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    Regional Award Ceremony IX

    Congratulations everyone!
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    Rap Battle League of Yggdrasil!

    Real Person Contestant: Cornelius Vanderbilt Fictional Character Contestant: Batman Biography Links: Cornelius Vanderbilt, Batman
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    10KI News

    Three cheers for a new XKI theme! Yay!
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    Slam your face into the Keyboard!

    I'm going to do it twice 'cause I have an ergonomic keyboard with a split in the middle. 45re3i too many numbers 45 rouges evade 3 imitators.
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    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted. No matter where you are, you will be able to teleport to Zimbabwe. I wish archeologists would find the entire contents of the Library of Alexandria perfectly preserved.
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    Today's track is By Blue Oyster Cult
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    That's another problem with socialism/communism. Soooo many factions.
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    Good Morning from Louisistan

    Good morning! Good to see a new 10kI friend!
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    I've demonstrated that capitalists do more than just give money. You're just repeating the same point. People already decide what is better by purchasing the better products. This allows other capitalists to know what the people want and they have an incentive to provide that thing instead of the thing they don't want. This doesn't apply in a communist society, the markets will be flooded with products no-one wants. In other words, there's no incentive to use resources efficiently. This sentence does not make sense. I don't know what you're trying to say. So that's something that I, as a capitalist, have to do. They're not giving money to me. I'm giving money to them. It's not the same. Are you going to pretend that my hypothetical pen company is the only company in the entire world? The alternative is that I don't buy the resources and the third-world worker starves to death. Is that what you want? Also, this is a third-world worker, this is a slave. There is a difference. Yes but I have to convince the delivery-person to deliver my packages instead of another company's package. I'm oppressing people because they're buying my pens? The workers have already been paid for their labor. They will have to find a new source of income, but I have to pay the debts of my failed business. Sure, just badly. Yeah that's never going to be a thing. And that's why communism is terrible. Because the market is everyone, and the needs of the market are the needs of everybody. You cannot improve society by imparing the free market. Free market is the opposite of correct allocation of resources? Please explain. Countries don't sell things. People sell things. And if those people would have been better off if they had not sold their resources then they would not have sold them. Every single interaction in a free market benefits both parties, or the interaction would not have happened. This is patently and obviously false. And you can't improve yourself or society in a free market? Nonsense. We buy cloth from china because there is a larger demand for cloth here. That means people want cloth here more than the people in china. This is how the free market allocates resource. In the free market, resources will always go to where they are most demanded. You said they would be motivated to do better work if there is no consequence to them not doing work. This is nonsense. what exactly do you mean by this? If people want to give things away that's fine. But the builder of a house owns the house. A hat maker owns his hats, a shirt maker owns his shirts, etc. If you want to take away the product of their labor you have to have their permission. Otherwise, you are a heinous thief and have literally enslaved the workers. Furthermore, without the free market it is impossible to tell how many houses, shirts or hats to make. There is nothing to prevent a worker from accidentally sucking resources to make ten thousand shirts that nobody wants, while the hat maker doesn't have enough cloth to fill the demand. You can not allocate resources effectively without the free market.
  13. Alyekra

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted. You are now able to go into the future second by second, just like everyone else! I wish I could mind-control every president.
  14. Alyekra


    Quick question: You believe that capitalists are exploiting their employees because they're threatening to let the employees starve to death if they don't give us their labor?
  15. Alyekra


    They're already owned by people. It's just that they're owned by a group of people that you don't like. How are you going to get the factory under the control of the people you do like? Are you going to ask politely or are you going to ignore the rights of the capitalists to their labor? Sure they do. If I'm a capitalist who wants to develope and manufacture a pen, I have to do the following: 1. I must convince investors that my pen is a good idea. 2. I must personally assume responsibility for the investor's money. It will be my fault if they don't get their money back. 3. I must find a location to develop and manufacture the pen. This location will have to be both within my price range and within driving distance of potential employees. The further it is from my employees the more I will probably have to pay them. 4. I may have to hire a construction to build the pen factory or renovate an existing building so I can use it to make pens. 5. I must to find people who know how to develop pens. 6. I must convince them to work for me instead of another company. 7. I must provide them with enough resources to develop their pens. 8. I must find and purchase equipment that can manufacture the pens. 9. I must find people capable of operating said equipment. 10. I must convince them to work for me instead of another company. 11. I must find and purchase raw materials to make the pens with. 12. I must find a way to store or ship the pens. 13. I must convince people to purchase my pens instead of pens from another company. 14. If I mess up then years of my work can go to waste. This has not been the case historically. Even so, without profit and loss there is no way of telling how much of a product the market needs or how to allocate resources. The free market is the only way to prevent misallocation or resources. There's no reason that motivation would apply more under communism than the system we have now. The only time things "Suck" instruments and materials is when resources are misallocated due to the hampering of the free market. People will be more motivated to do well because they won't be motivated to do well? It sure is easier to provide people with homes and physical belongings when you force people to build homes and physical belongings and enslave them by giving the fruits of their labor to other people.