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  1. Epaiteia


    I know what you mean, I rediscovered Wicked Game by Chris Isaak when watching X Factor. As much as shows like that annoy me they do pull out some good songs sometimes. Like you'll be thinking "I know this from somewhere..." As for rediscovering songs without the use of the TV, I'm listening to The Flaming Lips again. At War With The Mystics is such a great album, all the way through. I went to see The Duke Spirit live the other week, and it was A-Mazing. I love them so much, although there were two guys standing behind us making rude comments which spoiled it a bit. If you don't like the band, don't go see them! It's as simple as that. I'd been meaning to listen to some of Laura Marling's music a while ago but forgot. Now that she's won a Brit I ought to make more of an effort as I'm sure I'd like it.
  2. Epaiteia

    Hello Everyone

    Welcome to Yggdrasil, United Idealists! I hope you settle in well here. Just ask if there's anything you need to know.
  3. Epaiteia

    A letter-like Foreign Update

    I was ambassador to Liberty Alliance for a while, before I was forced into the bright light of Real Life and got side-tracked. I don't think I did a very good job of it, but I've always had a soft spot for LA. I'm glad everyone's happy with how things are, even if you are a small region. I have to disagree though, ninjas always do it for me Probably because I don't get on with rum. Sake for me please!
  4. Epaiteia

    The Assembly Floor

    Mr Stylianos taps his microphone to make sure it is working before continuing: Now, I can't make hide nor hair of all this outer space stuff. I've got enough to deal with down here! Hah! So I'm giving this discussion over to my fellow minister, Ms. Asteri Planitis. She's been dealing with all these federations and whatnot letting people live on Mars, so I'm sure she'll know what you're talking about far more than I do. I'm going outside with my pipe, enjoy the discussion. As Mr Stylianos leaves, patting his pockets, a thin woman wearing very thin spectacles, hair fighting to escape from it's band, turns to address Ambassador Bergen: Thank you, Mr Stylianos, for your introduction. Before we start the proceedings, Ambassador, I would just like to clear up one matter. In this proposal, point II.A. states that "the Assembly cannot any legislation affecting exoplanetary territories". Cannot what, may I ask? I assume this is merely a typographical error, and that the missing word or words are along the lines of "cannot agree", "cannot pass" or "cannot discuss"? However I would not like for a discussion to take place without truly knowing what we were discussing. Once this trifling mistake has been mended we can get on with the true business of, hopefully, passing your proposal. I for one am currently in support of it. Having spent a great many hours organising the colonisation of Mars by Epaiteian citizens I would not be happy for one whose nation has had no part in the proceedings deciding how our colonies are run. A little out of breath after that last sentence, Ms Planitis sits back down to regain her composure.
  5. Epaiteia

    Arcade Championship 2010

    Well done to everyone! I'm very happy with my performance. I shall have to visit the Arcades more often, although I can't see anyone taking Zybodia's crown
  6. Epaiteia


    You really don't seen enough Geordi La Forge these days. Welcome to Yggdrasil, Kevin! I'm sure you will serve your region well here.
  7. Epaiteia


    Greetings to you too, Svunbrink! I am well, thank you. I hear Australia is nice this time of year.
  8. Epaiteia

    The Assembly Floor

    Well done sir! A hard fought battle, won victoriously!
  9. Epaiteia


    Welcome to everyone! Freaken, you may have joined because of our name, but I'm sure you'll find plenty of reasons to stick around.
  10. Epaiteia


    Noes! It's not hardcore, not really. We can talk about mainstream stuff too. Just to make you jealous, Silvadus, I managed to see Muse at Wembley the other month. Here's a picture: They were so good. What other bands have people been to see?
  11. Epaiteia

    Predictions for 2011

    APOCALYPSE PREDICTION: The world will not end at midnight December 31st 2011. And if I'm wrong, nobody will be around to mock me
  12. Epaiteia


    I think it sounds good because it goes back to rap's original intentions, rather than the "Look at all the money and girls in bikinis I have!" it represents these days. It sounds different because everything else sounds the same (which is a really inane statement, but it was the only way I could think of putting it). They seem to have really pushed the rap envelope in Plastic Beach thoguh - Superfast Jellyfish is the most bizarre rap I've ever heard, White Flag is just so catchy, and they even managed to get Snoop Dogg from somewhere, which is pretty great. I don't know his individual music, but I'll still admit he's a pretty cool cat. My favourite Gorillaz rap is still All Alone, back in Demon Days. November Has Come comes close though. I rediscovered R.E.M. earlier to today, which I've been re-enjoying. I had Mr. Richards going round in my head and just had to listen to the album That reminds me, I need to look up what on earth that song is about. Does anybody play in a band? Or just by themselves? I tried learning the guitar when I was about 14 but, er, my fingers were too stubby Couldn't reach all the chords. Maybe things would be different now I'm older and my fingers are longer, but who has the money to go around buying guitars these days? I'm more tempted to try drums or keyboard, anyway.
  13. Epaiteia

    Planets and Moons

    Most kind of you.
  14. Epaiteia


    I know what you mean. There's nothing wrong with metal, but screaming for the sake of screaming is just silly. I can only really listen to rap when Gorillaz do it. 'Plastic Beach' has some great rap in it.
  15. Epaiteia

    Planets and Moons

    I would like to reactivate my colony on Callisto. Pleeeeeeease