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  1. Gallanniums Director

    Armaments for trade

    Dear Astilga The Federation of Gallanium is always willing to trade as we are interested in the designs for the Combat and Recon armours, anything we can offer you please feel free to ask. I assure you that any negotiations that take place will be swift thus allowing us to come to a reasonable agreement. To view our wares please look in the 'world trade forum' under 'Gallannium Tech'. I look forward to conducting negotiations between our two peoples. Best regards Dr Leonard Church Director of defence and weaponry
  2. Gallanniums Director

    Gallannium Tech

    Nations of Yggdrasil We have news on a development, our engineers have created 11 prototypes of the dual vulcan Gattling gun, but are only available to supply 10 (1 is for our own) the design is attached, any nation that requests a prototype will receive one but due to it being Gallannium prototypes they have certain rules and consequences. This is a first come first serve basis so get them while their hot. best regards Director of defence and weaponry Dr Leonard Church
  3. Gallanniums Director

    Guess who will post next

    I thought i ought to make an appearance, I guess Wookies up next
  4. Gallanniums Director

    Gallannium Tech

    Updated stock list Small armaments - Rifles Shotguns Hand guns Grenades Large armaments - Small Tanks Heavy artilery Cheeses - Galannium blue Exom Cheddar Some Sodas Technology - Isolinear Computer Chips Mining Vehicles Current Developments - Leo Suit Technology Shuttle Technology Earth Re-entry technology Mining Technology
  5. Gallanniums Director

    Guess who will post next

    Nope, lol Im from Devon i guess Flowering Staplers is up next.
  6. Gallanniums Director

    The "You're Banned" game

    you're banned for not eating a bagel
  7. Gallanniums Director

    The DR Needs Trade!

    Gallannium will gladly buy olives and grapes as our land is barren and plants of any sort have a hard time growing in our harsh environment. if there is anything we can offer you please feel free to ask, our tech and resources are limited but feel free to browse our wares. (Gallannium Tech)
  8. Gallanniums Director

    Guess who will post next

    damn u got me , soz for the earlier fail im guessing South Titania's up next
  9. Gallanniums Director

    Defense Industry Proposal

    The Federation of Gallannium too agrees that the possession of WMD's should not be allowed, but we do believe that the expansion of armaments is necessary to keep your nation safe, but allowing yourself to create WMD's is going too far. Gallanium Defence counsellor Marcus Garn
  10. Gallanniums Director

    WookieO on his hols

    fair enough im out at tavistock so not far lol
  11. Gallanniums Director

    Guess who will post next

    you are all wrong, HA!!!!
  12. Gallanniums Director

    WookieO on his hols

    wow thts funny i live in devon, where in devon are u going?
  13. Gallanniums Director

    Word Association

  14. Gallanniums Director

    Count to 10,000!

  15. Gallanniums Director

    Gallannium Tech

    Items we are now able to provide; Isolinear computer chips Wide range of Meats wide range of refreshments and beverages. Cheeses and Chutneys Small armaments Some Technologies are still in the development process thus not being available ye but we will let you know if they are close to completion, any nation that requires a shipment please feel free to negotiate with our representatives.