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  1. The Fascist Imperium of NeoPacificus male1 Georgy Rommel male2 Hector ist Astarte female1 Miko Plumeria female2 Lemuria Arulia
  2. NeoPacificus

    Counter Zombie Yggdrasil center

    Well it's almost time. This shall be our glorious hour. Our plan Don't worry with our teamwork we shall prevail! Yggdrasil Invictus!
  3. NeoPacificus

    Counter Zombie Yggdrasil center

    ...well then, it seems pretty much everything is sorted out. To bad for me that I will be at work once the attack starts. I might be able to choose the issue from my phone though. Oh, love the Halloween theme by the way :3
  4. NeoPacificus

    Counter Zombie Yggdrasil center

    Since this event will take 36 hours I have decided to have two other coordinators of SPOOKY. Both nations are well respected and have been here longer then I. So without further delay Vrolondia and Chevaux de Frise are coordinators. I presume you all have read GRO'S telegram. So I think it would be best to change our plan a bit to more work with GRO's. Targeting active and SPOOKY nations first would be smarter. Then the more larger nations. I agree perhaps we can make a new list with active nations. Though the problem is that most nations here have a high military rate and are probably going to be exterminators(myself included) I wonder how could we factor them in. Perhaps sending them to the lesser active nations? OR a combo with cure nations to support Gungnir ver.2?
  5. NeoPacificus


    Sweet you even have the old school Hawaiian flag. I personally like the "Kanaka Maoli" flag because it's different from many RWB flags around here.
  6. NeoPacificus

    Counter Zombie Yggdrasil center

    Okay good new everyone---> http://www.nationstates.net/page=news So now we have five nations here we can do something! NeoPacificus Vrolondia New Shy Guyia Chevaux de Frise Robbonia It's pretty much decided that Attack plan Gungnir is our plan. Here is a list of nations ranked from highest population---> http://i.imgur.com/hM8xZAE.png As you can see we'll be busy but now we have a little extra time this time! Though there is a slight problem. Cure missile strikes are directionally proportional to number of survivors. If we simply initiate attack plan Gungnir then we will soon run out of steam. Any thoughts on how to overcome this? We could simply ask non S.P.O.O.K.Y. members to cure us. Or we could cure each other first then go by the plan. Any other ideas? As pertaining to the lockdown of the region I'll Tele South Titania and GRO
  7. NeoPacificus

    Counter Zombie Yggdrasil center

    So maybe if we get a few more people to sign up we can be more effective. Has anyone else have anything else to add, like something they noticed last zombie attack that I never covered? No! We can't risk dear leader getting ebola.
  8. NeoPacificus

    Counter Zombie Yggdrasil center

    Good day fellow denizens of Yggdrasil. As you may have heard it is almost Halloween. Usually during this time on Nationstates we are attacked by zombies. The fastest way to reduce the number of infected in your nation is to turn the military against them. This converts infected citizens into dead citizens. The infected can spread between nations within the same region. In very infectious regions, it may become impossible for nations to hold off the zombies via military force alone. Several regions have managed to contain the outbreak by having multiple nations research a cure. When only a small minority do research, however, this appears less successful. Due to our need to be awesome and be the best region ever. I have requested the creation of a special protection operatives by organized kombatants of Yggdrasil aka S.P.O.O.K.Y. Our directive is to ensure complete(or as much as possible) cleansing of zombies or other infection while keeping a civilian casualties to a minimum. It is said that the victorious strategist only seeks battle after the victory has been won. Which is why we should have a plan of attack. These plan take under the precedence(except for Fenrir) that nations develop Cure missiles. Even if you don't plan on joining S.P.O.O.K.Y you can simple “go with the flow” please help us on doing our best to make this region zombie free. Attack plan Gungnir- All S.P.O.O.K.Y nations shall concentrate all their cure missile fire at one nation at a time. The most populated shall be targeted first. Attack plan Valkyrie- All S.P.O.O.K.Y nations shall concentrate all their cure missile fire at one nation at a time. The most infected shall be targeted first. Attack plan Asgard- All S.P.O.O.K.Y nations shall target nations with similar population levels. This way cure zombie levels shall fall in even proportion to each other. Attack plan Fenrir- All S.P.O.O.K.Y nations shall used combat squads to kill zombies therefore freeing the nation of zombies by turning them into dead people. A few things to think about 1. Keep the RMB up to date on your nation(ICC) this keeps things fun. 2. If you have puppets consider temporarily moving them to another region so we don't have to cure them too. 3. This is aimed at our delegate and founder. Consider a lock up(at the time when zombies are present) of the region to keep jerks from entering and filling us with zombies. Should these jerks already be in our region we can simply cure bomb them until they have no more zombies. (we rarely ever get to go into emergency mode so this can be fun) open to discussion feel free to ask any question!
  9. NeoPacificus

