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  1. Telefen

    The Cost of War

    Geez. america should stop hurting people and start healing them
  2. Telefen


    naruto is #1
  3. Telefen

    WookieO on his hols

    Ever been to wookiepedia? and you brits are really funny, no offense.
  4. Telefen

    Yggdrasil Zoo

    The Lord protector of Telefen Grants 4 snow leopards to the zoo. Re'lan Tul'kan and Tul'ayse Finally, Res'ral, Any mistreatment of the snow leopards will be met with immediate withdrawal from the zoo. Name:Snow leopard diet: yaks, or really anything that moves weight:150-200lbs. habitat: snowy upper lands and wet lower marshes
  5. Telefen

    Yggdrasil Sword Fights or YSF

    Oooooooooooooooooooooookay! Vrolondia wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Telefen

    Which Famous Jedi or Sith Are You?

    Darth Bane lord of the Sith, creator of the Rule of Two For mor info go to wookiepedia, the official star wars wiki
  7. Telefen

    Yggdrasil Sword Fights or YSF

    Telefens champion: Otori Shingen 26 Telefian
  8. Telefen

    Yggdrasil Sword Fights or YSF

    All countries may send 1 and only 1 participant who will fight others in rounds. Format of Entry name: Age: Nationality: Additional notes and questions?(optional): 6 days left