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Ummm.. I'm not sure how to rate a default flag.


Do you maybe want me to make you one? I have some really nice Greek symbols I could use.

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Correctamundo LH! That is the ancient staff of the GRO Templars, so it has a symbol of our awesome and fearsome GRO on the end of it. Mostly I use it to try not to appear so short (like that'll work) and to bonk a rowdy Templar or two on the noggin when they get out of hand. There's a much better image of it here.

I slipped back into my everyday togs for a while - kewl shades from Ronnie, green sash for Yggdrasil, medal of the Legion of the World Tree - you know, just hanging loose after whooping it up for the holidays.

Oh yeah, rate the avatar. Hmmm - brings to mind a fierce need for mouthwash. THIS avatar, however:


would make every creature in the region tremble in fear.


Edited by Ulthar Diplomat Oskr

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9/10 design

however as coat of arms go, pirate-inspired insignia is lame :P

(...okay I may still be bitter after finding out that the pirates beat the knights in Deadliest Warrior :o)

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