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Bilge Rat Ronnie

Election Results from Texas

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***** State of The Region Address *****

December 20, 2009

Greetings Citizens of Texas!

Texas Elections Voting Week is over. It is our great pleasure to present to the region, the brand new Texas Government!!!

***The Texas Government***

**The Texas Cabinet**

The President of Texas - The Incorporated NationStates of NewTexas

The Vice President of Texas - The Vote CHB for VP Nation of Crosby-Huffman-Barret

The Secretary of State of Texas - The Militant Mercantile Alliance of Greenspoint

The Secretary of Defense of Texas - The Skybound Republic of Havensky

The Secretary of Space of Texas - The Federation of Trecdom2

The Secretary of Counterbalance - The December Dementia of Bearistotle and Hebert

The Goddess of Texas - The Goddess Kitten of Sweet Furry Kittens

The Secretary of World Assembly Affairs of Texas - The Three-Headed Monster Secretary (The Confederate States of Ole Dixieland, The Bold and Buxom Cat-house of Thessadorian Catgirls, The No Man's Land of No TV and No Beer)

**Texas Representative Council**

The Duchy of Channelview

The Frederation of Crazy hell for war

The Galactic Muppets of Darth Kermit

The Criminal Syndicate of F799

The Power behind the power of Eric the first

The Field Marshall 's Protection of Germany-Logania

The Modified Acceleration Engine of HotRodia

The People's State of Independent Planets

The Republic of Myrrphon

The Holy Empire of Richard I

The Deer Hunters of The Sedge

The Federation of Ukroatia

The Collective of Wolf MacLeod

**Texas Constitutional Update**

Texas Constitution: Article X Amendment - Passed

Texas Constitution: Article XII Amendment - Passed

The Great Region of Texas officially issues Congratulations to each and every nation that was elected, that ran, that voted, that viewed these proceedings! These were some great elections as usual! We only had a couple of close races, most notably, Vice President, WA Affairs and the TRC, which were some seriously close contests. Cheers to the new TRC representatives, it was a hard-fought race. The Secretary of WA Affairs race was a 3-way tie most of the week and finished that way. So, we have the first ever Three-Headed Monster Secretary! All we can say is , "Wow"! Who'd have ever guessed that? On the bright side, we won't have any ties in their rulings! It doesn't get any closer than that. And in the Vice Presidential race, incumbent CHB was almost upset in the home stretch by long-term candidate CHW! He put up a great race with a heartfelt plea. Good Job CHW! In the other 5 races, all the incumbents safely beat No Confidence. Even the President defeated them, resoundingly!

In another Election first, Sweet Furry Kittens was "elected" "Ruler of The World" in a write-in campaign. The TDF is standing guard on Texas borders to defender her should anyone challenge it.

We need to commend all of Texas for their participation in this quarter's Election! This quarter, we had more topic replies and topic views than any other Election in 6 years! It goes to show that Texans are very much alive and are a dynamic bunch after all these years! Kudos!

Again, we had an Election without any questionable "moments" in the races this year, but that is a good thing. It was a nice clean race.

There were two Texas Constitutional Amendments up for a vote this quarter. Both passed handily. Next Quarter, the TRC's size will be slashed dramatically if we don't increase in population.

Big cheers to all the new and returning Texas Representative Council members and new and returning Cabinet members! Farewell to the departing ones, your service is appreciated and we look forward to seeing you once again in the future! Special thanks to all who ran and if you didn't win, we hope you run again in the future.

Overall, this has been great fun and a highlight for all Texans. We look forward to seeing how the new freely-elected Government of Texas will make Texas bigger, better and greater than ever! Cheers to The Great Region of Texas!

The Announcement is posted here: http://invisionfree.com/forums/Texas/index...?showtopic=6241

Long Live The Great Region of Texas!

Big Tex

President of Texas

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