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Legal Eagle

The Lone Star Times

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Texas Newsletter

March/April 2010, Volume 1, Issue 1

Regional Statistics

Pop Stats:

Current Population: 176 nations

WA Nations: 50 nations

Delegate: NewTexas (2036 days)

Endorsements: 41

Dead Nations [March 2010]: 33

Dead Nations [April 2010]: 14

Arriving Nations [March 2010]: 40

Arriving Nations [April 2010]: 27

Bootings [March 2010]: 1

Bootings [April 2010]: 0

Forum Statistics

Total Forum Posts: 63,948 posts

Registered Members: 1064

General Assembly

April, 2010

A Convention on Gender - Against

Medical Research Ethics Act - Against

Drug Trafficking Act - Against

Internet NetNeutrality Act - Against

WA Numeration and Units Act - For

Microcredit and Microgrants - Against

Meteorological Cooperation - For

March, 2010

Museums of Musical Heritage - Against

Repeal "Disaster Preparedness Act" - For

A Ban on Forced Disappearances - Against

International Road Safety - Against

Universal Clinical Trials Act - Against

Disaster Preparedness Act - Against

A Promotion of Basic Education - Against

Security Council

April, 2010

Repeal "Condemn Ninja Pirate awesome town" - Against

Condemn Aegara - Against

Condemn Ninja Pirate awesome town - Against

Commend Yelda - For

March, 2010

Commend Imagey Nation - For

Condemn Greater Tezdrian - Against

Commend Antarctic Oasis - For

Commend Sedgistan - For

Condemn Omigodtheykilledkenny - Against

2010 1nd Quarter Elections

Texas Cabinet

President of Texas - The Incorporated NationStates of NewTexas

Vice President of Texas - The Polski Stany of Crosby-Huffman-Barret

Secretary of State of Texas - The Militant Mercantile Alliance of Greenspoint

Secretary of Defense of Texas - The Holy Empire of Richard I

Secretary of Space of Texas - The Article IX Repeal of Trecdom2

Secretary of Counterbalance - The Spring Fever of Bearistotle and Hebert

Goddess of Texas - The Goddess and Ruler of World of Sweet Furry Kittens

Secretary of World Assembly Affairs of Texas - The Three-Headed Monster Secretary (The Confederate States of Ole Dixieland, The Bold and Buxom Cat-house of Thessadorian Catgirls, The No Man's Land of No TV and No Beer)

Texas Representative Council

The Duchy of Channelview

The Galactic Muppets of Darth Kermit

The Skybound Republic of Havensky

The Modified Acceleration Engine of HotRodia

The People's State of Independent Planets

The Republic of Myrrphon

The Deer Hunters of The Sedge

The Collective of Wolf MacLeod

Texas Constitution

Texas Constitution: Article IX Repeal - Failed

Texas Constitution: Article X Amendment - Passed

Texas Constitution: Article XXV New Article - Passed

Regional Events


Texas hosted a St. Paddy’s Day party complete with bagpipers, green beer and Big Tex in a kilt. At least we think it was Big Tex – we might have imbibed a wee bit much o’ the green beer.


Flush with the success of that, we hosted a beach party for spring break. It was attended by Big Tex, Bearries, and the crew of Voyager. Again, we blame the brew for the hallucinations.


And in the ongoing Chat Box – we have discussed missing people, war and the lyrics to odd sixties songs. Once again, we blame the drugs.

Interregional Events

Texas opened its borders to the friendly nations of 10000 Islands for the 10KI Getting’ to Know Our Allies Tour, March 18 - 20. Texas held a Lone Star Stock Show & Rodeo, where the beer never stopped flowing, chaps were in fashion, and a lasso was your only means of getting yourself a cowboy.

Recently, Texas was invited to Liberty Alliance for a meet and greet. We brought over truck loads of Texas Beer, Texas BBQ, and our world renowned Texas Breakfast. Both Texas and Liberty Alliance are busy losing the pounds we gained over the weekend.

Texas Department of Space Affairs

The Texas Space agency is proud to announce a new uniform. All departments except for security are expected to fully transition to the new uniform by June 09, 2010. The two piece uniform is designed to be more user friendly with division colors predominantly displayed on the shoulders and the rank insignia placed over the left collarbone.


Role Play

In the Recreation Center, Trecdom and CHW are finally fulfilling their desire to nuke the heck out of each other in role play. Darned if we know what’s going on. We just wish we had the arms contracts for both countries. We also think recreational stimulants might be involved.


Statement from the Commanding General of the Trecdom Military.

On 24 March 2010, the nation of Crazy Hell for War launched an invasion of Trecdom. The reasons behind such action are not clear but it is suspected CHW was unhappy with economic sanctions being levied by Trecdom. While a stalemate soon brought the ground war to a crawl, both sides launched massive air strikes. Due to threats by CHW, the Trecdom Nuclear Force was given real launch orders for the first time in Trecdom History. Those forces were recalled however, when the weapons launched by CHW were destroyed prior to impact. On 4 April 2010, with assistance from Independent Planets, Trecdom forces were able to force a withdrawal of all enemy troops. Both sides are currently under a ceasefire while a more binding peace treaty makes its way through the Trecdom Council.

Co-authored by Richard I, Bearistotle and Hebert, Trecdom, NewTexas, Greenspoint

Edited by Legal Eagle

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