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  1. Zevassa

    Where I've been

    Short list of things that all happened at once. 1. A friend just got engaged, so I've been wedding planning 2. My phone broke which cuts my Nationstates access by about 60% 3. A different friend had to attend a wedding so I've been babysitting his animals 4. It's been stormy here (like usual in autumn/winter) so my internet has been shaky I'll be back to pick up where I left off pretty soon.
  2. Zevassa

    Random Song Lyrics

    It's been long long time in darkness Oh baby, heaven turned to hell I've cried a million tears A million times in Heartbreak hotel And after all these years of loneliness There must be a ray of light A little melody that fills the silence A dreamless lullaby ~ It goes La di da It goes around the world, around the La di da And everybody's singing like this La di da A million miles away from home La di da di da One more time it's la di da It goes around the world, around the La di da And everybody's singing like this Ladida A million miles away from home La di da di da ~ I've been waiting almost every day For this melody I've been waiting for lifetime baby Endlessly I've been waiting waiting all my life for this Magic melody And if you hear me now from outer space babe Come and sing with me ~ It goes La di da It goes around the world, around the Ladida And everybody's singing like this La di da A million miles away from home La di da di da One more time it's ladida It goes around the world, around the Ladida And everybody's singing like this La di da A million miles away from home La di da di da ~
  3. Zevassa

    Quote the nearest book

    "Drow (evil subterranean elves) often take up wizardry, but wizards are quite rare among the savage humanoids."
  4. Zevassa

    Congratulations to Silvadus and Zevassa!

    Once I finish sorting everything out I'll make an OOC post in the YU forums explaining what I'd like to do and see how the region feels. It'll be in a day or two.
  5. Zevassa

    Grumpy Bumpers

    If you visit the Grumpy Bumpers website (here), you'll be able to set it up quickly. 1. Login or register an account. (If you don't have an account, then just log in using the name and password that you want to register. If the name's available, tne it'll ask you to confirm your password, after which point you'll be registered.) 2. Upload the images that you'd like to rotate between to an external site such as imgur.com or photobucket.com. I use dropbox.com myself. They're all fine, pick your favorite. 3. Take the link to your images and place each of them in their own box (under URLs) on the Grumpy Bumpers site. Hit the "Submit" button. 4. At the top of the page is a link (ex: http://sig.grumpybumpers.com/host/YOURACCOUNTNAME.gif) -- this is the one that you'll be placing into your signature. After that you should be done. In order to use the ones I've posted here, just copy the link and paste them in. For example, this: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/98315145/ScarfBanners/Yggdrasil.png
  6. Zevassa

    How much of a geek are you?

    Gamer Geekiness: High SciFi Geekiness: Moderate Fashion Geekiness: Low Geekiness in Love: Low Internet Geekiness: Low Movie Geekiness: Low Academic Geekiness: None Music Geekiness: None Nerdy Geekiness: None
  7. Zevassa

    Party Groups

    IPB's poor group management is its only limitation imo.
  8. Zevassa

    Grumpy Bumpers

    http://sig.grumpybumpers.com If you guys aren't familiar with this site, it's a perl script that randomly links a set of images for you. http://sig.grumpybumpers.com/host/NSYggdrasil.gif Here's a link I just set up. Since it ends in .gif, things like forums allow it to be placed in tags even though it's a redirect. This allows you to have an image randomize itself. Normally when you link to an image on another website or host server, what happens is someone views the image, the site requests the image's host for information/data to display, the host sends it, and then the image pops up for the person to see. What this does is when someone views the "image link" and requests information from Grumpy Bumpers, a script runs which randomly selects which image data to send back. Grumpy Bumpers doesn't host anything other than the redirect service. What you do is host the pictures somewhere else (I use Dropbox since I'm lazy!) and then provide the image links to the Grumpy Bumpers website, which then parses it for you. I set this one up because I wanted to use the site's main banner in my future embassy reports. If you refresh the page, this will randomly update similar to how the main title bar updates. Note that the image script actually gets replaced when you go to do things like quote or view the page source, so if you see weird rotating images it's probably this site (or a site utilizing its free-to-use perl source code). Other good uses include forum signatures. For example, if you really love my scarf banners and want to make a million of them, but still respect other posters, then this would allow you to have a million of them in your signature but only show up one at a time. It's also good for if you want images to have random text in them (such as for political campaigns, advertisements or news), and so on and so on.
  9. Zevassa

