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  1. Hey I'm back on Nationstates and it seems I came a little too late because I said to myself I wanted to run against anyone running for the Delegate spot on Nation states maybe next time... Catch you later.

  2. Best of luck buddy do Yggdrasil proud

  3. Leveqistan

    Peace Conference

    I completly disagree with this I think Danatarica is bluffing you guys to keep himself say, he himself she be put on probabtion until he and his nation can be trusted. If agreed I will moniter him and make sure Yggdrasil is safe.
  4. Leveqistan

    Peace Conference

    I wish to stab by my fearless leader and help in his decision to either stop his attepmt at salvation or his jugment in corruption.
  5. Leveqistan

    Declaration Of War

    I,Levequistan being long time friend and ally to Vinnlande will join to help meet a satisfiying end to his aggresor
  6. Hey welcome to Senate seat.

  7. hey how you get those bars their

  8. Thanks for joining

  9. Hey KLIV what's up, any new, news for Yggdrasil?

  10. Hope to be working with you soon Texas tell me how I can make your stay here enjoyable

  11. Leveqistan

    Yggdrasil Cup

    Cool, finally some points!