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Illumina Dei

The Holy Empire of Illumina Dei

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Nation: The Holy Empire of Illumina Dei

Government Type: Absolutist Monarchy

Leader: Emperor Nicholas III

Religion: Constantinian Christianity

State of the Nation:

With the abdication of the former Emperor Alexander I to pursue the life of a religious hermit, Nicholas III assumed the throne on his 21st birthday. The empire Nicholas inherited was in a state of disarray. Alexander’s strong anti-capitalist stance has left the economy of Illumina Dei in ruins. In addition to his socialist ideals, Alexander vigorously pursued his pacifist ideals in the areas of military and police force by financially depleting and disarming both groups. An insufficient military and police force found themselves unable to confront the unrest that has spread across the empire in the wake of the economic collapse in the last year of Alexander’s reign. It is unknown at this time what caused Alexander to decide to abdicate the throne, but opinions range from the official position of calling from God to the whispered threatened coup. The people, remnants of the military, and the massive bureaucracy of Alexander’s government waited with a mixture of hope and fear at Nicholas’ coronation. It was unknown what the new emperor’s personal views and philosophy of government might be. Excerpts of Nicholas’ coronation speech presented strong overtures of his vision of Illumina Dei.

“My father’s ideals and his pursuit of them have been and will continue to be an example to me of the path of true individual piety. However, the path of an individual is not necessarily the path of an entire nation or of a government. My father has continued upon his path, and I know I join with all my subjects in praying god speed. This is his path to walk, and just as he has a path to pursue so does Illumina Dei. We cannot follow my father on his path for we have a separate destiny. We stand at a crossroad of uncertainty and disorder. I assure you, my people, we will not remain long at this crossing. The forces of disunion and anarchy that have taken root in our weakened state have had their moment. It is now high time to walk boldly into the day, a strong people united in fealty to your emperor. I promise you, Illumina Dei has stumbled on the road, but we are rising again and nothing will hinder us from our purpose. Under this standard we shall rally: Fear God. Honour the King.”

Early analysis of the reign of Nicholas III:

Immediately upon taking the reins of power, Nicholas began consolidating all political authority to himself. All franchise laws were systematically repealed in the first few weeks of his reign. “I am my people’s leader. The responsibility has fallen to me, and I will ensure that I alone will wield it.” Concerned with the sorry state of ID’s police and military forces, Nicholas has begun to make strides in strengthening both those areas. Despite the rollback of civil rights that Nicholas has initiated and the vocal dissent that has occurred amongst the inteligencia and newly unemployed politicians, the people of ID have so far supported their emperor. It appears that they fear the anarchy and violence that would surely consume the nation should Nicholas’ attempts to save the country fail.

At this point, Nicholas’ most successful acts have occurred in the political realm. The police and military forces have proved slow in expanding, and the government continues to labor under the weight of a vast social welfare net and being the sole economic force in the nation. At this point it is uncertain whether Nicholas will have the desire or even be able to continue the social welfare system which was the crowning achievement of his father’s reign. His initial comments that he would “continue to maintain the obligations that charity demands” have lately been modified to “allowing for reasonable charity from the state”. His future decision on this matter will no doubt be fraught with controversy as many who have opposed his policies hope that any reduction of entitlements would provide them an opportunity to gain the support of the people.

Nicholas’ early attempts to generate foreign investment and private enterprise in his country were largely unsuccessful. His refusal to continue the appeasement policy his father had practiced towards pirates led to a series of devastating attacks against ID’s ships. The large fleet of ships Nicholas raised to defend ID’s shipping industry brought an end to the attacks, but the strong naval presence in the shipping lanes brought no foreign investment interest. In what some have called a move driven from frustration and desperation, a sweeping reform of labor laws and industrial regulations (mostly in the form of repeal) was launched and while it has not yet bore fruit in the area of private enterprise, has reinvigorated ID’s struggling economy. And while these reforms have been a cause of concern from some sectors of the populace and a denunciation from Nicholas’ increasingly marginalized opposition, the economic revival is seen as a sign of hope that the crown’s policies are working for the good of the nation. Nicholas remains in discussion with his ministers on what may yet be necessary to generate private enterprise within the nation, with the notion of selling off some of the state’s vast resources a likely next step for Nicholas’ economic plan.

At this point, it is only possible to say that Nicholas’ policies have been controversial to some of his citizens, and his reign may only last as long as he can keep the common people on his side, but the story of his reign has yet to be fully written. We can only wait and see what Illumina Dei’s future holds.

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