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    Capital Punishment

    Capital Punishment is the act of killing someone for the severity of their crimes and usually are done because they're likely to commit another crime. The justification behind it is the fact that if they've killed one person and say they're going to kill more if you let them out of prison, then why not just kill them in the attempt to preserve life. Besides, if we had capital punishment it may prove more cost efficient than providing prisoners with health care, lodging, food, and other necessities of life. But is there a moral degradation to the concept of Capital Punishment, or perhaps a moral reasoning behind the idea?
  2. The U.S is very adamant about their second amendment and I was interested in what people think about that freedom. Does this right make the U.S a safer place, or a more violent place? Would a ban promote a safe community or prevent a safe community?
  3. Hey guys, I thought of an issue today but I can't submit until I get a population of 500 million so I was wondering if someone else with that amount or higher could for me. Here's the issue... Too Much History? The Issue History teachers in "Nation Name" are beginning to be overwhelmed by the amount of history they have to teach and are requesting change. The Debate 1. "There is too much history on "Nation Name" for me to cover it in the current curriculum. We should double the amount of time to teach history," says school history teacher "Random Name", "Sure, taxes would need to increase to afford the additional education but think of the educational advantages!" 2. "The problem isn't that there's too much history, it's just that some of it is not important. We don't need a record of everytime a "Nation Animal" stampede occurs," argues noted historian "Random Name", "We should only be required to teach the important events on "Nation Name." 3. "I've got a better idea," states your educational advisor "Random Name", "Why don't we just modify history to our own ideas! Think how much children would respect you if they were 'taught' that you defeated an army of rampaging "Nation Animals" with just your fists?" I don't care if you take the credit for it, I'll just be satisfied if it gets implemented.
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    Regional Currency

    With the regional map of Yggdrasil being occupied there is no way to avoid mass trade deals with other countries, with that being said, I propose a regional currency to be debated upon for use in trades between countries and so all Yggdrasil countries can have a more simplified economy. What we may use as the regional currency is yet to be decided and could be debated upon in another topic, I just wanted to see what other people felt on this issue.
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    Welcome to Yggdrasil, Paynne! Is it just me or do I see Member No. 121?
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    Gay Marriage

    Perhaps, but then you might have polygamists demanding recognition, and then maybe people will want to marry their pets... or anything? Dictators are quite afraid of letting the slippery slope of civil rights fall out of their hands plus they like to keep the system the way it is.
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    Welcome to Yggdrasil, Kaedra!
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    Haji me mashite~ n_n

    Welcome to Yggdrasil, Vonqueka!
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    Welcome Felasia! As a Senator of Yggdrasil, I'm sure we'll be ecstatic to work along with such a region. It's a great honor for both our regions and I hope we can work well together through days to come.
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    Regional Currency

    The Florin is actually the currency on the forums which has no current function yet but may become used for something later. Although the name, Florin, could be a possible name for the regional currency.
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    No, I understand where you're coming from. I would love to agree to the fact if we could have a sole benevolent ruler, but the notion of leaving someone with that much power without any checks against it seems to be foolish.
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    The Nation of Pzalem has arrived

    Welcome to Yggdrasil, Pzalem!
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    Welcome to Yggdrasil, Hadunis!
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    Greetings from Autreville!

    Welcome to Yggdrasil, Autreville!
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    Welcome to Yggdrasil, Kyran New Hope!
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    Welcome to Yggdrasil, Epaiteia!
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    Mount Hood

    Welcome to Yggdrasil, Mount Hood!
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    Hello From Area 27

    Welcome to Yggdrasil, Area27!
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    Greetings from the Federation of Fatbok!

    Welcome to Yggdrasil, Fatbok!
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    Greetings to Our New Neighbors

    Welcome to Yggdrasil, Zybodia!
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    Welcome to Yggdrasil, Kaaklivata!
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    What, one human? I'm all for trusting humanity, but to give the rule of a country into the hands of one person. We've seen many examples of that before and where does it take us? Dictatorship, as much as there is people willing to say they could lead a country in a benevolent style(I think the same thing for myself), the power seems to be to overwhelming and can easily corrupt someone. How do you suppose it's an evolution when humans view themselves as less important? That's ridiculous, if anything humanity should be the highest importance and anything should be done to maintain human life. And usually in democracy, the ones running for political positions are educated and the one's that run who are not educated don't usually win. But education alone does not also guarantee that one is good at politics. I believe even people such as drug dealers and convicts and the "freeloaders" have a right to vote, you might not be able to understand why they're in such a position and perhaps their ability to vote can help themselves or others like them get out of that position. It's not always their fault.
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    Voting is making decisions towards the future of all the citizens so should we limit the voting to only the educated or involved? That seems to steer towards a slippery slope of elitist democracy. I agree on the statement of equality being relative. Some people seek civil equality and view it as the only true equality, while others argue you that true equality is everyone equally entitled to everything. It's difficult to say whether true equality can be achieved or whether a certain amount of equality is a healthy balance.
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    I agree, if a society wants to be truly equal then everyone needs to be on the same scale of importance. If you have people with varying levels of importance than you'll begin to have separation between the less important and the more important resulting in inequality.
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    Psychological test?