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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone, and welcome to my map request thread. Here is what I'm currently setting up as the official spot where you may request where and how you would like to be placed. Recommended details include geographical features, which neighbors you would like to have (or not have), and general shape. As an example of the sort of map request you can make (at least until I release the physical map), here is my own map request: It may be worth noting some of the physical characteristics of this planet, as I have laid out on this dispatch. The most important thing to note is that the locations of high and low precipitation are different from where they would be on Earth. There will still be plenty of rain at the equator, but the other regions with lots of rain (or snow) will be 36 and 72 degrees both north and south latitude. Meanwhile, the north and south poles will still lack precipitation, but the other places like that will be 18 and 54 degrees away from the equator. One thing worth noting is I won't be adding just anyone. For a nation to be added to my map, the player controlling it must either already be on the previous map or make a request to join my map, preferably on this thread. Either way, the nation must meet the following requirements: 1. The nation needs to have spent a majority of the last 60 days as either a resident of Yggdrasil or Valhalla, or an active member of either region's leadership and/or Defense Service. 2. The nation must not be permanently banned from both regions. A request by a nation that just joined the Yggdrasil/Valhalla union that month (or day) will be ignored. However, if that nation stays in Yggdrasil/Valhalla and tries again after sticking around at least a month, it'll gain a spot on my map. Any nation to stay on the map must continue to meet those requirements. Any nation that publicly requests to leave the map, either here or on the regional message board, will be removed from it. Requests will mainly be first come first serve, but can still allow for some flexibility. For example, if two nations specifically want the north pole, I'm giving it to the one who asked for it first. However, if the first nation wants either the north pole or south pole and doesn't care which, that nation will get the south pole while the second nation gets the north. A nation-sized neutral zone will be centered where the prime meridian and equator cross over. No nations may be placed there. At any time, you may make a request to change the location or other situations of your place in the map. Those of you who have already sent a request on where to be placed need not worry; your requests are logged so that I can look back at them as needed. Thank you! -Anon