    Liberation of Neko Lolis

    Within the first day Neopacifican forces had the Ring of Iron secure. This provided them with a rally point for reserve units. Artillery spotters called down strikes from the top of this bulwark into the city. Overhead a dozen sky ships provided air supremacy. Many ships initiated tactical insertions of Berserkers onto Goon strong points. With the Nekomian 5th fleet converging from the south. The Goon's air power was crushed. Not a single Skyship took major damage. The city was awash with soot and fogged by the impact of countless strikes. Soldiers seemed like ghosts. Covered in grey ash, they blended well with the city. No one was in doubt of the outcome but the horrors within the city were paramount. It was hard to imagine the Goon fighting even harsher then before. But the assault behind the iron ring proved this chilling aspect. Brutal counter attacks stemmed many Imperial offensives. The Goon's unyielding defiance grimly impressed many commanders. The Goon fortified every house with traps, every window with gun points, every doorway with grenades, every block with killzones, every alley with explosives; everything! The 3rd infantry corp struggled to subdue a large complex only to have it erupt with explosions half way through the battle. With the city blanked by the dust of a thousand shells; long range strikes became problematic. Vanguard Berserkers stormed the chaotic Filgrima streets; made worse by the heavy bombardment. Infantry and Neko Lolian fireteams offered support through rocket fire, sharpshooting and grenades. Shard jet bikes roamed the city overhead. Moving in wolf packs they harassed and dwindled Goon on rooftops and watch points. The 4th shard pack from the skycarrier Azure Solace managed to cripple a vital Goon operations center in the southern portion of the NeoPacifican offensive. Armored tanks suppressed the enemy from behind the main offensive. It took a while for NeoPacifican forces to get to the edge of the pit. The Fort defending the bridge was pounded severely by the Sky ships. Even still the Berserker Legion Burning Gorgons had to sweep every rubble filled room with their flamethrowers. They actually ran out of fuel and had to use their side arms. At long last the first bridge head was made.
  10. NeoPacificus

    Liberation of Neko Lolis

    One hour before commander Sasha ordered her troops to advance. NeoPacifican forces made their way to the wall and halted. Armored battalions, infantry platoons, and skyships held position just outside the Goon's killzones. Berserker girls twitched anxiously as they waited; almost too eager to bring death. Neko Lolians stood proud and waited diligently for the liberation of their home become a reality. Overhead the frigate Impaler moved forward. Unrestricted by weapon batteries or a living crew it flew faster they any ship of it's size should. Soon fire erupted from the wall as the Goon tried in vain to shoot it down. Armor plates and windows were blasted off but the Impaler drove straight at the wall like an arrow. It moved at extremely low altitude. Many trees were felled as this enormous scythe reaped it's way to the Ring of Iron. Huge clouds of dust was kicked up by the Impaler's back blast. Then it impacted. A new sun dawned on the battlefield. A wall of fire erupted along the ring as secondary explosions ripped bunkers, bastions, and cannons apart. The force was so great it staggered the NeoPacifican troops in their deployment zones and shook the sky fleet. Before the pressure waves even finished Neopacificus was on the move. Ten thousand troops surged ahead. Some on shard jetbikes, others in armored personal carriers or tanks and even a few on foot. Berserkers screamed like banshees as they raced each other to the front. The sky fleet paved a way with drum fire on remaining goon strong points. The Sky Battleship Madoka's Radiance spearheaded the way flanked by the cruisers Ripple Effect and Ocean Euphoria. They pounded any Goon platforms that fired upon the invasion with vicious counter battery fire. The witch class skyship, Amethyst Magi let loose a torrent of aether storms that crippled the waves of the remain Goon fighters who tried to close with the fleet. The Goon fighters were shredded, struck by lighting bolts, or simply imploded when caught in these eddies. Ground forces reached the wall in good order. Tanks and other ground vehicles rolled across the void made the Impaler. Still steaming and fogged by it's impact. Neko Lolian troops filled the gaps and put down any survivors with intense prejudice. Berserkers and special operations troops used mobility gear and grappling hooks to quickly climb up the sides of the wall. Shards raked the tops with rockets and covered the infantry. None showed the Goon mercy. Olga observed the battle from her command throne on the Madoka's Radiance. She overheard the constant radio chatter from around her bridge. Olga swept a stray blond hair from her face and smiled. “Hail Ruby squadron” she commanded. “Goon air forces are making a run on the southern flank of the attack at sector 3,N, intercept now.” Olga paused and viewed the holographic map once more. “Have sky destroyers Lavender and Rosemary move to coordinates 11, J. They are to bombard the inner defenses with aether rockets.” Her officers relayed the orders. “Remember this is a joint operation, keep fire away from allied sectors by at least 100 meters.” The Supreme Sky Admiral sat back in her throne. Oh, how good it felt to be a goddess of such destruction.
  11. NeoPacificus

