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Svunbrink Trade Confederation

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Svunbrink Trade Confederation


Official Name: Svunbrink Trade Confederation

Conventional Name: Svunbrink

Form of Government: Parliamentary Republic

Head of State: Chancellor

Head of Government: Chancellor (Head of state and Head of government are the same position in Svunbrink)

Executive: The Executive Branch of government is headed by the Chancellor. The Chancellor is also the head of the Executive Committee (Cabinet), and is elected via popular electoral vote of the general public. Term limits of the Chancellor are 5 years, limits do not apply. The Chancellor has the power to appoint cabinet ministers, introduce bills and laws in the legislature, cheif policy maker and supreme commander of the armed forces.

Legislature:The legislature is known as the State Council. The State Council is is ran under a unicameral basis. State Consuls are elected into office via popuar vote of the gneral public under 5 year terms, term limits do not apply. The State council has the power to , retify treaties, the supreme law maker, and has power of the purse.

Judiciary: The highest court in the Confederation is known as the Central High Court. 7 Central High Court Justices are elected by the Svunbrink Law Chambers (Bar Association) which grants total judicial independance. The Central Court is mainly the hightest court that one can appeal cases to, resovles disputes between individuals and different levels of government. Can recommend changes in law based on constitutional grounds or if two peices of legislation clash with eachother. The Justices are chosen to serve on their positions for life until the retirement age of 65, or chose to leave on their own accord.

Cabinet Posotions

The Chancellory

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Defence

Ministry of State Security

Federal Attorney's Office

Ministry of Internal Affairs

Ministry of Commerce

Ministry of Finance and Treasury

Reserve Bank of Svunbrink

Ministry of Revenue Collection and Tax

Ministry of Health and Human services

Ministry of Welfare and Social Services

Minisry of Energy and Utilities

Ministry of Transport

Ministry of Agriculture

Ministry of Education and Training

Ministry of Science, Research and Development

Ministry of Employment and Industrial Relations

Ministry of Immigration and Naturalisation

Ministry of Eveironmental Protection

Total 20 government departments

Political Parties

Liberal Democratic Party (LDP):The LDP is the main left leaning party in Svunbrink, they adopt more social democratic values. Socially they are very secular, liberal and progressive, and beleive in the maximum presuit of civil,political and social freedom of the individual. Economically however they are more interventionalist, through the raising of taxes, and fiscal regulations they are firm beleivers in coprorate social responsibility and egalitarianism through government provided essential services, mainly in the areas of healthcare and education. It is because of these policies that they are known as the "Consiounce of the states".


Republican People's Party (RPP): The Republican people's party in terms of freedom and rights of the individual shares the same view is their LDP counterparts. However eonomically they differ in terms of loosening the barriers of free trade, lowering taxes, reducing spending, and the decentralisationof economic planning from the central government to the states and local authorities. They are really the most Liberatarian party in Svunbrink.

Colour:Navy Blue

Moderate Party of Svunbrink: (MPS): The Moderate Party is seen as the voice of rationality, reason and usually adopt centrist and more pragmatic policies driven by results rather than ieological prinicpales, unlike the other parties. In terms of individual rights they shre the same views as the other majour parties, however ecomically they try to reconsicle free trade and market economy with the ideals of egalitarianism and the welfare state, they adopt more state capitalist/mixed economy policies, of getting the government and private sector to to workd togethor for the sake of mutual benefit.

Colour: Grey

Green Party Coalition (GPC): The Green Party Coalition is the second biggest left leaning party in Svunbrink. However they are more left than the LDP. Their Social views are again the same as the other parties, however once again economics is where they mostly differ, most of their policies are centred around democratic socialism in order to ensure environmental protection. Such as raising taxes, by introducing carbon taxes of 10% per ton of pollution every manufactoring business emits, pumping money into environmental research, and is usually the party whom is the quickest to consider and adopt alternative energy plans, and grants subsidies to businesses who cut down on pollution.

Colour: Green

Conservative Democratic Union:n (CDU): The Conservative party is somewhat very different to the other parties. Economically they share the same policies as the RPP. However socially they differ from other parties in that they actually have social policies that are more restricting. They promote the idea of a Svunbrink national identity, have more restrictive immigration policies and call for less multicultralism and more cultral intergration.


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