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Goddess Relief Office

How to Get an Easter Egg Issue?

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How to Get an Easter Egg FAQ

According to people who already got them

(Source: http://forum.nationstates.net/viewtopic.ph...13&t=36937)

According to those NS players who provided feedback, it seems that there's a total of 6 or 7 issues where you can get an Easter Egg. Once you get an easter egg issue, you could get an icon like this on your nation:

eegg1.png or eegg2.png (if you gotten two!)

Note however, that even if you satisfy the prerequisites for getting an Easter Egg issue, it does not mean that you will get it the next day. Satisfying one pre-requisite (such as a pre-title with a 'color') only means that that issue is now part of the pool of issues that will be randomly assigned to you. So one has to be patient.


Issue #077: World to End, or Possibly Just Mark Anniversary

NSWiki implies that you get this once you've found a certain number of easter eggs: "Note: This issue also included the message: (Congratulations on finding so many easter eggs. As a reward, here is the special issue our players got when NationStates turned one year old.) if it was received after the 1 year anniversary."

- The amount of easter eggs you need to find is 3 (possibly less). - Dreudel\

Issue #078: Easter Egg: Should We Pull The Lever?

Have "Holy" in your pretitle. - According to Flibbleites. Possibly also have 1 or 1.25 billion population (Did anyone get the issue without having a 1 billion population, or without having 1.25 billion?).

Issue #080: Easter Egg: Aliens Wish Peace/Trade Agreement

"produce a whole heck of a lot of pizza" - Omigodtheykilledkenny (you only need to have "Pizza Delivery" as your major industry? How do you get that?). There's also some speculation about it here.

Issue #215: Easter Egg: What's Your Favourite Colour?

Have a color in your pretitle (for which you need 500 million population). - According to Ballotonia

Issue #223: Easter Egg: Zombie Attack!

Re-activate account ("come back from the dead"). - According to Omigodtheykilledkenny

There's also another theory that seems less likely (since most people who got this one never had anything special in their pretitles and only re-activated) but I'll keep it here anyway: It's possible that it's enough to only have "Zombie" in your pretitle, without having to re-activate. - According to Shinkadomayaka

Issue #256: Easter Egg: Suburbs Are Out Of This World

Possibly high crime rate (crippling?). - Zwangzug

Possibly also a space program. - According to New Ziedrich

Issue #266: Breaching the Great Fourth Wall of @@[email protected]@

NOTE: this one is not marked as an easter egg but it'll say you've found an easter egg once you answer it. - According to Dreudel


Green = Confirmed

orange = Vague/Probable

Red = Unknown/Guesses


If you manage to get an Easter Eggs, feel free to share and tell us!

I am trying to get my first!


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I got my 2 Easter eggs from Zombie Attack and Aliens Wish Peace. I forgot what the result of the zombie one was, but in the alien one I ended up building giant cannons that shoot into space. :rule:

I'm going to have to try that color one so I can get 3!

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OHhhh I've got one now.

The Issue

During a national press conference, a little girl with ribbons in her hair asks you what your favourite colour is. Your panicked advisors have frantically called an emergency conference to come up with possible answers.

The Debate

1. "Tell her it's red," says Peggy Trax, sharing out the meeting's doughnut tray. "It'll show them that our nation has nowt to do with money grabbing capitalists."

2. "Tell her it's blue," says Bianca O'Bannon, who inexplicably appears to be sitting in a tin bath and playing with a rubber duck. "Blue like the open ocean - it will show our devotion to all things marine. Quack."

3. "Tell her it's yellow," says Samuel Chicago, embracing you warmly and giving you a soppy kiss. "It is such a shining, bright, happy colour. It will fill your citizens with such joy to hear it is your favourite."

4. "Tell her it's green," advises Roxanne Bush, while caressing what appears to be a cabbage. "It'll draw attention to your benevolent environmental policy!"

5. "Tell her it's orange," advises Jean-Paul Dodinas, running a lap around the conference room. "Such a vibrant colour I've always felt! I'm sure if officially approved it will put some vim and vigour in the people!"

6. "Tell her it's purple," advises Roger Jefferson, relishing his own gourmet doughnut sprinkled with shredded truffles. "It speaks of the finer things in life, of luxury, and shows you as a man of distinction. Not like the riff-raff you see around these days..."

7. "Tell her it's pink," advises Thomas Broadside, your premier expert on all things gay. "It will send a message that we here in Goddess Relief Office are not prejudiced against homosexuals and accept them with open arms."

8. "Tell her it's gold," advises Abraham Wall, hands rubbing together in avaricious delight. "Give the people a hint that you'll be focusing on the economy!"

9. "Tell her it's black," says Jennifer Hanover, ripping up pictures of kittens and scowling. "Black like the eternal emptiness of our withered, stilted, and twisted souls."

10. "Tell her it's white," advises Lars Johnson, reclining in the lotus position. "It is a pure, peaceful colour, befitting the moral stance your government should embrace!"

11. "Tell her it's grey," advises Bianca Winters, who is decidedly nondescript. "It's nice and neutral, won't upset anyone. Speaks of proper military bearing and protocol. People will like that."

12. "Tell her you don't have a favourite colour," says Konrad Falopian, the president of Open Our Perimeters Straightaway, on walking in. "Goddess Relief Office is a modern country that does not discriminate between colours. We should allow everyone whether they be Bigtopian, Lilliputian, or Maxtopian into our bountiful nation."

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Here's the 'Holy' one.

The Issue

During the middle of the night, someone has mysteriously put a lever in the middle of the city park. On it, it says, "Pull the Lever, And See The World End."

The Debate

1. "I've always wanted to see the apocalypse." says an elderly man on a park bench. "All that fire and brimstone. To see God's wrath. Something I can tell my grandchildren about later on. I say we should."

2. "Not on your life!" says his wife sitting next to him. "If you pull that lever, we'll have no grandchildren, no life, only heaven and hell. Don't you dare pull that lever."

3. "Now, don't think of it as a do/don't option," says a hot dog vendor. "What if we give tours so that people can see the lever? Not to touch it of course, but to see that humanity can be ruined by such a contraption. We can make a profit."

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Did you have to ceased to exist, and then resurrect your nation, before getting the zombie one like they said?


Obviously if that's the case, I can't ceased to exist since this is a founder nation... :devil:

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I've gotten the colour one and the suburbs one each with multiple nations. I'd been saving them in my waiting issues to collect them all at once, but since there are now trophies, I guess I can start answering them. :P

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The suburbs one appears on my economy-only nations, but they also don't spend money on law enforcement, so it could be related to crime. (Of course, they also don't spend money on a space program, so I doubt that's related.)

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