    16 Factor Personality test

    Warmth |||||||||||| 38% Intellect ||||||||||||||||||||| 62% Emotional Stability |||||||||||||||||| 58% Aggressiveness ||||||||| 30% Liveliness |||||||||||| 38% Dutifulness |||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 86% Social Assertiveness ||||||||||||||| 42% Sensitivity |||||||||||||||||| 58% Paranoia |||||||||||||||||||||||| 74% Abstractness |||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 90% Introversion |||||||||||||||||| 58% Anxiety |||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 86% Openmindedness |||||||||||||||||| 58% Independence |||||||||||||||||||||||| 74% Perfectionism ||||||||||||||| 46% Tension |||||||||||| 38% Yay for imagination!
  12. NeoPacificus

    Liberation of Neko Lolis

    Map of the operation- http://i.imgur.com/3R2GmwO.png The Specter Wolves always had a fearsome reputation for installing terror and dread. It is personally commanded by the vicious Berserker General Yuno Gasai. Though many know her simply as the Fenrir. This reputation was put to good use in the time before the final advance to Filgrima. The Neko Lolians needed to be steeled against the fear of the enemy's close quarters engagements. This is where the wolf girls came into play. Armed with captured Goon weapons they wreaked havoc upon the Neko Lolian troops in what Yuno called “fear games”. The Specter wolves put special stun bullets in their weapons that they unleashed upon the Nekos. Getting hit by these bullets, while very painful; won't cause death. Berserkers would burst into Neko Lolian troop areas unannounced and terrorize them. Such as throwing flashbang grenades while the girls are showering. Interrupting Neko Lolians as they lunch by repelling down from the ceiling and firing machine guns. Or kicking down the door to their sleeping quarters and harassing them with chainsaws during the night. Neko Lolians are instructed to fight back by any means and if able; to form cohesive defensive fireteams. While ferocious, the Specter Wolves are intensively trained and never actually harmed the Neko Lolians. At first the Nekos tried to escape, but if there is one thing they learned. It's that no one escapes the wolves. In fact it only further fueled their hunter instincts. But in time they found the courage to fight back. NeoPacifican overseers themselves were also attacked. As NeoPacifican doctrine states that officers must face the same hardships as their troops. Other units who's efficiency was deemed unsatisfactory were subjected to this treatment as well. Nothing brought soldiers together like fear. It also provided a convenient way to reenforce the reputation of Yuno's girls and to satisfy the girl's desire to hunt prey that actually felt fear. With the forces from the three countries assembled and the Neko Lolians prepared there was one final piece that needed attention. The ring of Iron. The great fortification that surrounded the city. To deal with this threat NeoPacifican forces rigged the older damaged destroyer Impaler with explosives. It's hoped that it can be remotely flown to collide with the fortification and destroy it. The operation has begun. Neopacifican armored units are almost within range of the Ring of Iron. Berserker legions Specter Wolves, Iron Sisterhood, and daughters of NeoPacificus have begun probing attacks into the Goon lines. Neko Lolian infranty have the Lance's flanks covered. The Impaler is on it's way. It is due to make impact within the hour.
  13. NeoPacificus

