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Forest-Yggdrasil Treaty

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Forest-Yggdrasil Treaty

The sovereign regions of Forest and Yggdrasil, recognizing their close past relationships and wishing to further those bonds, do mutually agree that:

(1) Both regions will maintain embassies with and have a named ambassador to the other;

(2) Residents of each region will be welcome on the other region's Regional Message Board, Discord, offsite forum and other appropriate communication channels.

(3) Residents of each region will be able to take part in events, role-play, and cultural features in the other (unless there is a specific obstacle to participating, e.g. having to be on the regional map);

(4) Both regions agree to non-aggression and cooperation in Z-Day, N-Day and future events of that type:

(a) Cooperation is defined as foresight, planning and communication on the plans of each region, as well as reaching a shared conclusion on cooperation that benefits both regions without negatively impacting either;

(5) The founder or government of either region may request reasonable assistance from the other and this will be given unless:

There is a specific reason (e.g. constitutional prohibition) why it cannot be given, or

Doing so would cause harm to the security, reputation and interests of the region assisting;

(6) Each region will inform the other of any threats to that region's security, reputation, or other interests that come to their attention;

(7) Neither region will engage in activity detrimental to the security, reputation, or other interests of the other, or permit its residents to do so;

(8) Neither region will harbour nations banned from the other.



Ratified by Forest 9 Dec 2017. Ratified by Yggdrasil 11 Dec 2017.

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