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  1. TangKasha

    Regional Map V.3

    This was a message between I and Silvadus regarding the new map. Q. In general how would expansion work? Q. What will determine the price of additional territory? (Id suggest placing a limit on exactly how much extra land you can buy, otherwise older members or those with more free time will be able to become godmodding supergiants) Q. What about the possibility of people now requesting exclaves or overseas territories? Q. Who is going to get jurisdiction of naming smaller bodies of water and continents/landmass'? Q. What about people who are going to be annoyed with the fact that in some areas the regions have grown smaller or been completley changed?
  2. TangKasha

    the Democratic War

    TangKasha Throughout Central TangKasha and the Nan-Tong Basin, gong towers begin to sound and loudspeakers begin to screech *"Nyienphunxia! Nyienphunxia! Waigou bajlan-keeta ido laokshyen!". Bayin Shan turns into a ghost town as government officials sieze supplies and sirens direct silent hordes underground. At Jey'Kesu Isle, thousands of pilgrims and priests flood into temples and begin to pray while sky and sun dissapear behind the hulls of countless armored zepplins. Meanwhile; thousands of troops at Karakorum begin to board transports and set sail upriver for Jey'Kesu. * "Flee! Flee! War has come!" Huangjin Cheng, TangKasha Chamber of the High council, Yanshu Jia Palace Crys of outrage and complete horror fill the council chamber as the latest development in the war is read. " As you all know, Qay'Lan has sanctioned the use of their shores as a Silvadusian staging ground. Even as I speak, foreign troops and aircraft are en-route to attack the Nan-Tong Basin and Jey'Kesu Isle." The last statement results in a feral scream of shock and most of the Council to drop to their knees and pray for several moments. "Because of this I would ask of you again; end this pointless shedding of lives, end this needles encouragment to violence. I failed my people and defied your better judgement when I entered this war, but I now know this and ask you to correct my err. Forever shall I remain sympathetic to his case ans support General Nazirus, but I cannot place his life over that of all mankind. Nor will I allow for the great demon lord of Hundun Zhanzheng to be set free and humanity severed from the Heavens. Let this war end if you value your honor and faith as a loyal TangKashan and a true Na'Haryn!" The roar of applause is deafening. Many of the councils have already entered their votes in the Empresses favor and have begun work on drafting the neccessary decree. Two Hours Later Huangjin Cheng, TangKasha Imperial Communications Room, the Sun Palace Empress Yuehai stands before the large screen and opens a channel to General Nazirus "General Nazirus I cannot begin to apalogize for how ungrateful the following speech may seem but its contents are a neccessary result of Silvadus' actions." Yuehai sighs and seems to loose herself in her thoughts before continuing with an ice cold voice. "As divine child of the holy Mother and gaurdian of the sacred isle, I Empress Yuehai II of the Jey'Kesu Nalier dynasty formally withdraw from the Elician Civil War. The effects this shall impose upon the wars outcome are regretful but are the lesser of two evils should Jey'Kesu isle be damaged. Please understand that you are TangKashas most honored ally and are hailed as a valiant hero among my people. I nor the High Council wish any harm to befall you and we would be more then blessed to offer you asylum in TangKasha and rulership of the Nan-Tong Basin." Yuehai smiled and offered a silent thanks to the gods for the High Council allowing that last statement to pass. "Please inform your military officials that all TangKashan troops will be retreating and departing tomorrow morning and will accept any refugees that wish to accompany them. As an apalogy and show of good faith , the TangKashan people have donated an approxamite 12 Million Jin Yinbis to your national treasury. I shall pray for your saftey and that the gods aid you in providing a swift end to the insurection you suffer." A tear for the lives she had ultimatly doomed trickled down Yuehai's face as she collapsed into her throne. Clapping her hands, she orders her closest advisor to send a surrender plea to Silvadus and those who had taken the democrats side.
  3. TangKasha