    Liberation of Neko Lolis

    Word spread of the incident at Lanka. Support for the cause diminished. The depleted forces of Lance and Dagger were in peril as volunteers slowed. In the time it took for Neopacifican high command to deem their forces ready. They had only raised a division's worth of Neko Lolian troops. Thankfully more supplies from home had arrived. Shipping containers full of ammo, mechanical equipment, infantry fighting vehicles, and other logistical amenities made their way to Yami through the artificial harbors made by NeoPacifican engineers. Hand basket battalions were a major help. Scores of teams of Neko Lolians filled the vast harbor and despot areas. They drove supply trucks quickly and safely to their intended destination with little trouble. Field Marshal KOS-MOS herself stated. “With these girls, our logistical capacity has increased by 19.7 percent. They seem to be quite hard workers, merely requiring a small break every hour and a box of candy for extra motivation.” In light of the situation special small sized uniforms and helmets were shipped for the Neko Lolian forces. Now was the time to raise an army. The Assault on Filgrima would need an unorthodox strike. The Iron ring was a formidable defense. In the end it was decided to use an older bomb ridden sky frigate to collide with the ring. If all went to plan the NeoPacifican sector of the ring would be completely neutralized and the other sectors damaged by explosive electronic feedback. This plan was deemed acceptable and preparations were made. Though first a smaller but equally important matter needed to be addressed. Their new cute little army. The standard combat doctrine for these girls is largely different from the standard NeoPacifican. Even given front line roles they will still be used as a support force. To deal with the heavily armored foes; medium machine guns, anti tanks rifles and mortars take priority. Neko Lolian infantry will work in teams of four. The shooter and the feeder are to carry the machine gun into position. With the third carrying the ammo and the fourth as a sharpshooter. Girls armed with anti-tank rifles will take the role of sharpshooters. Grenadier teams will also work with 4 girls. Two shall have grenade launchers and extra grenades. A third girl has a shotgun for perimeter defense. Then the fourth holds a rocket launcher. Every one of these squads has a NeoPacifican officer overseer. Each overseer has a special uplink so that high command may get up to date info on them at all times. Many Neko Lolian troops affectionately refer their overseers as “big brother” or “big sister” depending on their gender. This immensely helped tactical and operational cohesion between the two nations. Given the inexperience of these units KOS-MOS and Olga created a plan to test the effectiveness of these girls. A small encampment of Goon was set aside for them. It was nestled in an abandon unnamed town. Olga would use her sky ships to land the girls in via drop ships on the outskirts. She is also to drop a small column of tanks and regular infantry for suppression. KOS-MOS ever the information hungry commander personally oversaw the operation from a high altitude sky ship. There she could take in and process the huge amount of data in real time. Then make adjustments where necessary. At 4 am the operation began. It was rainy. Dark grey clouds that stretched across the sky like a ceiling were under lit by lurid colors. Nearby artillery bombarded the town. Huge crimson fires blossomed across the dreary buildings. Above; three sky frigates moved along and laid suppressive fire. Dozens of dropships came down and unleashed their fluffy cargo. Neko Lolis rushed out in three landing zones and set up a quick ring. Right behind them their overseers shouted new orders. They made their way west to the center of the ruined landscape. Moving in leap frog style fashion from cover to cover. It wasn't long until they made contact. Soon the roars of Goon defenders could be heard over the hard pattering of rain. They filled the streets and rooftops. The Overseers ordered the girls to create defensive fire lanes. The girls set up a wall of guns, grenade launchers and mortars to cover the landings. The first wave of goon were repulsed as the Neko Lolians unleashed a horizontal rain of lead. Then the assault continued. Neopacifican soldiers made their way through the buildings. Blasting holes in walls and storming the Goon by suprise. The assault was slow but methodical. In three hours they moved 2 kilometers. Two tank columns covered by the Neko Lolians pincered four blocks apart sliced into the Goon lines. Regular infantry filled the gaps. It took a while to get deep into the Goon lines but these girls showed promise. Far above the battle KOS-MOS observed like a distant god. In the center of the command frigate, she hovered in mid air above the command pedestal with halos of blue data rings encompassing her. It almost seemed as if she was a drowned corpse. Her glaring red eyes never moved as her mind was flooded with inhuman levels of data. The only sign of life was the endless whisperings of her commands. Some found her quite unsetteling in this state. In the old days it could have been mistaken for demonic possession. Though to the supreme field marshal of NeoPacificus it was one of the best feelings she ever felt. KOS-MOS correctly suspected that while the Neko Lolians were competent; they needed a strong hand to guide them. She wondered though. How they would fair if given to their own devices; without proper leadership? She expected a rout, but wasn’t too certain about the timing and resolve of the girl's retreat. If there was anything she disliked it; was uncertainties and large variables. The field marshal quickly scanned multiple tactical feeds and found something. The Goon had massed and were setting up their mortar teams on the southern armored advance. This advance was rolling along a wide avenue with a park to it's south. This was her chance. “Armored unit 4, deploy smoke and immediately reverse 300 meters. Overseers of Neko Lolian platoon Juliet, remain at your location and prepare to fend off attackers.” Even though she purposely gave the order as vague as possible. No questions were raised. Everyone knew they could never compete with her intellect. She saw overseers ordering girls into two pockets. One in avenue with a makeshift barricade of cars. The next on a small hill in the park where they could provide enfilading fire for one another. Soon the storm came. http://i.imgur.com/7hpsGEu.jpg Though the Goon in the area was nearly wiped out. They never end a battle heading away from the enemy. Comets crashed into the Neko lolian defensive area. The girls head their ground. Even covered in mud blasted by nearby shells they followed their overseer's example. Then the Goon advanced. A huge mob rushed at the hunkered girls. It turned out that some squads lost their overseer, and other squads were spread out too far as girls dove for cover. Some girls fired their machine guns and rockets in panic. But most were still organized. They mowed down the Goon in good order. But they were still advancing by brute force alone. The closer they got the more panicked the Neko Lolians fire became. Unit cohesion began to break as girls fired in unorganized and non concentrated waves. By now it wasn't long until the Goon got an uncomfortable distance away. But they still held their fire zones shooting wildly. Some Neko Lolians took hits and further depleted their overall firepower. Three minutes and twenty seven seconds passed since the Goon started their rush at the Neko Lolians. The girls had suffered a seventeen percent loss. With seven out of 40 overseers lost. Just before the Goon got within melee range KOS-MOS saw that it was over. “All overseers order forward squads to fallback, to rally point echo. Then have rear squads fall back too. Armored unit 4 move up 150 meters and cover Juliet's retreat.” High Admiral Olga stood on the command bridge of the frigate. She too saw how poorly the Neko Lolians did. “They are determined but easily panicked” She muttered to KOS-MOS. “We should give these Neko Lolians physiological conditioning. Perhaps have Yuno and her wolves play her “games” on them? The field marshal nodded. In the end the town was taken and the overall opinion of the Neko Lolians favorable.
  14. NeoPacificus

