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Forestian Autumnal Writing Competition

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Any and all Yggdrasil residents are welcome to participate. The prompt is "leaves". Poetry and prose are both accepted, but one category or the other has to be specified per each entry. However, a nation can submit entries in both categories. Telegram a member of the judges' panel your entry or entries specifying if it/they is/are poetry or prose.

Here's an example of some writing based on the prompt "Power" by Cosona:

Power: A Cosonan Account of the Maxmillian War

Battle of Desina- 20 August 2018

Lieutenant Jens Lohse poked his viewfinder over the edge of the South trench, facing north. Almost as soon as he got a visual on the machine gun nest keeping his platoon below the ground, the viewfinder was torn to bits by the gunner it had just observed. "Damn it," said a now more agitated Lonse. "That's the third one this week." A couple of meters to the right, a young Private speaks to him without looking. "You know those are pretty expensive, Lieutenant." Lonse casts a glare back in his direction. "Well you cost us about 75 Spencs a month in food Macrái, why don't you take a peek over yourself and cut our costs a little." Macrái and a couple of the others in the trench laughed. It was the first good joke their Lieutenant had cracked since they arrived at Desina 12 days ago.

Suddenly, their radioman popped his head around the corner. "I've called an airstrike on the Roscovan trench North of us, get ready to charge as soon as the ground stops shaking." They hit the bottom of the trench in anticipation, using the time to reload for the charge. "Why are we charging already?" Asked another Private a couple meters down. " I thought we weren't supposed to advance for another three days." The radioman responded, "General Vercetti found a weak spot in the Northwest trenches and advanced our line there. If we hit them hard now, we can see the city under our control by the end of the week." Suddenly, a series of loud blasts sounded from the North, shaking the ground like an earthquake. "It's now or never boys," chimed Lonse, "Let's give those Roscovan scumbags what they deserve! Rosa Cosona!" As soon as the ground stopped shaking, the entire trench erupted in the battle cry. "Rosa Cosona!" They shouted as they hopped the trench into No Man's land.

The Roscovans, stunned by the recent strike, stood no chance against the valiant Cosonan armies, who went through the trenches like a hot knife through butter. Within three days, the Roscovan armies were on the retreat back North and to the coast where their ships waited to bring them to the next stronghold. On 30 August, the Cosonan Navy shot down the six destroyers guarding the retreating troops and captured the 30,000 Roscovans before they could finish their retreat, a full 1/5 of their remaining ground force.

However, the writing does not have to involve your nation. This is from a nonformal "post an account from your nation" prompt-based writing thing that we do on our RMB. Power could have also meant energy.

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