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  1. Hopefull Dawn

    Peace Conference

    *The door to the meeting hall opens and a man in a military uniform steps in, bows deeply* My name is Kyran Emperor of Hopefull Dawn, i am ashemed and sorry for being late at a time like this, but state affairs do not wait. As a neighbour of Danartica, his comments ewen shame me, so i agree with the first demand, but *walks to the delegates* we can not invade a nother land for statements. Ewen if they are hurting and insane. I propose we warn Danartica abaout his actions and wait. If nothing changes, he is a destabilizing element and must be dealt with accordingly! *Nods his head and joins the other delegates*
  2. Hopefull Dawn

    Invitation to Summit

    The Empire of Hopefull Dawn will send a delegate.
  3. Hopefull Dawn

    Award Ceremony for RedIron, Coloterra, and Dinner Roll

  4. Hopefull Dawn

    What is the ideal political system?

    Im not a "hotshot" with politics, but it seems to me, that democracyes have the tendencie to polaryze to a 2 major party system with the little ones not growing, but fading away or being absorbed in one of the big ones. That is happening in mi country in a turn of 18 years. The humor is eweryone is hating the communists, but at the same time the people want back the stability of it. At first we had many partys but most got absorbed or fully "killed" (practicaly no voterbasis) At present there is a four party parliament with 2 coalitions. The problem is this creates a stalemate in wich the gowernment is not functioning. To be honest we are young at woting, so maybe what im saying is worthless, butt more partys is nothing more (in my opinion) than waste of monye. If a man is goog and wants good (even a poitician), then why partys? Why not a gowerning staff with professionals? Sorry for my intermezzo.
  5. Hopefull Dawn

    The Empire of Hopefull Dawn

    History: The central region of the "new empire" was a republic created by latins ruled by the strongest the city, wich was located near the center of, the now capital Gemini. On the borderlands of this republic, lived some germanyc tribes, they represented no threat, because of there disorganized nature. The repulic funktioned nearly 600 years untill corruption and political infighting tore it apart, so the "barbarian" tribes could conquer it and establish a new order. This was the old empire, or in german "Das Reich". It was ruled by cruel and tradition based laws. Religion was one of the pillars of power for the emperors. The "Reich" was newer meant to be for the people, so onlie the emperor and the nobility had real rights. This was untill a young noble, disgraced and disgusted, from the sins of the few powerholders, gaind enough power to rebel and started a civil war. Thanks to the support of the commoners and the corruption of the nobility he won the strugle with relative ease. He establisshed The Empire of Hopefull Dawn, or as many say the "Neureich". This was the third period of the region. Politics, gowernment, social equality, almost the entire sistem was changed in a span of 5 years. His principles and those of his successors was gowern for the people, but not by them. This and his sense of humor showed, when he established his capital with the name Gemini, the two faced sighn. From that on the empire had 3 emperors and a few conflicts, with fanatic religious orders. Politics: Hopefull Dawn is a peacefull empire, but it protects it citizens at all costs. Nations are wellcommed warm if they want to establish good relationships. Civil rights are held dear. Private enterprise was banned, but the new emperor realised, the nation needs a private sector. Currency: Credit Unit National animal: Jaguar
  6. Hopefull Dawn


    Yes it is foolish but that is what a constitution is for. The power lies bie the "ruler", but he must obey too the constitution. He is not different then a "normal" citizen.
  7. Hopefull Dawn


    I meant that humans are egoists and that is why power corrupts. So when i say " humans would not wiew themselfs as the most important" i mean the individual and his wiew of what is more important, me or the others. I think such individuals should gowern and if that happens who needs partys or elections, just advisors, a gowerning staff, jduges, and someone too coordinate an "emperor". I know Im a freaky idealist.
  8. Hopefull Dawn


    The equality i want is as Goddess Relief Office sead; "not achievable in the real world". At least not in 1-2 hundred years, or until humanity evolves so humans would not wiew themselfs as the most important. But thats just an utopy. Voting is a different story. I dont believe in democracy im a fan of benelovent autocracy. I dont think humans can gowern themselves, but one can.
  9. Hopefull Dawn

    What you are listening now

    Orange Range-Asterisk
  10. Hopefull Dawn


    I agre with most of your opinion, but not with the issue of importance of individuals to the society. To me it says that some people are more important then others. Maybe im a little naive, but for me this is the first step to the creation of unequality.
  11. Hopefull Dawn


    What is equality? For me its an interesting question. Many people many ways, or no? We all bleed, suffer, love, hate. But are we equal? What is equality for you? Is it a true thing if we are so different, yet all the same (someway)? What does this mean to you? Maybe its silly but it interests me.
  12. Hopefull Dawn

    Who or What Got You On NS

    I too found NS like Liyi. And the for the anime party; where do i sign up?
  13. Hopefull Dawn

    Nation Map Thread

    Here is my little nation. Not a big thing, but its mine
  14. Hopefull Dawn


    Thank you, not just the wellkome but the pasience too. God was this bad spelling, but im a bit tired. I hope its gonna bee funn. This anime stance is cool too