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  1. Dunkle Hoffnung

    "I HAVE THE WRONG MASK" reporting thread

    umm I'm a WA member, but it won't let me in still Help please D:
  2. Dunkle Hoffnung


    ohh okay, well that was just buggin me that i couldn't find um' i wonder if worldy play Nation states?
  3. Dunkle Hoffnung


    yeah, hey do you know where The Holy Celestial Realm of Aa Megami-sama is, i can't find them D: gotta keep lookin!
  4. Dunkle Hoffnung


    yeah, want to know something funny i can spell in German perfectly, yet when it comes to English (my mother tong, yay livin' Oklahoma) i can't spell to save my life!
  5. Dunkle Hoffnung


    I don't know if i can teach ya(still learning myself,stupid summer break getting in the way >o<) lol, no your German is Good! I could understand it at least! (and yes you spelled everything right!)
  6. Dunkle Hoffnung


    Greetings from Dunkle Hoffnung! Y'all can call me StarDust, since Dunkle Hoffnung is hard for some people to pronounce! (It's German for Dark Hope~ so y'all can call my country that is ya what!) umm anyway Hallo, and Guten Tag!
  7. Dunkle Hoffnung


    Hi I'm StarDust Crescent, i represent The Kingdom of Dunkle Hoffnung! The Holy Celestial Realm of Aa Megami-sama gave me a invite to join, and i did, because she was the only person that messaged me without the words, demand,become one, or empire of evil.... I Kidd you not!