news on a development, our engineers have created 11 prototypes of the dual vulcan Gattling gun, but are only available to supply 10 (1 is for our own)

the design is attached, any nation that requests a prototype will receive one but due to it being Gallannium prototypes they have certain rules and consequences.

This is a first come first serve basis so get them while their hot.

best regards

Director of defence and weaponry

Dr Leonard Church


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