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Haji me mashite~ n_n

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Hello, fellow Yggdrasilians!

I just registered on the forums, and you can probably tell since I'm just making this topic. XP

I guess I should probably tell how I stumbled upon this wonderful place. It's probably the same for the majority of Yggdrasilians, but I could be wrong. Like all of the other users new to NationStates (I had a different nation quite a while back, though), I was hammered with telegrams about how great users' regions were and Yggdrasil was truely the most appealing. And, I'm a sucker for Norse mythology.

So, some things about me are that I'm a male and I love Japan to death. If you want to know anything else, feel free to hit me up on the PMs. n_n



P.S. You can probably tell that I love the color pink. >.>

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Bienvenido a Yggdrasil! Please remember to head on to the Cartographic Council and chose where you are on the regioanl map.

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