    the Democratic War

    Fairin, Elici 4 km outside of Fairin Red Mistress Meizhen nodded towards lieutenant Drevek and sweeps her arm down to halt her troops. Flipping off of her horse she lands in front of the car and the Swado Eleta team before bowing respectfully. "Thankyou To'Amr Drevek. You seem like an extremley capable man, and your team is a sight upon itself. I look forward to working with you and I promise that by nightfall the city shall be in the hands of his lordship; General Nazirus once more" 756 Miles East of the Korrosian Blockade Numerous pilots start to curse violently into their comm units as Korrosian planes and missle volleys begin to close in. Praying to the gods, dozens of other pilots shout their farewells as the enemey counter attack takes its toll.
  4. TangKasha

    the Democratic War

    Vatana, Ashkalon Cathedral of the Stars Rongyu Shen frowned deeply when his military commanders reported Admiral Loken's arrogant demand. The simple thought of enemey soldiers having free access to Ashkalon sent shivers down his spine. His worries moved from political to civilian however as he imagined what his radical citizens might do. Picturing the ensuing blood bath, he crossed himself and fingered the diamond rosary in his fingers. Sighing he motions for the palace staff to leave the throne room. Once the last had bowed and left the room, he brings up several hologram screens before his throne and creates a link to the Admiral. "Admiral Lokens, what a pleasure it is to finally meet a man I despise more then the fallen angel himself." Rongyu Shen grinned sarcastically " And as much as that suprises me; the sheer stupidity of trying to pass through Karakorum or to even near the Na'Haryn temple city at Jey'Kesu, suprises me far more." "You can attack Ashkalon but I believe thats beyond your jurisdiction as I have done little in this war beyond send ships to protect TangKashas rivers. Leave now or go seek audiance with those fat, pompous fools down in Qay-Lan" (Just to save some reading, Qay-Lan is to afraid for the city and its shipping lanes so thier shores are at your disposal.)
  5. TangKasha

    Flag and Map Help for TangKasha

    I wouldnt want to impose myself on you but if you could then id be extremley grateful.
  6. TangKasha

    Flag and Map Help for TangKasha

    thats the thing. Oskrs forum seemed dead so that why i posted this That and im kind of a perfectionist so my map drives me insane
  7. TangKasha

    Tell Us About Your Nation's Music

    The almost omnipresent Council of Shengzhe fanatically promotes Colonial, Shokoto and Orun-Keetan music. All three are similar and can be compared easily to Traditional Chinese and Japanese music.TangKashans by far still prefer these music types and are very critical of foreign genres (rap, rock, etc are offensive enough to have ones self thrown out of a social event and are considerd public disturbances by local police) An interesting note though can be found within TangKashas youth. Perhaps seeking to rebel against heavily dictated cultural norms, a vibrant Techno undergound has emerged and flourishes under the leadership of several influential artists .
  8. TangKasha

    The Wàiguó Rén Palaces

    ((OOC: Haha well theres always the editing button *shrug*. (I dont mean to pry but im assuming you either have an interest in Islam or are a Muslim yourself?) Yeah and its allot easier to since you wont have to extensivly reference Sharia for every desicion or have to roleplay the intricacies of Orthodox Islam)) To Salim Faraj: Empress Yuehai II was delighted at the news of your request. Architects and the necessary staff for the building shall be sent immediatly. Such a show of tolerance and understanding will promote the High Councils fight against xenophobia within TangKasha and for that we thank you. Such texts would be recieved with sincere gratitude by our scholars, although translated versions in neutral English would be prefferable as those can then be translated into Tei'Lanese. The Foreign Affairs Council wishes to thankyou for your time and prays for a propserous and enjoayble future between our two nations. Blessings of the Isa'Darei Shima Nai'Anu Foreign Affairs Representative The Holy Empire of TangKasha
  9. TangKasha

