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  1. Enmunderana

    Welcome friends from Forest!

    So I've been informed that I should be updating you fine folks on Forest's regional events, as part of my ambassadorship duties. Here is my first update: Since we established embassies in one another's regions nearly two weeks ago, Forest has seen an increase in its member nations from about 76 to 85, our newest arrivals being; The Constitutional Monarchy of New Cole, The Empire of Dbrady33, The Free Land of Chariho and The Last Platoon of ELF Soldiers. Our regional map has been updated to reflect new arrivals: http://i.imgur.com/0ZfaPda.png Our regional economy has been doing quite well too: 1. NS Economy 1.69 Report 2. NS Economy 0.7 Report. Our top 5 regional GDP leaders are as follows: The Rapture of Pixies on Toadstools, The Black Friday Remnants of Mountain Ash Forests, The Goblin Domain of Goblinus, The Remorseless Expanse of Siberian Taiga and The Superflous Earth Empire of Fijonia. Trade is healthy as well, with our top 5 regional trade leaders being: The Rapture of Pixies on Toadstools, The Goblin Domain of Goblinus, The Gnome Kingdom of Gnomus, The Confederacy of Katonah and The Flying Circus of Eastern Pierdziszewo. More close to home, my main nation, The Most Serene Republic of Gub Kur Gana Dadag and my WA nation, The Armed Republic of Gana Dadag Gub Kur, have both recently experienced significant increases in the arenas of economic development and civil rights. That's it for this installment! I Hope our nations continue amicable and mutually beneficial interaction! P.S. We'd love to hear from you as well. Forest's forums are here: http://z7.invisionfree.com/NationStates_Forest/index.php and our WA Delegate can be found here: The United Mangrove Archipelago of Ransium.
  2. Enmunderana

    Welcome friends from Forest!

    Thank-you GRO! I'm new to this ambassadorship thing, so it might take me a bit to catch on, but your sentiments are heartily appreciated