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The United Kingdoms of Kelewan

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  • Introduction
  • Basic Facts
  • Maps

    • Territorial Claims
    • Cities
    • Confederate Kingdoms
  • Environment

    • Geography
    • Weather & Climate
    • Flora
    • Fauna
  • Government

    • Constitution
    • Prime Minister
    • Parliament
    • Grand Judiciary
  • Economics

    • Overview
    • Currency
    • Foreign Trade
    • National Resources
  • History
    • Discovery & Colonization
    • British Raj
    • Independence
    • War of the Rajyas
    • Present
  • Demographics

    • Population
    • Languages
    • Religions
  • National Symbols
  • Culture

    • Morals & Ethics
    • Etiquette
    • Music
    • Flim
    • Sports
    • Fashion
    • Literature
    • Food & Drink
  • Military

    • Grand Admiral
    • Navy
    • Kingdom Guard
    • Airforce
  • Foreign Relations

    • Allies
    • Acknowledged Nations
    • Enemies
    • Regional Conflicts
    • Treaties & Summits
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Full Name:

The Rajya of Kelewan

Short Name:


National Motto:

"Svatantratā, Ekatā Aura Rŏyala Sāna!"

*Freedom,Unity and Royal Pride!*


1.13 Billion

Official Date of Establishment:

June 27th, 1961

Government Type:

Absolute Monarchy

Head of State:

Maharaja Satyashvara Maravarman Nindraseer

Head of Government:

Maharaja Satyashvara Maravarman Nindraseer

Capital City:


Largest Cities:

New Travindrum, Ontoset, Cambay, Amravati, Sindhanur


Kelwanese Rupee|KER (௹)

Major Industries:

Farming, Mining, Military Manufacturing, Sustainable logging, Shipping

Main Export(s):

Tea, Cotton, Coffee, Fruits, Lumber, Minerals, Weapons, Textiles, Artwork



Official Religion:

Hinduism & Jainism


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Discovery & Colonization
On October 16th, 1778 five East India Trading Co. ships under the command of Lord Henrey Kaldingsworth arrived at what is now Kentosani. Immediatly, the flagship Providence dropped anchor and established the colony of Georgetown in honor of the reigning British monarch.
Returning to India the following year, Kaldingsworth was greeted by hundreds of Indians wishing to emmigrate to escape the numerous wars and famines occuring. After gathering the neccessary ships and supplies for the long journey, Kaldingsworth selected five hundred trustworthy families and began his first trip. Upon reaching Georgetown, the colonists were put to work planting crops and erecting new houses for the next fleet of arrivals. This continued for well over six years until Georgetown had become a vibrant and busteling port.
In 1801 the H.E.I.C Governor General of India proclaimed "Caletawon" as the colonies official name (previously it was known as New India) and created a new puppet company to rule it for him. The new Caltanese Trading Company appointed Lord Thomas Kaldingsworth (son of Henrey K.) as its head. The companies choice of Thomas is well viewed as its worst for the man was notorious for his temper, cruelty, greed and inefectivness in governing. For twelve years he terrorized the Caltanese and drove his company into severe bankruptcy before being assasinated by one of his underaged wives. Thomas' head advisor who orcastrated the murder, then assumed command and brilliantly wrestled the H.C.T.C. from debt. With the treasuries once more full, Governor General William Hall III began an aggressive military training program to defend the ever expanding settlers and merchant fleets. Other such policies continued to come forth from Williams desk for another 24 years until command of Caletawon was transfered to Queen Victoria in 1837.
The following 112 years were marked by extreme industrialization and massive population growth. Cities such as New Travindrum and Ontoset eclipsed Georgetown in size and importance, resulting with colonial expansions into the Sea of Isles and the Sri Jaikhan Basin.
However after a string of corrupt governors and anti-Caltanese policies, the royal families of Caletawon became enraged. Deciding that independence was the best course for their people, influential dynasties such as the Pandala Janjua, Khajit and Lodhi revolted. A cascade effect followed and soon British troops were
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National Animal
Panthera Tigris Leo
Status: Least Concerned
National Bird
Lord Kaldingsworth Angel Peacock
Caeles Pavo
Status: Least Concerned
National Aquatic Animal
Kelwanese River Dolphin
Platanista Peshawarus
Status: Near Threatened
National Flower
Foxtail Orchid
Rhynchostylis gigantea
National Tree
Banyan Tree
Ficus benghalensis
National Fruit
Gir Kayamata
Exitium Lyra
National Sport
The Baghasera's post-711-1302329369_thumb.jpg
Sthenshwar Indraprastha Emblem
Conch Horn
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Foreign Relations

-Honorary Citizenship : Said nation has maintained extensive ties with Kelewan and is a showcase of loyalty and friendship. Its citizens have been awarded royal citizenship and are welcome sights upon kingdom soil.
-Ally : Said nation maintains extensive diplomatic and economic ties with Kelewan and has
agreed to work in mutually benificial friendship.
-Mutual Understanding : Said nation maintains extensive diplomatic and economic ties with Kelewan. Nation promotes similar ideals or goals and is a viable candidate for a future alliance.
-Embasssy : Said nation maintains diplomatic and economic ties with Kelewan but remains neutral.
-Militaristic : Said nation maintains military ties with Kelewan through rented operations base but
remains neutral.
-Sphere of Influence : Said nation has entered diplomatic ties with Kelewan and maintains
impressive economic influence within a city or region but remains neutral.
-Caution : Said nation maintains strained or non existant diplomatic ties with Kelewan and is barred to Kelwanese citizens without government wavers.
-Lesser Hostile : Said nation maintains no diplomatic ties with Kelewan and will attack Kelwanese vessels or aircraft upon entry of national waters or airspace
-Greater Hostile : Said nation maintains no diplomatic ties with Kelewan and promotes the harrasment of Kelwanese vessels or aircraft over international waters and airspace.
-War : Said nation has entered conflict with Kelewan and deployed armed forces against the kingdom.
-Dynastic Adversary : Said nation has been declared a foe of the Sthenshwar Indraprastha dynasty and is no longer deemed worthy of human rights or Geneva law.
Acknowledged Nations
Status: Embassy
Status: Embassy
Regional Conflicts
Treaties & Summits
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