    the Democratic War

    ((No one ever clarified where exactly the blockade was so I just assumed the straight and guessed that it was about 1000 miles from TangKashas coast. It was supposed to be 1000 miles like I just said, so sorry Korros)) ((Im tired and homework sucks so the following post is going to be little better then my usual failure at writting lol)) 756 Miles East of the Korrosian Blockade The leading pilot grimaces at his sensors and shouts another coded Tei'Lanese sentence; ordering the rest of the planes to begin taking evasive action and to break formation. Huangjin Cheng, TangKasha Imperial Communications Room, The Sun Palace Empress Yuehai breathed a sigh of relief within herself, grateful that King Antonius wished peace over the coming violence. However the sigh soon turned to suspicious questioning at the subtle smirk that he made in the begginging. She dimissed the thought though and bowed in acknowledgement of King Antonius' reply. "I deeply respect your nations honorable aid of Korros and I would never question it as such. However the same may be said for my efforts in aiding General Nazirus as he is TangKashas oldest and most publicly accepted ally. I worry greatly for my people though as they cannot seem to see the side effects this war shall inflict upon our economy and international standing. Because of this, I know see why my earlier support of war was perhaps foolish. The High Council is another matter entirly though. Although I have ordered the withdrawel of our troops, the neccessary two thirds vote to over ride my decree was easily brought forth. I sincerley wish i could change this, but I feel that only a miracle or disaster can sway them." Yuehai frowned remembering the council session and her profound dissapointment at its outcome but continued on despite. "Your offer is in essence well meaning but I cannot support the usurping of General Nazirus. I would forever mar the Jey'Kesu Nalier Dynasties honor by betraying such a loyal man as he. However I and my advisors feel that a treaty between Nazirus and the Democrats would be acceptable and immeasurably humane in its sparing of lives. If possible, they could agree upon a land division so that both sides may retain and establish their governments to a satisfactory degree." Yuehai paused for a moment to collect her thoughts "I would also like to see TangKasha become allies of Morajul, and I pray that future events occur in favor of that wish. Also, I must say that applying your flattery with something other then a trowel is quite charming and an interesting change from my court." Grinning at the ridiculous titles the Council members adressed her with, Empress Yuehai had to restrain herself from bursting into laughter. "TangKasha lacks the military strength to even plan an attack upon the blockade so your naval commanders have no need to worry themselves with anything other then bordedom." As if fate was a living being to enjoy irony , a spy message is handed to the empress and immediatly her pale green eyes ignite with an inner rage. " Most honorable King Antonius, I would have your vessels prepare themselves for a kamakze attack of my brothers orchestration. Rest assured though that should any vessel of Morajul or Korros be harmed, he will pay far more then I already intend." Sighing with the annoyance of a an elder about to repremand a child she hastily bows and closes the conversation " It was a pleasure long awaited to speak with you and i pray this talk has brought us closer to a more enjoyable future that will benifit both our peoples far more then our current situation."
  10. TangKasha

    The Leopards Roar

    To Know Freedom For several days millions of slaves had been brought to Huangjin Cheng with military aid. The reason behind their arrival lay in Empress Yuehai's fight with the High Council to abolish slavery. The debate had raged for four days until a majority vote was cast. Upon hearing their desicion, loud speakers across the city begin to blare the fate of millions. Soon the entire city roared with a single chant "Praise be to the Holy Empress! She is great! She is great. Praise be to the Holy empress! We are free! We are free!". Everywhere, the former slaves revel in their freedom as they dance in the streets, throw colored powders and streamers, and break the clan crests upon their collars. Meanwhile, Junfeyru Clans across the empire awake to the sight of soldiers as they are forced to divide their land and give it to TangKashas newest citizens. Nan-Tong No More Following the crushing defeat of the Junfa Council and the High Council itself, Empress Yuehai II has siezed the chance and brought forward Nan-Tongs formal request for annexation. Under normal circumstances, the council would have simply refused the request to spite Nan-Tong for its seccesion. However The High Council;already dismayed at the days historic change, approved the document in unanamious vote and has deployed troops to restore Imperial soveriegnty.
  11. TangKasha

