Election Declaration Period is now on!

Both Yggdrasil and Valhalla WA nations may declare their intention to run for the Valhallan Delegate position (Link)



Welcome to The Realm

Welcome to our forum! Like most online communities you must register to view or post. But don't worry, this is a simple process that requires minimal information and effort. When registering, please use your Nation name from NS as your Display name.

Thank you.

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Goddess Relief Office

VAL: Post here to run for Delegate



You must be a WA member to run for this seat. The Delegate has a term of 6 months and must re-run for election to retain his or her seat.

Post here to run for Delegate of Valhalla:




The duties of the Delegate are to vote on WA resolutions according to regional polling on the forum, maintain friendly and active relations with regions Valhalla has embassies with, open new relations with regions upon discussions with other Government members, consult with the founder and ministers on any affairs affecting the region, and do its utmost to ensure the region is active. In the event when the founder ceases to exist, the delegate has the duty to protect the region from invaders.

When you post your intention to run, please state your nation name, and party affiliation if any, if you don't belong to a party, you run as an independent. Also, feel free to start a new thread with information about your run and allow others to ask questions if they want.



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Additional guidance: To become a successful delegate, you should at least have a passing interest in the World Assembly and resolutions AND you should login to this forum when called upon, because here is where our Regional Government is headquartered.

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