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  1. Kelewan

    The Assembly Floor

    While a blazing inferno of retort raged within Siddhartha's soul and longed to be set free, the young prince remained as cold and unflinching as a glacier during the Speaker's tirade. "While I find your support of repression and mass murder quaint, this row over the legitimacy of the Imperial government will end now. Our definitions of what gives mandate to a reigning institution will remain polar and arguing over such will get us nowhere. Also, I spoke of no treaty Speaker Hamlett; rather, the word I used was 'treat' or to seek conference with. I will make this short and reject your terms. While the Provisional Government would gladly repay its benefactors in double should they be so asked to, a foreign or 'international' direction of our affairs will not be tolerated. The Kelwanese people will elect those of their peers whom they see fit and it will be these men and women who shall author our constitution, not the Union. A gentle reminder to yourself, Speaker Hamlett; Take care to not slander the holy and sacred. Placing blame upon the cherished name of Mahatma Upadhriti and those murdered alongside her for their peaceful disobedience will only earn you the ire of the heavens." Such feelings and demeanour as drawn from the Speaker's speech soon softened though as he listened to the Alyekran Ambassador with an agreeing smile. A small round of soft applause from the revolutionary delegation followed the far more tactful and neutral speech. "Thank you Ambassador Aysko. Your efforts to reign in the rising tempers of this chamber are admirable and very much appreciated. In such spirit; I would like to apologise to Speaker Hamlett for the derisive nature of my mentioned outburst, though I still retain it's meaning." "As to your points; The concerns of the international community on this conflict are understandable and acknowledged by the Provisional Government. No sane person could expect a nation to be forthcoming with possibly lethal military matters and I will not begrudge those who will remain neutral or refrain from entering. I addressed the issue of a possible Union mandate of Kelwanese democratic transition in my reply to Speaker Hamlett. Such being said; I now strongly urge all those present to seize this chance. You have heard our pleas and are all presented with the opportunity to bring democracy to a war-torn country and better this world. My ancestors came to this beautiful world in search of new beginnings and to build a life free of Earth's troubles. These dreams have sadly gone unrealised and will continue to languish in texts until the day we are given the ability to bear them to fruition. Only a gardener of gentle love who is be-chained in Montesquieu can nurture this star-eyed sapling of hope. I now end my session and will relinquish the podium to Ambassador Nindraseer as requested" ((OOC: Please wait before jumping on the 'I want to hear the other side' train. I am working on Lavanya's reply from the Imperial stand point even as you read this.))
  2. Kelewan

    The Assembly Floor

    "Calling Maharaja Maravarman the 'legitimate government' of our nation is an affront on the deepest level to all who have died. How could you, as the leader of a democratic and lawful institution, support a tyrannical regime responsible for blatant human rights violations, war crimes, mass-regicide and even possible genocide if recent news is to be believed?" While Siddhartha had been dismayed at the Speakers obvious isolationist and seemingly inhumane ideology, he could do little but then progress to rage at hearing his hypocritical demands. "Regardless of whatever government changes occur when nation-wide elections are finally able to be held; I can assure you, and will sign to such, that Kelewan will repay it's debts. As to your second term; To even suggest such a plan is maddening, Speaker Hamlett! Unless I was taught falsely, I believe that a core principle of democracy is the right to self-determination. Under your proposed terms, my people would be surrendering their independence and their very land to a foreign government. As a former colony of the British Empire, we will not allow such a mockery of our martyrs to occur. The Kelwanese people would rather treat with a despot like the Maharaja than thinly veiled imperialists such as yourself." That blood soaked boor should rot in his next life. What did Alexandra and Mrs. Shah-Inamdar think would be accomplished here? Our pleas are falling on deaf ears and souls bought by the iron snake herself*. *"The Iron Snake" - A nickname given to Union Ambassador Lavanya Nindraseer (Emperor Maravarman's Great Aunt)
  3. Kelewan

    The Assembly Floor

    (OOC: Please refrain from godmodding my character South Titania) Sidddhartha grimaced as he took a damp cloth offered to him by an assitant and wiped the egg yolk from his face. "Much as I would love to have you escorted from the premises for your boorish behaviour; I believe your outburst testifies adequetly to your lack of importance. His infantile lorship would be wise to take note that civilised and mannered peoples do not hurl eggs at those they disagree with. Civility is key in institutions such as this Union and I will not suffer to treat with those who are so callous and cruel as yourself. " The Prince pierced the offending Ambassador with a glacial stare, but decided his eforts would be more wisely spent conversing with those more amiable.
  4. Kelewan

    Whats your Sound?

    I'm mostly a hip-hop and alternative person with a heavy dosage of rap and pop. In all honesty though, I'll listen to almost anything.
  5. Kelewan


    Welcome to Yggdrasil, Kjutzenbek!
  6. Kelewan

    The Assembly Floor

    ((OOC: Just some friendly advice Temi (I honestly mean the friendly part): roleplaying generally occurs in third-person to indicate the speaker. Also; you are the Speaker of the Union and as such function similarly to the 'independent' Ban Ki Moon instead of a representative ambassador. )) Siddhartha was taken aback somewhat by the Speakers boorish frankness, but withheld his mirth and instead focused on the first mark of success on his mission. "I can not begin to express my elation in hearing your offer, Speaker Hamlett. The humanitarian relief alone will assuage the suffering of countless innocents and as such will forever endear you to the Kelwanese people. As outgunned as my nations military forces are, any weaponry would be greatly appreciated and make all the difference in leveling the playing field of this conflict."
  7. Kelewan

