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Valhalla Government Revamp

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Valhalla is an old region in NS, It was founded originally in 2003 by The Silver Phaeton. By 2006 however, the founder ceased to exist and the region came under repeated invasions until one day, it was invaded successfully at the hands of an invader group and passworded. This password slowly killed off Valhalla's remaining members. In 2008, the region ceased to exist and was refounded by me. This point represented the rebirth of Valhalla.

Valhalla at that time in 2008 had few nations, it grew slowly and reached 20 nations. That number stayed steady until recently it established a government under its first long-term delegate, the Darkwood of Pangaea. It was also in this time that Valhalla became joint-regions with Yggdrasil.

Yggdrasil and Valhalla are sister-brother regions but each has a separate government. They share a forum, the same military, and the same founder.

More details on the story of Valhalla;



Valhalla's present system of government was established by its previous delegate, The Follower of Lugh. The system is pretty unique in NationStates, as it adopts for itself a tribalistic and paganic type of government. Some might call it a Meritocracy too.

We basically have two Powers, the Judiciary and the Legislative.

The Judiciary is composed of three different shrines and their High Priests. (who act as Judges) The shrines are the Shrine of Skadi, the Shrine of Forseti, and the Shrine of Odin[/i].

And the Legislative, which we call "the Council".

The Council is composed by people who are interested in government. Any new persons may challenge an existing Council member for his/her seat, through 'duels'; making this type of government very dynamic.

The Council has four positions;

The Founder: GRO (permanent- in charge of the forums)

The Wisest: Default to the Delegate (in charge of external affairs and debates)

The Best Hunter: -vacant-(In charge of recruiting)

The Most Powerful: -vacant- (in charge of RP)

More information on the Government system may be found here:



Now there is nothing seriously wrong with the current government system. But because it was formed by the previous delegate and he has now ceased to exist, not alot of people know how to proceed and run under the old system. What I am proposing to do is to revamp the system of government to a more modern type of system; which personally I am more familiar with. (That is, having Ministers and regular elections to those seats, instead of 'duels')

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My preference would be towards a more "modern" style of government due to the fact that to be really involved in the current form requires at least some degree of familiarization with mythology and tradition, and a willingness to use that "in character" to some degree. Now, I'm not opposed to hittin' the books and educating myself, but it may serve to hamper our desire for an active government.

Also, even though it sounds exciting, I don't like the idea of being able to challenge council members through the dueling process on a whim. The last thing we need in the midst of any serious issue is a drastic leadership change that divides the allegiance of the population and weakens the region. Unless there is some sort of serious wrongdoing, leaders should stay in place until elections say otherwise.

For that reason I propose a simplified republican (little r) system. We could have a President (Delegate) Prime Minister (Founder) and a combined legislative/judicial system made up representatives elected by the people (1 rep per 10 nations perhaps?). Then we could have cabinet posts as needed, which should be minimal unless we intend to do alot of roleplay, or defending action (both seem somewhat unlikely, but who knows?). Those posts would probably consist of SecState and SecDef.

:whip: Now get posting and lets form our government!!! haha

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I feel that every nation should have the opportunity to be a representative. The 1 for 10 system of having senators seems a bit complex. If whoever registers on these forums and is a member of Valhalla, then they should have a representative status. I think the shrine competitions can still be incorporated as a ceremonial role. You are right in the fact that it seems pretty unstable.

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That works for me, although I imagine we will have a bunch of "representatives" who are completely inactive in government.

The reason I proposed the 10-1 idea is because it allows for an additional layer of activity (the rep elections), and helps give really active nations something extra to do, and less active nations the abiltity to just coast if they so desire.

We'll probably have a hard time filling even 6 slots for representative postions with active nations who would regularly vote and debate based on the regional message board response and the lack of activity on this post.

Thats my take on it anyway. Oh, and I like keeping the shires on in a ceremonial fashion too.

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