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    Dead-Faced Crow
  1. Vorkascus

    Nation Map Thread

  2. Vorkascus

    Greetings from Vorkascus

    lol yeah some one called me it once and it stuck
  3. Vorkascus

    First Looks

    Torkaz, and Greetings! I am Lord Dresvin Baalkaerai, Cousin to my illustrious High Thane, and it is with great pleasure that I announce my position as Ambassador to the Yggdrasil Union representing the Great Kingdom of Vorkascus. Our nation is honored to take part in this great and humble Union. I hope we can grow to combine our experiences, and as a region grow to become more culturally understanding, and maintain peace, order, and stability to this magnificent government. Lord Dresvin Baalkaerai The High Thanedom of Vorkascus
  4. Vorkascus

    Yggdrasil Zoo

    Name: English: Dead-Faced Crow Vorkaski: Yeldren Ba'Sdadkus Weight: 500-600 Kilograms (1,100 - 1,300 lb) Diet: Omnivores Habitat: varies...can survive in both the hottest and coldest conditions Notes: Heavily Endangered The Dead-Faced Crow is faced with extinction. A combination of poachers and human development has reduced these creatures' numbers by an incredible amount. Because we estimate there are less than 100 left in the wild, and only about 7 in captivity, the VEP (Vorkaski Environmental Protectorate) is only able to provide you fossilized ruins and an old stuffed representation of the beast. The image below is a picture of the stuffed animal we are sending you from about 50 years ago
  5. Vorkascus

    Nation Map Thread

    How are a lot of you making these maps?
  6. Hi! I've been playing NS for a while but stopped playing for a little bit and returned recently. Glad to have found an RP community and In-Game politics...looks amazing! Really looking forward to getting into it! Dude A.K.A. High Thane of Vorkascus