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  1. Vinnlande

    Regional Map

    I would like to Humbly request number 27 if i may
  2. Vinnlande

    Do you believe in life after death? Hell? Heaven?

    well im not myself shure i simply consider myself agnostic not athiest because i do not want to rule out any possibilities
  3. Vinnlande


  4. Vinnlande

    Yggdrasil Military

    u could think of it as yggdrasil being switzerland and the rest of nationstates as beligerences in war with the acception of other neutral region
  5. Vinnlande

    Award Ceremony for Zybodia, Epaiteia, Trav-Coch, Oskr, and RedIron

    congrats to u all
  6. Vinnlande

    Time Capsule: Project T 2010

    the united confederation of vinnlande is proud to put in a power armor suit used by top officials as this is some new age technology it may be considered a good laugh at people in the future to what was new now is incredebly obsolete by their standers
  7. Vinnlande

    Best Flag Contest 2009 Voting - Yggdrasil Group

    Vote for the awsomeness and all will be well with the earth also if not a rip in the space time continum will occure creating paradox similies that could overtake the 4 dimension and curve reality as we know it....in simpler terms we'd be screwed
  8. Vinnlande

    Best Flag Contest 2009 Voting - Yggdrasil Group

    VOTES 4 ME And i will send you a large cookie some may call it a bribe but i call it satisfactory acomplishment
  9. Vinnlande


    a new movment is sweeping throgh Vinnland as the socialism is spreading rapidly more news is to come on this event
  10. Vinnlande

    Regional Best Flag Contest 2009

    id like to enter this contest i hope i do well some flags here are pretty good this is my flag
  11. Vinnlande

    Discussion of problems of NATIONSTATES

    i would probably have to say some bordem as not everyone feels stimulated by govermental simulated online games....when some one thinks of creating a nation they most likely want something like war to be included not to discuss issues such as tax increase spendings or weather or not to replace a certain minister because of fraud or coruption
  12. Vinnlande


  13. Vinnlande

    Dispatch to E-Alliance Members

    To Veilyonia The Vinnlandic Government would bemore than happy to trade as by your request agriculture equipment can be sent to you in a matter of a week depending on the amount and will be flown in via kaps-r1 vinnlandic grade transport planes to Zhou-Torrest airstrip located in your capital city, Dezhyrkiye. i shall respond later on the matter in what we shall gain in return sincerly vinnlande
  14. Vinnlande

    Jastica Invitational

    aw second place oh congrats to all participants and to Epaieia for winning the gold