    Scarf Banners

    If we had either tables or columns for bbcode (I'm fairly sure NationStates uses columns for [floatleft][/floatleft] and [floatright][/floatright], css + div's) then it'd be easier to put them in the corners of signatures rather than in the dead center, lol. I've created the ones with text attached just in case people wanted to, say, right align them or something. It'd save them the trouble of having to sort the text out, but they couldn't edit it. Examples:
  10. Zevassa

    Scarf Banners

    YGGDRASIL YGGDRASIL [center][url="http://www.nationstates.net/region=yggdrasil"][img=https://dl.dropbox.com/u/98315145/ScarfBanners/Yggdrasil.png][/url] [size="1"][b][font="courier new"][color="#106A34"]YGGDRASIL[/color][/font][/b][/size][/center] VALHALLA [center][url="http://www.nationstates.net/region=valhalla"][img=https://dl.dropbox.com/u/98315145/ScarfBanners/Valhalla.png][/url] [size="1"][b][font="courier new"][color="#0B0529"]VALHALLA[/color][/font][/b][/size][/center] MIDGARD [center][url="http://www.nationstates.net/region=midgard"][img=https://dl.dropbox.com/u/98315145/ScarfBanners/Midgard.png][/url] [size="1"][b][font="courier new"][color="#102030"]MIDGARD[/color][/font][/b][/size][/center] AUTONOMY BLOC [center][url="http://www.half-hp.net/yggforums/index.php?showtopic=5783"][img=https://dl.dropbox.com/u/98315145/ScarfBanners/AutonomyBloc.png][/url] [size="1"][b][font="courier new"][color="#50622B"]AUTONOMY BLOC[/color][/font][/b][/size][/center] UNITY PARTY [center][url="http://www.half-hp.net/yggforums/index.php?showtopic=5885"][img=http://i138.photobucket.com/albums/q279/silentv113/UnityParty_blue.png][/url] [size="1"][b][font="courier new"][color="#4A0182"]UNITY PARTY[/color][/font][/b][/size][/center] NATIONSTATES WORLD ASSEMBLY [center][url="http://www.nationstates.net/page=un"][img=https://dl.dropbox.com/u/98315145/ScarfBanners/WorldAssembly.png][/url] [size="1"][b][font="courier new"][color="#447643"]WORLD ASSEMBLY[/color][/font][/b][/size][/center] QUEENDOM OF ZEVASSA [center][url="http://www.nationstates.net/nation=zevassa"][img=https://dl.dropbox.com/u/98315145/ScarfBanners/Zevassa.png][/url] [size="1"][b][font="courier new"][color="#437C99"]QUEENDOM OF ZEVASSA[/color][/font][/b][/size][/center] THEOCRATIC KINGDOM OF ZEMBRILL [center][url="http://www.nationstates.net/nation=zembrill"][img=https://dl.dropbox.com/u/98315145/ScarfBanners/Zembrill.png][/url] [size="1"][b][font="courier new"][color="14470E"]THEOCRATIC KINGDOM OF ZEMBRILL[/color][/font][/b][/size][/center] SHINING CARTEL OF SOUTH TITANIA [center][url="http://www.nationstates.net/nation=south_titania"][img=https://dl.dropbox.com/u/98315145/ScarfBanners/SouthTitania.png][/url] [size="1"][b][font="courier new"][color="#010101"]SHINING CARTEL OF SOUTH TITANIA[/color][/font][/b][/size][/center] ALLIED STATES OF NEOPACIFICUS [center][url="http://www.nationstates.net/nation=neopacificus"][img=https://dl.dropbox.com/u/98315145/ScarfBanners/NeoPacificus.png][/url] [size="1"][b][font="courier new"][color="#000000"]ALLIED STATES OF NEOPACIFICUS[/color][/font][/b][/size][/center] MOST SERENE REPUBLIC OF ZYBODIA [center][url="http://www.nationstates.net/nation=zybodia"][img=https://dl.dropbox.com/u/98315145/ScarfBanners/Zybodia.png][/url] [size="1"][b][font="courier new"][color="#006600"]MOST SERENE REPUBLIC OF ZYBODIA[/color][/font][/b][/size][/center] ARMED REPUBLIC OF NOIRYT [center][url="http://www.nationstates.net/nation=noiryt"][img=https://dl.dropbox.com/u/98315145/ScarfBanners/Noiryt.png][/url] [size="1"][b][font="courier new"][color="#000000"]ARMED REPUBLIC OF NOIRYT[/color][/font][/b][/size][/center] UNITED REPUBLIC OF SILVADUS [center][url="http://www.nationstates.net/nation=silvadus"][img=https://dl.dropbox.com/u/98315145/ScarfBanners/Silvadus.png][/url] [size="1"][b][font="courier new"][color="#001163"]UNITED REPUBLIC OF SILVADUS[/color][/font][/b][/size][/center] TEXT ATTACHED NOTES In short (since I'm about to go to bed), I made myself a little scarf banner thingy for my nation, then decided "hey it'd be neat to have a few for the region" and then this happened. Originally I was just going to do ones for the three main regions plus political parties (to help with recruitment, announcements, official statements, etc.) but then I grabbed a random bunch of nation flags that looked easy (plus both of my nations obviously) and then tada here you go have fun. I'll play around with it more later. If I didn't make one for your nation, then your flag isn't a flag or your flag was a very low quality .jpg image or your flag was in any other way not easy to edit or play with (easy at 3am, anyway). These are really easy to make though so feel free to make your own (or if you really don't understand how, provide me with the materials and I can). They're supposed to be used in forum signatures, factbooks, website sidebars, etc. as a way of non-intrusive advertising and declaration of affiliation. Okay goodnight~
  11. As today is Guardian's Day, I thought that it might be nice to recognize some of our more accomplished and established YDS veterans. If you'd like to share your experiences or just want to celebrate the success and longevity of our region, due in no small part to these heroes, then please do so here! Let's also give special thanks to active members Zybodia, The Hidden Mind, Illumina Dei, Silvadus, Vrolondia, and Elici, who have all served more than 10 successful missions as members of the YDS. If you're looking to celebrate in the arcade with a few defense-themed games, then try some of these: - Battlefield General - Protector - Space Invaders - Stalingrad II
  12. Zevassa

