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Korrosan Mercantile Export Center

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In order to increase trade within the the region, the Empire has set up this body to promote the export of Korrosan goods. As such we are pleased to offer the following goods:


Books / Publishing Services

Information Techonology & Infrastructure


Chemical Munitions

Additionally, we are proud to announce that the Space Port Terminal is officially complete and ready to provide a launch and ground control to nations seeking to get their space programs off the ground. Discounts or waivers are available to MJTP and USF members.

The above goods and services may be purchased through barter or florins.

Disclaimer: All transactions are final. The KMEC reserves the right to refuse or terminate agreements. The KMEC is not registered with the YMA.

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We here at Gallannium are interested in your space port offer as our space flight technology is limited, but other technologies we have designed may allow both parties to obtain long and short distance space flight, our primary goal here at GSC (Gallannium Space command) is to develop new technologies that allow free movement within space thus allowing us to gather knowledge and resources from off world.

Edited by Gallanniums Director

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