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Goddess Relief Office

World Trade and Economic Development Summit

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*GRO ascends the podium to give her speech*

Greetings delegates and representatives, it is great of you to come. I hope you are enjoying your accommodations in GRO's celestial realms and the hospitality of our peoples. ^_^

Before we start, I like to open the summit by giving you an idea the agenda for the duration of our discussion.

So you might be wondering, what will we be discussing? Basically, everything related to trade and economic development that concerns your nation. The goal is to forge a general framework of Economic Cooperation Agreement by the end of this summit and ask member nations to sign it.

As you might know, "economics" is a major portion of nation management is very important in the game. The same goes for NS1 as well as NS2. We at GRO are of the view that the economic levels of all nations can be enhanced in Yggdrasil if member nations can agree to cooperate on economic matters.


Currently, nations within Yggdrasil have little or no trade agreements between each other. This is a missed opportunity. Free Trade Agreements (FTA) or Partial Trade Agreements (PTA) with the goal to reduce tariff and non-tariff trade barriers will bring many advantages. They will improve the conditions of market access, boost the development of relevant industries, and improve the economic standing (and GDP) of those involved.

I urged nations to begin discussions to form trading blocs, such as the Economic Union or APEC. You may do so in various ways, for example, picking partners by proximity (on the regional map) or similar economic standings in the game, or similar strength in industries. The favorable conditions created by FTAs and PTAs will help continuously improve the pattern of commodity trade, enhance exchanges on information of market and products and help each other push products enter new markets.

With strengthened economic coordination, nations in Yggdrasil will be able to cope with challenges brought about by economic globalization and create an international environment conducive to trade. In the future, we might even be able to form trade agreements with our allied or friendly regions. But we need to start at home here.


To get the ball starting, I propose an improvement in the level of trade cooperation with nations willing to join GRO. Among the more than 160 service trade departments sorted out by our Goddess Department of Trade, GRO will open more than 100 departments to the outside world, reducing trade barriers on a case-by-case basis with the ultimate goal of removing all trade tariffs by 2030.

GRO enjoys great advantages in the modern service industry,and we can offer great benefits to nations who need those services.

GRO will also invest $600 billion in foreign nations in the next decade, deepen investment in the service industry and open new investment channels to streamline the investment structure. We will promote exchanges and cooperation in science and technology, and encourage all kinds of companies, including medium-sized and small ones, to take part in scientific and technological cooperation.

Additionally, as a major consumer and producer of energy, GRO is also looking for nations with strong energy and fuel reserves to forge trade with.

[OCC: You may look at your nation's GDP, level of investment in various industries, trade deficit and other info at http://nseconomy.thirdgeek.com

Besides role-play, the ultimate, in-game goal of cooperation is to increase each nation's GDP and reduce trade deficits (or achieve trade balance) for all nations ]


For those nations with a foothold in NationStates 2, there are also limitless cooperation opportunities. As you may know every nation in NS2 produces a certain quantity of goods each day, and have certain requirements each day. If needs are not met, the GDP and population will be affected. And since every nation have strengths in different industries (a nation might be a wheat producer, but another might produce medicine), the opportunity for cooperation is great.


With this I close my opening statement, and will like have the next national leader take the podium to share his thoughts.

*GRO exits stage, audience claps*

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*An aging businessman in a slate gray dress suit rises, and strides purposefully to the podium. The program lists him as P.H. Kodar, Zybodian Public Servant of Resources. He fixes his glasses upon his nose, and begins to address the crowd with the air of one practiced in addressing such assemblies.*

Thank you to Goddess Relief Office for hosting this fine summit, and thank you for the invitation to attend. Your first speaker brought up some excellent points of discussion. We in Zybodia share your opinion that greater economic cooperation is needed among the nations of this region, and I am here to offer my thoughts on the best way to proceed.

As you may be aware, The Most Serene Republic of Zybodia has long practiced reciprocal tariffs. These are not the reciprocal tariffs of our grandparents' era, but a new form - one that is truly reciprocal. For the last fifteen years, Zybodia has set its tariffs to match those of its trading partners. This has led to remarkably balanced trade agreements for our most serene republic, and has helped our economy to grow beyond our predictions.

However, the time has now come for further steps toward strengthening our collective economies. I believe that this summit has the potential to revolutionize the trade of this region. To this end, I stand here in support of free trade throughout Yggdrasil. No blocs, no trading partners, no tariffs, but all-out free trade.

*His voice has reached a crescendo by this point, and he pauses a moment to let what he has said sink in, before continuing in a quieter tone.*

There are those who would declare this idea radical, but from an economic standpoint, we only stand to gain from shifting to a regional economy. Introducing free trade throughout Yggdrasil would benefit us all, allowing each nation to provide the goods and services they are most suited for. The books from Pzalem, the cars from GRO, the weaponry from Vinnlande and RedIron - they set the standard for the region. There is enough uranium under Patapolis to power a third of Yggdrasil, and think of how much more fine Autreville beef we could enjoy if they did not have to seed so much of their land with grain. Honestly, who among you wouldn't love to see more of those fine William George pizzarias spread across the continent. These are but a few examples. I know each one of you has the capacity in your home nation to produce certain goods and services very well. Free trade would allow you to focus on those, and not have to pump money into locally unprofitable ventures.

But I've been getting carried away. Let me wrap up. To stimulate international trade, Zybodia is prepared to drop tariffs as early as next year for any nation willing to enter into a formal agreement to do the same. We encourage all nations to do the same, and we propose adoption of the florin as a standard regional currency. We hope to see a unified economy across Yggdrasil, and we hope you will join us.

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from the rest of you.

*He steps down from the podium, turns, and makes his way back to his seat. He rubs his glasses briefly, then crosses his legs and looks up to watch the next speaker.*

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The government of Zybodia would like to clarify its position on trade and mutal economic growth. We continue to support free trade throughout the region, and we will continue our policy of reciprocal tariffs. We believe that free trade throughout Yggdrasil is the best way to promote economic growth in the region.

However, we do recognize the cultural benefits to maintaining a diversified workforce, and we would not suggest that economic specialization be lightly undertaken. To promote a system of unity, we suggest the opening of borders to international travel and cultural exchange. We apologize for any ambiguity in our policy that may have arisen during the summit.

To promote unity, The Most Serene Republic of Zybodia will host a Yggdrasil-wide sporting extravaganza in January, bringing together the best athletes from across the region in an atmosphere of friendly competition. Hopefully this event will allow us to forge strong international relationships, and will open the way for further cooperation, both economic and social.

The Public Servants of Zybodia
Premier Public Servant B. D. Gryph
"Chunk" Axford
Q. Y. Thryn
P. H. Kodar
N. N. Llanzyn
A. R. Krone

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THe Holy Empire of Danrtica will gladly propose a bailout plan for this summit. In the event of an economic downturn, my country's investors will gladly shelve out the necessary dollars needed to help out any nation in need of it.

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