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  1. A Statement from the Osiris Fraternal Order On the Regional Alignment of Osiris Since the Osiris Fraternal Order was established in December 2013, the government of Osiris has consistently leaned in a raider direction. At times, the Osiris Fraternal Order has identified itself with an explicitly raider alignment. At other times, there has been more of an emphasis on an independent or non-aligned direction. Since the dissolution of our previous system of government in April of this year, the Osiris Fraternal Order has adopted a non-aligned position to give our regional community breathing room to organically grow and establish an identity for itself independent of concerns regarding alignment. While this period of internal reflection and growth has been beneficial, it is important, having given ourselves time to pause and focus more on internal matters, to now let our friends and allies know where the Osiris Fraternal Order stands. After much discussion within the Council of Viziers, the Osiris Fraternal Order reaffirms that we stand with our raider friends and allies, as well as non-aligned, independent, and imperialist friends and allies who value the exercise of their sovereign right to engage in military operations that involve invasion. This should come as no surprise. When Osiris was fighting for its sovereignty against occupying forces in July 2013, it was military and diplomatic efforts undertaken primarily by independent and imperialist friends that lead to restoration of our sovereignty. When the Osiris Fraternal Order was declared in December 2013, it was raider, non-aligned, independent, and imperialist friends, several of whom would soon after become formal allies, who stood with us and supported the transition from chaos to order, from conflict to peace. When measures were taken earlier this year to restore order as chaos once again threatened our community, it was raider friends like The Black Hawks, Lone Wolves United, and HYDRA Command, as well as non-aligned, independent, and imperialist friends and allies like Balder, The East Pacific, The Land of Kings and Emperors, the Pacific Order, the West Pacific, and others who continued to honor the strong bonds between our regions. The Osiris Fraternal Order proudly and without reservation declares that the alignment of the Osiran government, the foreign affairs agenda it will undertake as we move forward, and the military direction we will pursue will continue to be a raider alignment. We will continue to work hand in hand with our friends and allies to diplomatically and militarily pursue our mutual interests, including the most fundamental interest of all, the sovereign right to use military force as we see fit and according to our interests. We stand with our friends and allies in resisting the siren song of a rigid ideology that shrouds itself in moralistic bombast to conceal its true aim, which is to bring sovereign regions to heel under the authority of a small, cosmopolitan elite, which pledges true allegiance to no region but only to The Cause. Our method is raiding, but our message is regionalism. We will not bow to a tiny elite obsessed with the accumulation of power and prestige for themselves at the expense of their regions and others' regions, an elite that has, time and again, proven itself hostile to Osiris. It should be noted, however, that not every defender is part of this global cosmopolitan elite. Indeed, most defenders are not. Defender citizens of the Osiris Fraternal Order have proven their dedication to our regional community. Other defenders in other regions have similarly shown their dedication. Hostility toward an elite few should not be construed as hostility toward all defenders, particularly our own citizens. We continue to value our defender citizens and the contributions they make every single day to our regional community, including at the highest levels of our regional government. We do not ask from them anymore than they are already giving to Osiris, or to choose between Osiris and defending. There is no inherent conflict between regionalism and defensive military operations, only between regionalism and the cosmopolitan power grabbing engaged in by the tiny defender political oligarchy. While this conflict may, at times, see us at odds with defenders on the battle field, it will not see us at odds with each other in our own region, a region that belongs as much to our defender citizens as it does to our raider citizens and citizens of other alignments. Defender citizens of the Osiris Fraternal Order will continue to be included in all aspects of our regional community, and will continue to enjoy the certainty that as long as they show their dedication to Osiris as any Osiran is expected to do, they will be rewarded with advancement in Osiris. The Osiris Fraternal Order has always sought to reward merit rather than ideological or political popularity. Even as we pursue a regionalist raider policy in foreign affairs and military operations, we will continue to ensure that defender citizens are respected and valued. We are not the Alliance Defense Network, the Red Liberty Alliance, 10000 Islands, or the Founderless Regions Alliance. While the defender cosmopolitan elite pursue extremism and exclusion, as they have for years, we prefer debate and inclusion. We would prefer to meet our fellow citizens who happen to be defender on the battle field in a spirit of friendly competition, reserving hostility only for the defender political elite who are and have always been hostile to a sovereign and stable Osiris. To further the aim of inclusion, a new Pharaonic Guard will immediately be created that will allow defenders and others who wish to contribute to defense of Osiris as well as defensive operations limited to our friends and allies to do so, without participating in the raiding operations of the Sekhmet Legion. For two and a half years, the Osiris Fraternal Order has walked a raider path, at times hindered by the political realities of our previous chaotic system of government. In making our alignment official today, we celebrate that Osiris now has a much more stable system of government that will be better prepared to walk this path with consistency and focus. We look forward to working more actively with our fellow raiders, as well as non-aligned, independent, and imperialist regions on their raiding operations, and we hope that everyone throughout NationStates who is interested in raiding will give Osiris a fresh look. We are no longer the Osiris you've heard about, the Osiris dominated by paranoia, political posturing, and power grabbing. That Osiris died in April. This Osiris is a community united, a community dedicated to cooperation and growth, a community that isn't afraid to take a stand and stay a course even while remaining welcoming of debate and competition. This Osiris is an Osiris that stands proudly for regionalism and for raiding. We invite you to stand with us.
  2. Cormac

    Welcome friends from Osiris!

