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Embassies of Dardona

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The nations of Yggdrasil,

Although it has been many years since the diplomacy roleplays frozen, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Dardona wished to established the formal diplomatic missions with you. For the nations that wish to open embassies or consulate with Dardona, please fill this form.


To: The Imperial State of Dardona

Nation Name:  (Full)
Head of State:

Head of Government:
Name of Foreign Minister/Secretary:

Form of Government:
Name of Ambassador:

Address of Embassy/Consulate: (optional)

City of Embassy/Consulate:

(For more information about cities in Dardona, please see Dardona's Political Division or Maps)

Maximum Stay of Tourists without Visa:
Any specific agreements (culture/trade/military/politics/others): 

Number of Staff (Up to 50):
Number of Security Personnel (Up to 15):
Security Personnel Armaments (No explosives):
Vehicles (Land or Air):
Special Requests:



Detailed Agreements will be posted on the dispatch later.

- The Empire of WERREALES

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