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Found 1 result

  1. Prijipati

    March 2017 PR Update

    March 2017 Public Relations Update Written by Isaris ~*<>*~|~*<>*~|~*<>*~ Mayor: Isaris Town Moderator: Leo Drakan WA Delegate: Small Huts Population: 176 ~*<>*~|~*<>*~|~*<>*~ Leo Drakan Confirmed as Town Moderator On February 8th, Leo Drakan was confirmed as the 4th Town Moderator of the Equilism Township by a vote of 6-0 after his predecessor, Cadmus, did not seek re-election. Though he ran on a very sparse platform while still new to the region, Leo's energy during and prior to the election won him the votes of Equilismers at the Polling Station. Since becoming Town Moderator, Leo has admirably attempted to restart last year's discussion of Charter reform, named Pichtonia as his Deputy and attended dutifully to accepting new immigrants' oaths of citizenship. In addition, Leo has also assisted in the moderation of Equilism's Discord server since taking office—a great boon to the venue's administration team—and assisted the other members of the region's Executive with various tasks and projects. Thus far, it has been a successful term for the Township's greenest official. ~*<>*~|~*<>*~|~*<>*~ Embassy Opened with Archmont On March 2nd, in-game embassies were exchanged between Equilism and the region of Archmont. Archmont is an unusual region among Equilism's foreign acquaintances in that the region does not make use of an off-site forum for its community. Diplomatic relations between the two regions were first discussed between Mayor Isaris and Gradea Sanguine, the Founder of Archmont, several months ago over Discord. At the time, Archmont was still a fledgling new region in its infancy, so an exchange of embassies was agreed to be put off until such a time that Archmont was more stably developed. The measure to rate this stability was agreed to be Archmont being capable of sustaining a population of at least 100 nations or more, a measure that it has been able to meet successfully in recent months. As such, we in Equilism are hopeful of what this new and unique acquaintanceship may bring in the future and look forward to building relations between our two regions through both our new in-game embassies and our Discord servers. ~*<>*~|~*<>*~|~*<>*~ Isaris Confirmed as Mayor for Third Term On March 15th, after one of the most eventful Mayoral Elections Equilism has ever seen, Isaris was confirmed by a vote of 9-1 for a third term as the 2nd Mayor of the Equilism Township. This was also the Township's lengthiest election yet, as it began on the 1st and saw a second standing period be opened after newcomer Dothrakimango did not receive the majority required to be confirmed as Mayor in the voting period that ended on the 8th. Leo Drakan was nominated for Mayor by another citizen, Lollerland, during the new standing period that was held and accepted but had to withdraw from the race due to real life issues. With no other candidates standing and the standing period set to come to a close in the near future, Isaris then stood to continue leading the Township for a third term. Isaris's term is set to end on June 1st and is the first third Mayoral term that the Township has seen thus far, with the 1st Mayor, Badger (also known in Equilism as Pooch), stepping down after serving two terms during the summer of last year. ~*<>*~|~*<>*~|~*<>*~ Upcoming Township Day Celebrations & the Charter Day Parade World Assembly Delegate Small Huts kicked off the Charter Day Parade on March 15th with a marching band, which has been followed by many parade floats and other spectacles from both citizens and foreign guests. The Charter Day Parade is being held to honor the first anniversary of the signing of the Charter of the Equilism Township, the region's foundational governing document, by Westwind last year and is still ongoing as it will lead up to the Township Day celebrations which will begin on the 25th. Township Day is being held to honor the establishment of the Township government and the completion of its first elections last year, and will be celebrated with a variety of activities, including a third season of Fight for Armello and a Star Trek Convention intended to honor the significance of the franchise to Equilism's history. If you're reading this, feel free to visit Equilism and join us in celebrating our Township's first birthday! Tourists are always welcome in Equilism! ~*<>*~|~*<>*~|~*<>*~ Fight for Season 3 Bear Clan Rabbit Clan Rat Clan Wolf Clan The battle begins… March 25, 2017 … in celebration of the 1st anniversary of the founding of the Township! You can sign up today by clicking here! To find the complete ruleset, please click here. Armello and its characters are the trademark property of League of Geeks, developers of the game. All images and concepts originating from Armello are used without explicit permission but are not being used for profit. If you enjoy Fight for Armello, please support League of Geeks by purchasing the titular video board game. Armello is available on Steam (for Windows, Mac and Linux), PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android and iOS. You can check it out on the Steam store by clicking here! ~*<>*~|~*<>*~|~*<>*~ Thank you for reading this month's PR update! To visit Equilism, click one of our banners! Click the top banner to find our off-site forum and the bottom banner to find our on-site region page.