    Thank you for the welcome! :D
  3. Cormac

    Osiris Embassy Request

    Thank you, Minister Gahiland. We don't mind waiting at all, we understand transitions between governments and that they can sometimes delay things. As requested, I have submitted an in-game embassy request and I will check back periodically over the next couple of weeks for the Yggdrasilian Council's decision. Thank you again for your consideration!
  4. Cormac

    Osiris Embassy Request

    Thank you for your response. No worries, we're happy to wait!
  5. Cormac

    Osiris Embassy Request

    Type of relations to be established (Please pick one): Advanced Relations Region Name: Osiris Number of nations: 4,837 at present Off-site forums: http://w11.zetaboards.com/OFO/index/ Founder: N/A Your Position in your Region: Pharaoh (WA Delegate/Head of State) Alliances and/or organizations your region is part of: We currently have treaties of mutual defense with (in alphabetical order) Balder, The East Pacific, The Land of Kings and Emperors, The New Galactic Empire, and The New Inquisition, as well as a non-aggression pact with The Rejected Realms. It should be noted that our treaties are currently under review, as we have undergone a recent change in constitutional government, as well as a change toward a non-aligned gameplay position, which means essentially that we pursue our own regional interests in foreign and military affairs rather than ideological pursuits (i.e., defenderism, raiderism, imperialism, etc). Why you want to exchange diplomatic relations or ally with our region: We are looking to be more open and versatile in our relations with other regions, and are looking to develop community and cultural bonds rather than just traditional gameplay bonds based on politics and military affairs. Yggdrasil is an active region with a significant population, and one with which Osiris has never had relations, so we wanted to extend a hand of friendship. A brief description of your region(i.e. military stance, political ideals): Osiris is a Sinker region with a vibrant community and a stable monarchist government. Our political ideals are difficult to easily classify, but constitutional monarchism, responsible government, and meritocratic community advancement are among them. As noted, our gameplay position is non-aligned, a shift away from the raider alignment of Osiris' previous constitutional government.
  6. Cormac

    Asgardia Application

    Asgard was an invader region, although with the exception of two invasions all of our invasions were limited to Nazi and fascist regions affiliated with The Greater German Reich. As you may or may not be aware, though, the forum of Asgard was destroyed by its third and last Keisair, Jagermeister. Since then many of the nations native to Asgard have relocated to Asgardia, most of the raiders who constituted the forum population of Asgard have moved to other raider regions and largely new forum participants have gotten involved in Asgardia. We have adopted a Defender military alignment and we are very serious about it. In regard to The New Inquisition, Asgardia has been committed since day one to honoring the treaties made by its predecessor region, Asgard. This includes a treaty with The New Inquisition. However, the only binding parts of this treaty require non-aggression, mutual defense and assistance with counterattacks against aggressors. In practice, the treaty essentially only means that Asgardia will not be able to defend against The New Inquisition. I can assure you, however, that we will not be participating in any invasions -- not even in a support capacity to assist The New Inquisition. While it is certainly up to Yggdrasil to decide whether or not to grant us diplomatic relations, I hope that we won't be penalized for keeping our word to a treaty ally.
  7. Cormac

    Asgardia Application

    Type of relations to be established (Please pick one): Diplomatic Relations* Region Name: Asgardia Number of nations: 87 Off-site forums: http://w11.zetaboards.com/asgardia/index/ Founder: Mjollnira Your Position in your Region: Keisari (Head of State/Government) Alliances and/or organizations your region is part of: We continue to honor the treaty made between The New Inquisition and our predecessor region, Asgard, which requires non-aggression, mutual defense and assistance in counterattack against aggressors. We are members of the NationStates Republic Alliance. Why you want to exchange diplomatic relations or ally with our region: Our region has recently adopted a Defender alignment and we are seeking closer relations with other regions that share this alignment. A brief description of your region(ie military stance, political ideals): As mentioned, Asgardia's military alignment is Defender. Aside from that, we are a constitutional monarchy and we believe very strongly in the ideals of freedom, justice and honor which are the foundational values of our region. * While we are only interested in diplomatic relations at this time, once we have gotten to know Yggdrasil and once you have gotten to know us better we could be open to exploring a closer alliance.