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Found 1 result

  1. Prijipati

    Midsummer Nights Festival Flyer

    Midsummer Nights Festival Flyer June 21–July 5 Here in the Equilism Township, we love a good debate or philosophical discussion. This midsummer, we will be gathering around bonfires to discuss a wide variety of topics, ranging from those facing the current era to those that have permeated humanity for decades or longer. If you don't see a topic that peaks your interest, you can even create one of your own! However, we realize that's not everyone's cup of tea, so there will also be a wide variety of other activities available, including some of our favorite forum games and a Hearthstone tournament, described below. Even party-goers on tour in Equilism are welcome to suggest new activities as we spend a fortnight celebrating the midsummer together! All are welcome to come and join as we gather round the bonfires! Debate topics will include but not be limited to: 2016 U.S. Presidential Election Capitalism vs Communism Radical Islam Climate Change Gun Reform in America Since we are opening our doors to all for this event, we ask that attendees please leave their differences at home, remain civil with each other, and just have fun! You can visit the Township by clicking here. We hope to see you there! ~*<>*~|~*<>*~|~*<>*~|~*<>*~|~*<>*~|~*<>*~|~*<>*~|~*<>*~|~*<>*~|~*<>*~|~*<>*~|~*<>*~ Wildwalker Hearthstone Tournament Information & Sign-up Sheet Link The Equilism Gaming Guild will be hosting the Wildwalker Hearthstone Tournament during the festival, beginning on June 21st! If you aren't familiar with Hearthstone, you can find out more information about the game by clicking here. To summarize, Hearthstone is a digital card game created by Blizzard that's based on its Warcraft universe. Players create decks consisting of 30 cards, which include minions and spells, after choosing a hero. Each hero is an important figure in the lore of Warcraft, representing their respective class, and has unique cards specific to their class and their own unique hero power. Hearthstone was first released in 2014 and many cards have been added over the past two years, resulting in the recent creation of two modes of play. In the new Standard Mode, only cards that were released during the current and previous calendar years are available for use (as well as classic cards), and many cards from the early days of Hearthstone have been tucked away into the new Wild Mode. Wild Mode, by its nature, hasn't seen as much play as Standard Mode since this change. Many of the old cards are simply overpowered and unfair, and many players live happily without them on the other side of the game, but we here in the Equilism Gaming Guild hold on to a sense of nostalgia. Though we too dread the sadistic cackle of Dr. Boom, we miss our Mad Scientists, our Duplicates, and our Sneed's Old Shredders. As such, the Wildwalker Hearthstone Tournament has been developed to praise the days of old and all contestants' decks must be made in the Wild Mode format. All cards are available for use in Wild Mode decks, so the only limit in crafting your decks will be your imagination! Contestants must create three Wild Mode decks, with no two belonging to the same class. (Example: Mage, Warlock, Hunter = √ | Druid, Druid, Paladin = ×) Contestants will be matched by Isaris, Guild Master of the EQLGG, and then mutually agree to a time to duel. Contestants must screenshot the results of each match and send them to Guild Master Isaris after the resolution of their duel. The winner of each duel will proceed to the next rank and be matched against the winner from another duel of the preceding rank, until one contestant has won the Final Duel.* Duels will be conducted using the Last Hero Standing format. Last Hero Standing format information: Under this format, the winner of the initial match must continue to use the same deck, while the loser must switch to another one of their decks and cannot reuse the deck they have lost with. The duel will continue until one contestant has lost with all of their decks and therefore can no longer compete. Contestants may interrupt their duels before completing these conditions if necessary and may resume them at another time that has been mutually agreed upon by the contestants in question. The results of each duel will not be finalized until the Guild Master has received evidence of the results from both contestants involved, and the tournament will continue after the Festival is over if needed. *The losing contestants of the semi-finals will also have a duel to determine 3rd place. To sign-up for the Wildwalker Hearthstone Tournament, please click here and follow the instructions provided.