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  1. Thembria SSR

    Hello from the Social Liberal Union!

    oh there it is! Someone mentioned a new ambassador!
  2. Thembria SSR

    Sonindia Relations Request

    EEP I forgot about this sorry! Seems like a nice region to make an embassy with.. Should we do it? Wait i think we have a minister of embassyness! *goes to find them*
  3. Thembria SSR

    N-Day event with Forest

    Yep! discord is banned in Yggdrasil.. We totally don't have a secret underground one either because that could get us sent to the gulags.
  4. Thembria SSR

    N-Day event with Forest

    ThembwiaToday at 9:39 PM Oh! writes "commander" on a post it note and sticks it to Borkin's forehead All done!
  5. Thembria SSR

    The Phoenix Flame WA Delegate Campaign Q&A and Discussion

    Would be funny if we both just got one vote each..
  6. Thembria SSR

    The Phoenix Flame WA Delegate Campaign Q&A and Discussion

    you can't put it in a pot to water but I can boil a pot of water at least.. Also we are like the only ones here.. where everyone at?
  7. Thembria SSR

    Thembria is cutest election thingy!

    I liked collecting influence! was hoping to get up to duck speaker because my animal is a snow duck! I didn't get enough influence for that last time.. maybe this time!
  8. Thembria SSR

    The Phoenix Flame WA Delegate Campaign Q&A and Discussion

    Is fire alive?
  9. YAY! I am running for delegate again! My last round as delegate was super fun! I posted all but one WA thingy! I was a very average an uneventful delegate! This time around I'd like to continue that! My main goal is to not do anything epic or different at all. I'll post WA thingys and collect tiny nations and keep them in a basket so they won't get lost. Just the usual. If you want Yggdrasil to stay the same and average then vote for me! And if you don't, just remember I am second in the region for defense budget.. It would be a shame if I had to make you disappear... Not that I am threatening the people of Yggdrasil for votes or anything.. EEP! we have two fire nations running this time! *reads The Phoenix Flame's thread* EEP! his experience is greater than mine.. might have to come up with some propaganda about how they J-walk in front of children and fart at the dinner table. Anyway I'll post all WA thingies and sit around looking pretty if elected!Feel free to ask any questions about how cute I am and where tiny nations sleep. Need endorsements and votes or I cry! If you found this campaign unprofessional it's because i'm silly and that is how I roll.
  10. Thembria SSR

    YGG: Post here to run for Delegate of Yggdrasil

    YAAAY! I'ma run for delegate and stuff! I have 25 endorsements already!
  11. Thembria SSR

    Your 2018 Predictions!

    I'm glad noone thinks im gunna get banned from NS again..
  12. Thembria SSR

    Regional Field Trip 2017

    I think I did have some Finnish words there.. but can't see them now.. oopsie!
  13. Thembria SSR

    Regional Field Trip 2017

    I think I found a way to break it..
  14. Thembria SSR

    Regional Field Trip 2017

    I'm already in one of those regions!
  15. Thembria SSR

    Which dark forum skin do you prefer?

    Villain has just the right amount of dark! Though second choice with be option 1.