    The Assembly Floor

    Siddhartha chuckled and shot a mirthful glance at his livid counter-part before descending the podium to shake hands with the genial king. "The Ahn-Khejimari Revolutionary Republic, it's people and myself thank you for your time and consideration, Raja Aysko. May your discussions bear the fruits of tomorrows beautiful and promising peace."
  8. Kelewan

    The Assembly Floor

    "If such proves to be the perogative of the Alyekran government, then I would indeed be requesting intervention in tandem with the revolution. In truth though; simple ultimatums and demands of armed response are not my place to give, seeing as I have come with only the basest of aspirations. Mayhaps my pessimism is unfounded, but I would be foolish to place my goals so high as Kentosani's palace walls on the 'morrow. To this regard I can adamantly tell you that even a small humanitarian mission will be received as a blessing." "I apalogise for the seeming ambiguity of my speech, but I trust that my comments to Raja Aysko were of some help. The provisional government is treading into unknown territory and has instructed me to leave any requests open towards each nation's wants and the decisions of the Union."
  9. Kelewan

    The Assembly Floor

    A handsome Indian man in a black and lapis lazuli sherwani ascends the steps to the podium amid indignant protests and shouts from the Imperial Kelwanese ambassador. "Namaste my lords and ladies of the Union. I am Siddhartha Khajiit, Prince Heir to the justly independent kingdom of Sri Jaikhan. I come before you today to speak on behalf of the Ahn Khejimari monarchs, delegates and Provisional Governess Natali Shah-Inamdar. Unbeknownst to most within this room, a brutal war has raged in my country for the past three years. This conflict has claimed over forty-two thousand lives and brought destruction on untold levels." Siddhartha paused for a moment and composed himself "On May sixteenth, two-thousand and ten, a democratic constitution was drafted by Chancellor Savita Upadhriti and the Council of Ministers. Motivated to reconcile her loyalty for Emperor Maravarman with her belief in self-determination; this stunning woman attempted to bring progress where all others had failed. Across our proud nation, millions took up her cry and waited anxiously for what could possibly become the most momentous event of their lives. Despite the aforementioned popular support and emphatic assurances of the thrones continued power; Savita was branded a traitor. The then titled Princess Natali was forced to bear witness to the ensuing execution as a lesson against progressiveness. Watching her adoptive mother being drawn-and-quartered, understandably shattered any lingering sense of filial love she held for Maravarman. Natali disowned her father soon thereafter and rose again as a daughter of the revolution. Within a fortnight she would be smuggled out of Kentosani on a plane and flown to Ontoset; host city to a secret meeting of southern dissidents. It was at this time that the Ahn-Khejimar Revolution was announced. Smoldering embers of embitterment quickly burst forth into an inferno of uprisings and furious riots. Just as the princess had shed her chains and been reborn, so too had our people. These countless new progeny of the scarlet wheel soon empowered delegates for their regions in the first election in Kelwanese history. At the first convening of this delegates council, Natali was astoundingly appointed to the temporary Premiers seat. Under her leadership, revolutionary forces gained an enormous amount of traction and were able to push as far North as Cambay. The lights of hope can be so easily extinguished though, and on July twenty-fifth, two thousand and twelve Prince Artharavan began a brutal counter-insurgency. The cities of Ambala, Cambay, Suryapet and Fatehpur Sikri have since been under a perpetual state of assailment. Revolutionary forces led by my sister and the Provisional Government fight for their very lives against the increasingly victorious forces of a brutal, despotic emperor. With this in mind; I have come before you today, not to seek some moral high ground or pander to a sense of political righteousness, but instead to plead for my life and those of millions of my countrymen. Whatever decision should emerge forth from this assembly, make such a swift and definitive one."
  10. Kelewan

    The Right To Life Act

    I am in complete agreement with Vrolondia and reject this bill in it's entirety. Regardless of whatever opinions anyone should hold; nothing gives one the right to strip a woman of her bodily autonomy. No matter how "evil" you think abortion is, you have no solid basis for implementing such a statute beyond the realm of subjective morality. Not only that; there is no universal consensus on when human life starts, so an attempt to stratify such is foolish in every sense My personal belief is that a fetus-to-child is not human until it attains self-awareness. With this in mind, I agree with aforementioned 'parasite' comparison and place the utmost importance upon the mother, and not a potential being. I am a staunch supporter of the pro-choice movement and feel that anyone who wishes to endanger, restrict or control pregnant women in this regard, is a misogynistic remnant of a by-gone era.
  11. Kelewan

    Random National Facts

    Did you know? The Social Democrats are Kelewan's largest political party and hold one-third of the seats in Parliament.
  12. Kelewan

    Random National Facts

    Dis you know? Kelewan's national animal, the Lady Kaldingsworth Angel Peacock, is an artificially albino species. Their diet primarily consists of insects and the Gir Kayamata, a small fruit containing a non-toxic, anti-pigmentory agent that white-washes the normally colourful visage of these birds.
  13. Kelewan

    Random National Facts

    Did you know? Kelewan's current and first Prime Minister, Natali Shah-Inamdar, is the disowned daughter of the recently dethroned Maharaja.
  14. Kelewan

    Random National Facts

    Did you know? Kelewan is actually a confederacy comprised of thirty-nine autonomous kingdoms and republics, one of which is populated by alien cats!
  15. Kelewan

    Count to 10,000!