    The Wàiguó Rén Palaces

    ((OOC: I really hope I wasnt stareotyping. I knew muslims could pray in most places (so long as they go through the correct rituals) but I thought mosques were prefferd because of their sanctity and the fact that the Mihrab makes the Qibla easier to discern. I apalogize if I was.)) To Salim Faraj: The Council of Foreign Affairs would like to apalogize for its misconception and will study the ambassadors sect more thoroughly so as to avoid so in the future. Empress Yuehai has also suggested that she perssonaly finance the construction, so that a decorative and if needed; functional mosque may be built. Such an endevour would showcase Tallara's culture and promote acceptance within the imperial court. Several members of the council also serve as Imperial artists and as such were extremley pleased to hear of ambassador Bahirah Al-Temiyat's artistic inclination. They would be overjoyed to compare their works and show Sai'Amir Al-Temiyat some of the more enchanting views of the capital and its vistas Blessings of the Isa'Darei Shima Nai'Anu Foreign Affairs Representative The Holy Empire of TangKasha
  12. Ugh im not entirely sure if this is were this belongs but oh well ...... Okay well the other graphics help topics are all dead so I didnt want to dredge them up. Seeing as such ive started my own topic to get help for myself. Im tired of my flag and I fail at Paint so I was wondering if anyone could help me with creating a flag thats more geometric (like RL flags) and multi-colored Id also like help with my map. Currently Ive just cut TangKasha out of the regional map and used Paint to add everything in. It serves its purpose but its shamefull on my part since I cant make anything better Anybody willing to help would be extremley appreciated
  13. TangKasha

    The Wàiguó Rén Palaces

    Shima Nai'Anu: "The Council of Foreign Affairs has approved of your application and is eager to meet with Ambassador Bahirah Al-Temiyat. The Tallaran embassy will be located within the Imperial Palace District and will recieve an excellant view of the capital and the surrounding mountains and forests. I would also like to inform you that the the Holy Empress has met with the Council of Shengzhe and has added Islam to the Jey'Kesu scrolls of recognized religions. As a result TangKashan funding may be provided to construct a mosque if needed. Should you have any more requests or any questions please defer to one of my assistants who shall accompany you as you arrive and settle in. " 帝國外交官志摩乃阿努
  14. TangKasha


    Im just selective about what i like and i pretty much like everything except (heavy) metal and hard core rap. One minute ill be listening to Black and Yellow by Whiz Kalifia, the next Baby by Justin Bieber and the next Paperthin Hymn by Anberlin
  15. • National Information: - Full Name of Nation: The Holy Empire of TangKasha - Government Type: Semi-Constitutional Theocratic Monarchy - Head of State: Empress Yuehai II/High Council - Head of Government: Empress yuehai II/High Council - Minister of Foreign Affairs or Equivalent: Foreign Affairs Representative Shima Nai'anu • Ambassadorial / Consulate Information: - Ambassador's / Consulate's Name: Council of Foreign Affairs Member Jianyu Lan Phur - Ambassador's / Consulate's Family (if any): TangKasha is seperated into massive extended families but only Jianyu's wife and three daughters will be coming with him. - Are there any health or security issues local authorities should be alerted of?: 1. TangKashans are severley prone to heatstroke 2. TangKasha has been isolated for thousands of years and as a result extensive immunization efforts wil be required for the continued health of the embassies staff - Do you intend to establish any Consulates? If so where?: No • Staff and Equipment Information: - Diplomatic Staff:40 - Security Staff: 15 - Service Staff: 20 (Includes interpreters, religious perssonel and etc) - Will you be hiring locally?: No - Number and Type of Weapons: 15 Shakyden Swords (Related to Katanas), 15 Dart Guns (Temporary Paralysis) - Number and Type of Vehicles: Will be bought upon arrival in Clannadia with government reccomendations • Miscellaneous: - Would you like us to establish an embassy in your nation?: Yes - Do you have any special requests?: To facilitate travel between TangKasha and Clannadia one or several zepplin docking towers would have to be built. Also the ambassador has requested that the embassy be built according to TangKashan standards and style. The issue of a shrine garden has already been resolved by your governments standard issue of three hectares. - Is there any additional information we should know?: None that are of vital importance as of yet - Please declare any drugs, alcohol, animals or plants you are bringing into the country: Plants/Animals > numerous un-verified, non-hazardous small pets including several lesser snow leopards Alchohol > Saki, Deigwa Tea