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Found 1 result

  1. Pookyvania

    News from Forest.

    We recently concluded our Forest Keeper election. There were four candidates but only Lord Dominator and Uan Aa Boa campaigned. Uan Aa Boa won and is our new Forest Keeper. Most of the existing cabinet was reappointed and a new "Deputy Forest Keeper" position was created which I now occupy with my main (Turbeaux). I have some powers but I have been focusing on diplomacy by doing everything I can to promote the establishment of ties with Conifer. In other news, Both Ransium and Lord Dominator have successfully had WA proposals passed. Ransium is currently drafting a proposal to commend former Forest Keeper and issue editor Caracasus. Also, we have an autumnal writing competition going on (which all Yggdrasil residents are free to enter). The prompt is "leaves". Additionally, we are working out the details of an issue-writing workshop with The North Pacific. In December we will have our annual photography contest, so if you have any opportunities to capture great nature images be ready for that because all Yggdrasil residents will be free to compete in that also. I may be involved in the administration of that but the winners are determined via voting.