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Shadowtech Demons

Shadowtech Demon's Products For Trade

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The President of Shadowtech Demon's are now ready to release some of their products for sale.

Products Available For Trade

Books - Fiction, Non-Fiction, Text Books, Biography, Instruction Manuals, Etc.

Uranium - Freshly Mined

Shadowtech Demon's pride itself on its education system, and has top quality books from which almost any nation's children can learn from.

The uranium is primarily used for to produce power, and have little other use.

We are interested in trading our resources for almost any other resource that a nation has to offer.

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Products Available For ƒ's

These are were products that Shadowtech Demon's will sell to other countries for ƒ's. These items can be bought freely, and depending on what it is has a life-time warranty to be sent back and fixed for free.

PD Cruiser XX159

Created by: Resco Inc.

Date of Creation: February 7th, 2010

Category: Police Cruiser Design, Law & Order

Summary: The car is made out of the popular Crown Vic model. It has POLICE painted on the drivers side surrounded by yellow and blue boxes, while POLICE is also written on the passenger side, with the same colors and design. SDPD is written on the back of the squad, in black lettering. The SDPD badge is painted on the hood of the car. it has red and blue bar/LED lights (Depending on the model) on top of the car. The headlights flash when the Police Lights are activated. There is a bar light in the back of the car, that shows out of the back window. There are also lights built in to the bottom of the rear-view mirrors and the grill in front of the car. The cars top speed is 125 MPH and has excellent handling for pursuit situations. The car will be available for purchase tomorrow for $150 per car for domestic and federal policing agencies with-in Shadowtech Demon's and ƒ50 per car for foreign, with the squad paint with their own police symbols. Edited by Shadowtech Demons

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