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  1. Temi

    Impossible Rap Battles of Yggdrasil!

    History Contestant: Julius Caeser Fiction Contestant: The Joker Pop Culture: Niko Bellic Biography Link: Julius Caeser, The Joker, Niko
  2. Mmm, I never knew you felt so strongly about this... Alright, since I see a 4-1 scenario here I herby motion for this proposal to be suspended indefinitely.
  3. No, that's to extreme my dear friend. Communism destroys competition within an economy, however socialism is more moderate. If we place some neccisities within goverment control we would be doing Yggdrasil a favor. If we have a moderately big central goverment, we can still retain the completion of capitalism along with the social welfare provided by socialism. And frankly it seems you just hate socialism for the sake of hating it. I agree if a central entity controls to much, the economy will be headed for destruction. But if you regulate it, socialism is an amazing idea.
  4. Well if it's not evil now, will it sprout wings and horns once it's passed. All i'm saying is give it a chance. The majority in this case are people with money. And the weak are the poor. I understand that no one wants to pay for the dumb hick who thought it would be fun to ride a skateboard off a roof to impress his friends, however we cannot ignore the plight of the poor. We can't just leave them to suffer because they don't have money.
  5. There was really only one change, because the general consensus of the first vote was that it was "almost" a really good proposal. So I've changed the way funds would be garnered from 0.5 percent of ones GDP to donations. This way the nation will choose how much money they will send into the construction/maintenance of the garden.
  6. Temi

    The Assembly Floor

    (OOC: Kelewan are you still working on that response)
  7. Temi

    The Right To Life Act

    The changes have been made. Please read it over and see if it pleases you.
  8. The Yggdrasil Statue Act The bill has been tweaked and sent back in for a vote.
  9. Temi

    The Yggdrasil Statue Act

    Well it doesn't have to be an ambassador, just someone you feel is important, and is from your country.
  10. Come now Alyekra, Don't just jump to the conclusion that it will fail. Instead read it through, see if their is a way to improve it. Socialized health care, is not inherently evil, and has a fine chance of success when implemented correctly.
  11. Preamble In order to curve the rising number of Yggdrasilians from all countries without Health insurance and with the rising costs of medical consultations, procedures, medication and insurance premium, Proposition #1540 will hereby enact a major reform of all countries healthcare in order to better situate and accommodate Yggdrasil's many citizens. Yggdrasil Affordable Health Care Act plan reforms the way we buy health insurance requiring that all Yggdrasilians, purchase a private health care plan or pay a 1% - 2.5% tax. Yggdrasilians who cannot afford health insurance will qualify for Yggdrasil Affordable Health Care Act or get assistance in the form of tax credits, tax breaks or assistance with up-front costs on the Yggdrasil Insurance Exchanges (YIX) Title 1- Quality Healthcare for all Yggdrasilians. I Section A In order to help curve the rising uninsurance rate, Yggdrasil as a whole, will create a government run insurance agency to be added to the public sector. As an alternative to the insurance agency that are already in the countries individual private sector. A. The created public insurance agency shall be named Yggdrasil Medical Care (YMC). B. The YMC shall be headed by the Chancellor of Yggdrasil, who in the case an emergency comes up will be able to enact new rules and regulations not presented in Proposition #1540. Section B Herby creates Yggdrasil Insurance Exchange (YIX) as Yggdrasil public sector entity that will regulate any stock shares traded for any publicly or privately traded stocks for any industry that deals with insurance. Herby establishes Yggdrasil's Children's Health Insurance Program (YCHIP), which allows children under the age of 13 to be fully covered by the state, rather than any policy held by their Parents/Guardians. Section C Allows that any citizen within Yggdrasil to have the option to publicly provided healthcare no matter age, race, sexual orientation, or mental capabilities. Section D Let dependants below the age of 30 have the option to stay on their parent or guardian’s health care plan. Section E Let it be that, every Yggdrasilians resident who earns 400% over the poverty level must purchase health insurance or face a $695 annual fine. Section F Allows for the Unemployed and self-employed to be able to be able to purchase insurance through state based exchanges and subsidies available to individual families with income between 133% and 350 % of the poverty rate(for their country) Section G Herby declares that it is illegal for any insurance company to turn away a person due to a per-exsiting condition. Also declares it's illegal for insurers to discriminate against or charging higher rates for any individual based on gender or pre-existing medical conditions. Insurers are prohibited from establishing annual spending caps. Section H Individuals who are not covered by an acceptable insurance policy will be charged an annual penalty of $95, or up to 1% of income over the filing minimum, whichever is greater; this will rise to a minimum of $695 ($2,085 for families),or 2.5% of income over the filing minimum, by 5/12/2014. Exemptions to the mandatory coverage provision and penalty are permitted for religious reasons, members of health care sharing ministries, or for those for whom the least expensive policy would exceed 8% of their income. Section I States are allowed to shift children eligible for care under the Children's Health Insurance Program to health care plans sold on their exchanges, as long as YMC approves. Section J States are permitted to form health care choice compacts and allows insurers to sell policies in any state participating in the compact. The threshold for itemizing medical expenses increases from 7.5% of income to 10% for seniors. Title 2 To Be Written
  12. Ohhhh you're Canadian. Yesh...well i'm sure you could work something out. An accent is always sexy...at least in america it is.
  13. Really you seem so loveable Well anyway, you can always move to America. I promise that Australian accent will get you some girls.
  14. Amazingly enough that has also happened to me alot in middle school. I didn't even like the girl, and I thought she was a ugly as the hunchback of Notre Dame. But you know how these things go. Once they lock on, their missiles never miss. This is metaphoric of course.. Middle school girls don't actually carry missiles. I got popular by running with a bad group of friends. By 7th grade, I had stolen so much that I had became a pro at it. Then I made friends with some bad kids, who put my talents to good use. Eventually everyone knew I was stealing their stuff, but I was so good I never got caught. It got to the point that when something went missing, even when I didn't take it, my name was always thrown out there. I guess this is more infamous then popular, but hey, the hoodlums were more nicer to me than any of them so no regrets here. That's not entirely true. Along with my klepto hands I also got a really mean demeanor. My brother was bullied to and he told me the ultimate secret of being popular: Be an ass to Everyone. It doesn't matter if your a teacher, student, administrator, or the guy working the cashier at burger king. Be an ass, and people will respect you. This actually worked. And I got a girlfriend...then a boyfriend...then a girlfriend again.
  15. Temi

    Gay Marriage

    I think politics and religion should remain separate. Even though i'm catholic, the church not liking abortion/contraception does not influence my decision. Anti-Abortion Pro-Contraception The End. I believe the matter of gay marriage should be treated with the same stance by all. But that's just my opinion.