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  1. Thembria SSR

    Onkar Just Joined

    Hewwo! *squeaks at*
  2. Thembria SSR

    Hello from the Social Liberal Union!

    oh there it is! Someone mentioned a new ambassador!
  3. Thembria SSR

    Sonindia Relations Request

    EEP I forgot about this sorry! Seems like a nice region to make an embassy with.. Should we do it? Wait i think we have a minister of embassyness! *goes to find them*
  4. Thembria SSR

    N-Day event with Forest

    Yep! discord is banned in Yggdrasil.. We totally don't have a secret underground one either because that could get us sent to the gulags.
  5. Thembria SSR

    N-Day event with Forest

    ThembwiaToday at 9:39 PM Oh! writes "commander" on a post it note and sticks it to Borkin's forehead All done!
  6. Thembria SSR

    Your 2018 Predictions!

    I'm glad noone thinks im gunna get banned from NS again..
  7. Thembria SSR

    Regional Field Trip 2017

    I think I did have some Finnish words there.. but can't see them now.. oopsie!
  8. Thembria SSR

    Regional Field Trip 2017

    I think I found a way to break it..
  9. Thembria SSR

    Regional Field Trip 2017

    I'm already in one of those regions!
  10. Thembria SSR

    Which dark forum skin do you prefer?

    Villain has just the right amount of dark! Though second choice with be option 1.
  11. Thembria SSR

    Guten tag from The Lonely Atheist

    YAY Hewwo! I know nothing of your chemistry stuff..I just plant trees! Also known for causing fires..
  12. Thembria SSR

    Waddup my N'wahs?

    oh a returning nation! Wait it's close to Halloween.. *stares* maybe a zombie..
  13. Thembria SSR


    A nation! *pokes it*
  14. Thembria SSR

    10KI News

    *sneaks in and steals all the pens*
  15. Thembria SSR

    New Nautica opens communications

    A NATION! *squeaks at it but no to loudly*
  16. Thembria SSR

    The Observer

    *notices bottom line in quotes* AHHH! How did that get there!
  17. Thembria SSR

    Tea Time with Gahiland - I. Skothafjordur

    Oh wow.. I can highlight and quote a part of a post!? I jut like this par because I've only met a handful of unfriendlies from Canada.. in my entire life. As for local 'Muricans they are very rude.. Wish I lived in the North!
  18. Thembria SSR

    Welp, hello!

    On the bright side GRO seems to be electing an whole new staff I think.. replacing all the time old farts..
  19. Thembria SSR

    Welp, hello!

    South Titania won the election recently. He might can poke GRO for you. I'd go straight to GRO and poke her myself if I where you.. a faster response might happen or she will capture you.. it's a bit of a gamble.. I've spent a lot of time in GRO's pocket..
  20. Thembria SSR

    Welp, hello!

    oh you should poke GRO so they notice faster! they are working now so they forget to check things..
  21. Thembria SSR

    Welp, hello!

    oooohhh! Hewwo! you showed up right during Yggdrasil elections! Our current delegate is sleeping so GRO will have to poke you about embassies! Also i'm not sure if only GRO can approve embassies or not.. Anyway hewwo!
  22. Thembria SSR


    Aww.. I can't Geography correctly because I am American and we are well known for being bad at Geography..
  23. Thembria SSR

    Hello all!

    *replied saying hewwo and to see if forum avatar updates this time*
  24. Thembria SSR


    oohh! new nations are registering now? YAY!
  25. Thembria SSR

    Regional Award Ceremony IX

    YAY! something shiny I can hide in my stash that noone knows about! *hopes noone knows where their shiny things keep going*