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  1. RedIron


    To whom it may concern, My name is Ashley and my father was known to you as RedIron. On July 3rd 2010, My Dad was in a car accident. He has been in the hospital since then and will be for awhile. His injuries were and still are life threatening. As a gamer like my father, I have many friends in several games and forums and I knew he had many as well. As I was going through his laptop, I came across several games in which he had many notes posted with things needing to be done...thus me writing this note. I felt it proper to contact someone here so that those who wondered, knew why he quit playing. We don't know when he will be coming home but we continue to pray that it will be soon. Please remember him in your thoughts and prayers and if anyone would like to email him feel free to do so, I am sure he will like that. His email is [email protected] Thank you, Ashley
  2. I am very impressed with what I am seeing here. The time that has been spent....WOW! As a founding member of Yggdrasil and Valhalla, two-time Delegate, and honored YDS member, I will remain in the shadows as The Traveler. I will travel between Shrines offering guidance and advice as it is needed and wanted.
  3. RedIron

    Regional Award Ceremony IV

    Congrats to all, I salute each of you for doing such a wonderful and honorable job within Yggdrasil. I hope that you all will enjoy this Honor and bask in the Glory.
  4. RedIron

    Silvadus appointed Cartographer-General

    Congrats, Silvadus! I am quite sure you will do a great job.
  5. RedIron

    Founding Day Party

    Has it been that long already? WOW! Time sure flies when your having fun. HAPPY BIRTHDAY YGGDRASIL!
  6. RedIron

    I need help with my Halloween costume

    Hi Hidden Mind, Thor's wardrobe...very interesting choice. Well let me begin with the hammer. I have searched for years to find nothing so I made my own...I will post a few pics later today. As far as armor, he didnt wear any, hides and furs was his choice, his helm varied based on the different mythos and interpretations. Thor didnt use a shield except for a few rare occasions. I will gather some different artistic pieces that I have collected over the years and post them here. Maybe this will help.
  7. RedIron

    Yggdrasil Military

    I have a few questions and since I have one of the very few votes for this to happen, ya get the point. Lets begin. 1. Yggdrasil has a defense force, and are you a member of it? 2. Why do you say "as a real defender organization"? This brings about confusion with me. Yggdrasil is a Region that will defend if called upon, but we donot seek Regions on a daily basis. There is a fine line between defender/invader and we strive to defend with Honor. 3. Finally, the last statement you make..."but being one of the largest Regions in NS, we could be unstoppable" I donot agree with this statement at all. This statement sounds like something an invader would say. Why would you even consider making a statement like that? Until you provide me with some better statements that sound like a Defender and not as an Invader, I will not support this and put a stop to any attempt to form this organization. I will recommend that you join the YDS and join with us as we defend.
  8. RedIron

    Award Ceremony for Zybodia, Epaiteia, Trav-Coch, Oskr, and RedIron

    Congrats to all who rightfully deserve this Honor. It is a Great Honor to serve the Best Damn Region in Nation States.
  9. RedIron


    Good bye to a bad situation brewing. Just another reminder to keep our guard up.
  10. RedIron

    Commend or Condemn

    I Lionheart just cause I can.
  11. RedIron

    Best Flag Contest 2009 Results

    Congrats to both Victoria Prime and Ishkabibber in the Best Flag Contest. Congrats as well to all Nations that participated. RedIron is looking forward to many more contest within and around the Regions.
  12. RedIron

    Best Flag Contest 2009 Voting - Yggdrasil Group

    RedIron needs yer VOTES! :yggsmiley: :yggsmiley: :yggsmiley:
  13. RedIron

    Regional Best Flag Contest 2009

    Oh Great King, you have a very fine flag but I must say mine is a tad bit better. My Flag for entry VOTE REDIRON
  14. RedIron

    Do you believe in life after death? Hell? Heaven?

    Do you believe in Hell or Heaven? It does not have to be the Christian version, but any culture or religion's. Most believe in a better place and a devilish place of punishment. What do you think? I can't believe I overlooked this topic. After reading everyone's thoughts, which were all Christian, I will add several points of view. My first point before detailing my faith is actually a question all Christians should ask themselves. How can you believe in a book written by man? I know what your arguement is going to be before you even post. Man was guided by the Holy Spirit and wrote what God said write. I would believe that arguement if we had the original Bible wrote by the original writers. Guess what, it has been translated by many people since then. Do you not think that man could and would change it to benifit man? Rome changed it, they even left books out, hiding them from all of us. Then King James changed it, which I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him. So the original question of Do I believe in Hell or Heaven? Nope, Fiery pits where people burn for all eternity...What God would cast his creations into such a desolate place seperated forever? Streets of gold, again it is so far fetched, how can you but your faith in that? Religion changes as man evolves, every culture had their Gods and their beliefs based on the environment and the times for which they lived. Christianity has strived and prospered thanks to the Roman Empire and the Catholic Church. Times change and people begin to question things and with these questions some will find the answers they seek, while others simply follow, lambs to the slaughter. I questioned Christianity years ago and I couldn't believe how stupid I was. A free spirit, with the ability to think and make my own choices. I choose to look, to ask questions, to doubt that which I was programmed for many years. I began to think for myself and thus the courage to actually find a faith that which put me into a state of peace. I followed my ancestors back to the beginning, the beginning of my heritage, which is Old Norse. It isn't by luck that I ended up in a game where my Nation is located in a Region called Yggdrasil. Yggdrasil is the foundation of a game I love but also a state of mind that I live daily. I follow the All Father, Odin and his wife, Frigga. I could sit here for hours talking about how my faith is true and right but why? My faith is true to me and me alone, I found my inner peace. I asked my questions in the search for happiness and peace, will you?
  15. RedIron

    Condolences from Us All

    Lion, my deepest condolences to you and your family. There is so much going on and will go on for many days ahead, know that I will be with you in Spirit. I shall grieve along side you and yours.