    Cross Regional Games Sign-Up

    Nation name: The Fascist Imperium of NeoPacificus 100m: Kavika Thextion Steeplechase: Thanadore Isvani Love Boat Race: Erica / Trudie Kayak: Sir Dante Irminsul Rum: Russ Kan Diving: Iona Lehua / Takao Plumeria Boxing: Stahl Aria Gymnastics: Miyu Torii Pentathlon: Xia Shangri-La BossaBall: The Astral Serpents Making ad now...done! Ad 1- http://i.imgur.com/MiyphDZ.png Ad 2- http://i.imgur.com/IkQRec3.png
  15. NeoPacificus

    Lets mess with each other's nations!

    ]The GRO Wing Nibbler of Thembria SSR is a massive(totally not chibi at all), feather leaden fast food restaurant, ruled by wannabe Demon God Ifurita with an PAZERFAUST!, and notable for its ability to ruin everyone's day. The compassionate, cynical(lol wut? that's literally what it said) population of 1.213 billion Wing Nibblers are kept under strict control by threats of having their house burned down, which measures its success by the nation's cuteness and refers to individual citizens as "avian forelimb connoisseurs." It is difficult to tell where the lazy, right wing crazy, left wing crazy government stops and the rest of society begins, but it juggles the competing demands of lice farming, fire bending, and trying to rule Yggdrasil. It meets every once in a while to discuss matters of state in the capital city of Moskau. The average income tax rate is OVER NINE THOUSAND!%. Private enterprise is illegal, but for those in the know there is a slick and highly efficient black market in cooties. Sanity is frowned upon, space shuttles regularly launch rubbish into Elke and Elba, chemically brainwashed citizens praise Sovereign Jamion's name on an hourly basis, and citizens are allowed to rise only to be kicked into the pit of doom based on their own merits. Crime -- especially youth-related -- is totally unknown, thanks to the all-pervasive GRO's eyes and progressive nuclear strikes in their schools. Thembria SSR's national animal is the eldritch abomination, which is also the nation's favorite main course, its national religion is run by the state of enlighten lizard peoples, and its currency is the tears of a goddess.