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    To protect and serve

    Yggdrasil doesn't necessarily have many problematic nations and I do believe there is a Ministry of Defense in case there ever was such a need for it. Although it would be a good idea to have some sort of emergency security council if there ever was a need for regional defense.
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    Guess who will post next

    Nope. Opulento
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    Nation eliminator game

    Germany (41) USA (23)
  4. Jodanotopia

    Nation eliminator game

    Germany (40) USA (24)
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    Hello from Nekleigh

    Welcome to Yggdrasil, Nekleigh!
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    Nation eliminator game

    Germany (35) USA (29)
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    No strong allies?

    Hmm, a little more research done. Absolution apparently is a pure neutral nation so I don't see an alliance with them as possible. I suppose it was a good idea though.
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    Hello from the Free Land of Benator

    Welcome to Yggdrasil, Benator!
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    What you are listening now

    Sweetest Girl - Wyclef Jean
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    Questions Game!

    What kind of video games do you most enjoy? The good ones What is your favorite game console?
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    Word Association

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    Nation eliminator game

    Germany (34) USA (30)
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    Guess who will post next

    Negative, Jodanotopia's first post in this thread. I'll take a guess at Opulento.
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    Pakistan and Afghanistan

    The next leader doesn't necessarily need to be pro-western, but at least be open to the ideology and recognize their effort of reconstruction. Usually, pro-western leaders in the middle east tend to last very shortly anyways and it causes unnecessary political strife between middle eastern states.
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    Pakistan and Afghanistan

    There obviously needs to be some sort of inspection as to where this military funding is being spent and perhaps an investigation on the ISI and it's members. If they want to crack down on terrorists they need to really do a clean sweep of the area, because if you leave a few behind, they'll simply recruit another army again. We also should arrange border control around Pakistan, and if there already is, then we'll need to improve on it. I mean, all areas of Pakistan. We cant allow terrorists the ability to travel freely between countries. It's too dangerous and can't be risked.
  16. I was browsing through the paper the other day and came across an interesting article that was similar to what a possible issue in NationStates could be. Now I realize that this is not unusual as most of these issues come from the papers but it was the dialogue that was most interesting. "We asked torontosun.com readers if they thought Toronto schools were safe. Here's a sample of what they had to say:" - "The youth of today are not scared to carry guns and use them when they see fit," states Carol Takac, "Take the Young Offenders Act away and treat these kids like the criminals that they are." - "Parents need to wake up and be accountable for what their children are doing," suggests Lin. - "Some children have been taught that it is OK to be disrespectful," quotes Jessie, "Perhaps the school boards should make conflict resolution a requisite course." - "What the city needs is a no-nonsense, tough-on-crime mayor to deal with the escalating violence," says David. I found it quite intriguing, it's like the options were appearing before my mind, heh.
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    Gay Marriage

    Or should they just be entitled to the same advantages as every other couple?
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    Yggdrasil Zoo

    Hello I would like to introduce you all to Albert the Albatross... I believe he'll be a fine collection to the Yggdrasil zoo. Very non-confrontational and loves people. He used to be owned by the mayor of Allegretto but he's decided to donate him.
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    The fundamentals of the US economy is strong?

    Actually, three hours after that statement. He also stated that the fundamentals of the U.S. Economy are in jeopardy. Although you could argue that the economy can be strong and at risk, but I always figured the stability of an economy would contribute to its strength. At this rate though pension in the future will only be available to the wealthy rather than everyone. I believe what were seeing here is what occurs in society when capitalists are allowed to extremely over-consume to their own needs, but that's just an hypothesis.
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    Your political compass Economic Left/Right: -10.00 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -7.69
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    So what about our region's map?

    I like the idea of a regional map. Gives an added sense of character to my nation.
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    Nation Map Thread

    Probably nowhere near the quality of the other maps but I guess any attempt is a good one, I think. As for the neighboring nations, they can be anyone's if they wish to be there. Although they should accompany a map with similar geography with respect to the one side if they do so.
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    Hello Yggdrasil

    Hope you enjoy your stay in Yggdrasil, Bazzle!
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    Hello from East Macwick

    Welcome to Yggdrasil, East Macwick!
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    Welcome to Yggdrasil, Wetthamm!