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  1. Time for cross regional games again! Tennis players at the cross regional season 2015 were sent from the following Yggdrasil nations: Elke and Elba Have with it fun NeoPacificus Tzarsgrad Solskin The Arendellenske Union South Titania Elici Sternberg Join friends for chat and roleplay in the open observers thread... http://z1.invisionfree.com/Wysterian_Forum...?showtopic=8133 ...and read the results and happenings from Iyari in the score thread. http://z1.invisionfree.com/Wysterian_Forum...?showtopic=8132
  2. The top 16 seeded players in both the Women's and Men's brackets are automatically qualified for the tournament. The remaining 16 players will be decided in qualification matches. Women's Bracket 1. Sofie Castenschiold (Ananke II) 2. Yanina Wickmayer (Jahmurai) 3. Durthag (Malkir) 4. Susan Shoes (The Candy Lane) 5. Lemuria Arulia (NeoPacificus) 6. Eldbur Polcer (Wintermoot) 7. Yeliath zh'Shune (AndorEmpire) 8. Daniella Libmilch (Herzil) 9. Erin Barker (United Tributational Territories) 10. Mártuska Edina (Scepez) 11. Natasha Chan (The Bruce) 12. Tolui Borjigin (Temujins Mongolian Empire) 13. Lt Cdmr. Jadzia Dax (Trecdom) 14. Sodoffphine Baldrick (Louisistan) 15. Viscountess Sariah Cutter (Sternberg) 16. Annemijn van der Wolde (Shy Guyia) Men's Bracket 1. Angelo Natal (Elke and Elba) 2. Khan MacNally (The Bruce) 3. Georgy R. (NeoPacificus) 4. Romelo Remostas (Wintermoot) 5. Nomar Chiquita (Studly Penguins) 6. Ken Madigan (Barrarabia Butler) 7. Konstantin Efrapatis (Caphtoria) 8. Benjamin Carver (Lone Star Diplomatic Mission) 9. Henry Crun (Sternberg) 10. Dmitry Abakumov (Tzarsgrad) 11. Phillip Raul (Ater Nox) 12. Logan Litvin (Elici) 13. Yang Wenli (South Titania) 14. Azog (Evil Lord Sauron) 15. Denis Krkic (Galicia-Volhynia) 16. Ronnie Glavis (Herzil)
  3. Greetings to Fellow Nations Leaders, The Grand Duchy of Iyari, on behalf of the Cross Regional Tennis Association, welcomes players and fans from around Wysteria and the world to the Taracco Hills Tennis Center for the 2015 Greenwood Financial Taracco Open. Nations from 7 Regions have sent early this year, their most talented tennis players to compete in a series of tournaments. The Greenwood Financial Taracco Open will be the last of the Tournaments to be held in Wysteria, this Tennis season. As we are getting ready to the tournament opening day (couple of days), and fans are pouring in, The host has opened the Courtside Club and Observer seats for guests arriving to Relax and settle down. The Taracco Hills Tennis Center Courtside: http://z1.invisionfree.com/Wysterian_Forum...?showtopic=8133 The Cross Regional Tennis Association wish all the players, Good luck and hope they will have Memorable & Epic moments at The Greenwood Financial Taracco Open.
  4. Edited with the updated link for the subforum on Canada's offsite.
  5. Link collection for everybody's clicking convenience: Cross Regional Games Committee Dispatch Cross Regional Games, Wysteria Offsite Forum Regional Events and Activities, Yggdrasil and Valhalla Offsite Forum XKI & Cross Regional Games, 10000 Islands Offsite Forum Cross Regional Games, Texas Offsite Forum Cross Regional Roleplay, Mordor Offsite Forum The Village, Canada Offsite Forum
  6. Now open! For commentary by nations participating in the tennis matches and interested Yggdrasilian viewers: Courtside at Fothair Aonghais Championships. Thread for Players, Media, and Fans.
  7. Tennis players from the following Yggdrasil nations are playing in the 2015 cross regional tournaments: Elke and Elba Have with it fun NeoPacificus Tzarsgrad Solskin The Arendellenske Union South Titania Elici Sternberg
  8. The Observers Seat on the Wysteria offsite forum will be opened around two days prior to the beginning of the tournament. This is the roleplay thread where participants can post their own contributions. Spectators from Yggdrasil's fair nations are cordially invited to populate the peanut gallery, whether they themselves have sent tennis players to play in this years' tennis tournaments or not.
  9. The Bruce, host of the cross-regional tennis season's next tournament, announces: My plan is to run the Fothair Aonghais Championships, at the Royal Gemini Club, Gemini, the Bruce, Wysteria, from April 14-23rd. Surface: Grass Ranking: Grand Slam Categories: Male and Female Corporate Sponsor: Digitalle Imperial
  10. Solskin

    Cross Regional Games - Winter Olympics Sign-ups

    Everyone who participated in the Winter Olympics received a Medal of Participation! You are cordially invited to use your medal to adorn your forum signatures / factbooks! Find all the Medals of Participation here.
  11. Solskin

    Cross Regional Games - Winter Olympics Sign-ups

    Alpinism: the teams survived with many an adventure. Medals of participation were granted to 9 teams who through their personal stories we were able to get a glimpse into "A Day in The Life of an Expedition". The Three Moons The Changeling Horde Almonaster Nuevo Kuknos Devil Heart Wild Mustangs Solskin Barrarabian Butlers The Bruce
  12. Solskin

    Cross Regional Games - Winter Olympics Sign-ups

    The following pairs of figure skaters impressed the juries with their art: Jack and Jill Carver from Aersoldorf - Bronze Edda and Johnny Winter from Theostelo - Silver John and Von Helldream from Celestial Maple - Gold
  13. Solskin

    Cross Regional Games - Winter Olympics Sign-ups

    Slippery slope! Snow kayaking was an eventful day. After much sliding and bumping, our medalists turn out to be: Harry Mint from Bendariaku - Bronze Wendy Waetrin from Elici - Silver The Watcher in the Water from Evil Lord Sauron - Gold Many congratulations! Up next: Figure Skating Ongoing: Alpinism
  14. Solskin

    Cross Regional Games - Winter Olympics Sign-ups

    Upcoming: Snow Kayaking Figure Skating Ongoing: Alpinism
  15. Solskin

    Cross Regional Games - Winter Olympics Sign-ups

    The Curling matches kept everyone busy sliding on the ice and diligently wielding their brooms. As you can read in our gracious host's Events and Scores thread, the medalists this time round are: Batch 639 from The Changeling Horde - Bronze Bourbonated Butlers from Barrarabian Butlers - Silver Nifl Bay Ice Paws from Solskin - Gold Reports from the public viewing in Solskin and the Ice Paws' overjoyed reactions, as well as rumours from the capital can be found in the Observer's Seat thread.