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  1. Elke and Elba

    Embassy Request from Equilism

    Apologies for the delay!
  2. Elke and Elba

    Cross Regional Games: Spring Games sign-ups

    Elke and Elba will send a delegation of Nuns from the Nobreloen Diocese for the upcoming games. Nation: Elke and Elba Parkour: Aira (f) Chess Boxing: Allesa (f) Extreme Ironing: Anya (f) Flying Squirrel Suit: Arsa (f) Camel Race: Arsura (f) Throwing HO: Attara (f) Spelling Bee: Alphabetica (f) Spouse Carrying: none Synchronized Swimming: Nobreloen Diocese Water Worship Team Dragon Boat Race: Nobreloen Diocese Paddles
  3. Elke and Elba

    List of Delegates That Served Yggdrasil

    Someone needs to update this. Also, I became delegate on 18th May, not in 2 March. I barely served two plus months before circumstances then required me to resign. It would be good for it to be updated. EnE
  4. Elke and Elba

    Cross Regional Games - Winter Olympics Sign-ups

    Before I leave for another 5 more days! Elke and Elba 1. Speed Skating 5km - Valtteri Nokkanen(M) 2. Skeleton - Salma Varens (F) 3. Biathlon - Valtteri Stubb (M) 4. Grand Slalom - Brent Walker (M) 5. Ski Jump 90m - Samia Vernadottir (F) 6. Snow Kayaking - Arlna Palar (F) 7. SkiJoring - Yollas Bottari (M) 8. Figure Skating - Arna Varna (F), Arda Varna (F) 9. Curling - Ilma Isles Curling (team) 10. Ice Hockey - Arlnonsen Leaves (team) 11. Alpinism - Nobreloen Breeze (team)
  5. Elke and Elba

    Cross Regional Games Planning for 2015

    Elke and Elba F1: Kala Kaanpi F2: Verona Crulepp M1: Gerald Upsser M2: Angelo Natal
  6. Elke and Elba

    Cross Regional Games Planning for 2015

    Solskin hasn't put up stuff, and Herzil is rushing us, so: I think I will pass the info to Herzil personally. Thanks guys!
  7. Elke and Elba

    Islanders Beach Championship [SIGN UP]

    1) Beach Fashion Show. - M'ekuele Annan (F) 2) Taco Island Sand Sculpting. - M'ekuele Annan (F) 3) "Wipe-Me-Out-Not!" Surfing. - M'ekuele Annan (F) 4) Silly Hat Limbo Competition. - M'ekuele Annan (F) 5) Individual Sailing-Boat Orienteering. - M'ekuele Annan (F) 6) "Under The Sea" Spear Gunning. - M'ekuele Annan (F) 7) Rock Pool Forage, Cook Off, and Judges' Toast. - M'ekuele Annan (F) 8) "Spice My World" Cocktail Making. - M'ekuele Annan (F) (Yep, it's real, she's just /that/ good.)
  8. Elke and Elba

    Counter Zombie Yggdrasil center

    Here I come S.P.O.O.K.Y
  9. Elke and Elba

    Cross Regional Games Sign-Up

    Sprint 100m: Alda Hestara (f) Steeplechase: Alda Hestara (f) Pedalo Love Boat: Mr. and Mrs. Smithson Kayak: Glenn A. Hic (m) Rum: Ol' Artarias Hillbill (m) Diving: Cina Whoomman and Guo Liangliang (f x2) Boxing: Benjamin Olafsen (m) Gymnastics: Arza Nau Kaix (f) Modern Pentathlon: Glenn A. Hic (m) Ball: Balls of Nobreloen
  10. Elke and Elba

    Spam Points

    Zybodia - 9 WookieO - 5 GRO - 4 Chevaux de Frise - 4 Paffnia - 3 Vrolondia - 3 Elke and Elba - 1
  11. Elke and Elba

    World Cup Matches (Guess the winner)

    *tries to be a traditional Chinese* 1,888 FOR GERMANY!!! (but honestly if Arg wins the world will flip. Yesterday's game was supposedly horrid.)
  12. Elke and Elba

    World Cup Matches (Guess the winner)

    500 florins on the Netherlands, please. #trustinorange
  13. Title says it all. [violet] has suggested, if you are able to - to force your systems to update using to access NationStates, and service will be intermittent in at least the next twelve hours. However, it isn't working honestly. I can't access my accounts too (The Elba, Elke and Elba, Lysedd, Lyneue, Lyssos and Arlnonsen) so I'm not sure what's going on. Maybe [violet] had locked it down. EnE
  14. Elke and Elba

    What's happening Yggdrasil?

    Hello! Welcome to Yggdrasil!
  15. Elke and Elba

    Regional Best Flag Contest 2014

    Name: Blue Nordic Protectorate of Elke and Elba Motto: "Concordia cum veritate" (In harmony with the truth)