    It's almost time to pick a President...

    Well see it's not really simple for me. Since the USA uses a winner-takes-all election system (known as "First Past the Post" or FPTP), I can't really vote for who I'd like to vote for without damaging the parties I like. For example, I really do not want the Republican party to win. They've degenerated and fallen into a stupor over the past few years, and frankly putting them in power is both dangerous and reckless. The people within the party may be okay people, but the party itself is in a bad place with fractures forming all over its surface. I'd be afraid of the washout following a GOP collapse while the party's in office. At the same time, the party that I'd like to vote for (Green Party) isn't going to win the election. In fact they aren't going to win any election, period, and as a result are going to hold no seats and hold no offices, let alone the presidency. I wouldn't mind if the Democrats win as I am a big fan of Obama's pro-LGBT stance, but I really do not want the Republicans to win at all. As the Greens are more closely aligned with the Democrats, it can be safely assumed that any vote for the Green party is a vote that the Democrats aren't getting, and so by supporting the Greens I'm indirectly supporting the Republicans by weakening the Democrats. As I'm interested in the Republicans losing, and as the only way to ensure that is to vote Democrat, I'll be voting Democrat rather than Green. Having said that, I took one of those "which party are you most in tune with on stances" quizzes and ended up with 63% Jill Stein and 63% Barack Obama tied for first, so even if I vote Democrat I suppose I'm still in good hands. Here's the quiz I mentioned.
  13. Zevassa

    Why atheists must believe in God.

    No, because we cannot be sure if we have discovered one or not as we must rely on fallible human observation in order to detect one. The answer could be yes or no, which is why science inherently does not deal with absolute truths.
  14. Zevassa

    Why atheists must believe in God.

    No one has flamed yet, or demanded a source, or insulted each other, or turned this into a spitfest between fundamentalist religion and fundamentalist atheism. Not quite on the level of NSG. I've actually considered this to be a great exercise in civility so far. It's been both polite and interesting, two things NSG usually isn't.